Provident Bank Referral Bonus: Get instantly $50

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Refer a Friend & earn a $25 Provident Bank Referral Bonus! The Provident Bank Referral Program gives you an opportunity to score $25–$50 on every successful invite

Provident Bank says the “Refer a Friend program is a way to thank our new and existing customers for choosing it for their service by letting them earn a $25 Provident Bank bonus.”

Provident Bank provided you with personal and business banking services and took initiatives to support your business and promote financial wellness.

Plus, it will have a rewarding referral program that gives you a $25 referral bonus for referring friends to its checking account and a $50 referral bonus instantly for referring friends to its business account. 

If you want to learn completely about Provident Bank Promotions, Provident Bank sign-up bonuses, and referral bonuses, scroll down your screens NOW!

About Provident Bank:

Provident has served local communities for more than 180 years by lending individuals, families, and businesses quality financial tools and personal & business banking solutions with financial support.

Provident Bank has been operated by Provident Financial Services since 1839 and is headquartered in New Jersey, United States, with an asset of $13.8 billion. 

When you are committed to Provident Bank, it will raise and empower your dreams by delivering leading-edge services, real acquaintance, and communal impact. 

Provident Bank Promotional Offers:

Provident Banks gives you access to many promotions, like sign-up bonuses, referral bonuses, and others. All the provided Provident Bank bonuses are described below:

Provident Bank Sign-Up Bonus:

Provident Bank grants new users an opportunity to win a $50 or $25 sign-up bonus by making a commitment with Provident Bank. 

When you sign up with Provident Bank with a referral link, you will be eligible to get a Provident Bank Sign-Up Bonus of $25 or $50. 

For basic banking services you can check Go2bank offers and grab $50 sign-up bonus.

Steps to Earn a Provident Bank Sign-Up Bonus:

  1. Open a checking or business account with Provident Bank by using a referral link.
  2. Complete all the signing up steps efficiently and accurately. 
  3. Fund your account with at least $50 or complete three purchases with a Provident Debit Card. 
  4. You will receive your bonus within 90 days after fulfilling the requirements.

Provident bank sign-up bonus eligibility:

  • Get a Provident Bonus, a $25 Checking Account Bonus, and a $50 Business Account Bonus. 
  • You must be a new customer. 
  • You have to make 1 deposit in your accounts or 3 POS purchases with a Provident Debit MasterCard.
  • There are no overdraft fees within a 60-day promotional period. 
  • You will get your credit after the fourth statement period of 90 days. 

Provident Bank Referral Bonus— Get & Give $25, $50

Refer a friend and get a bank account referral bonus seamlessly! Provident Bank offers a personal referral program to reward new and existing customers.

If you refer a friend to Provident Bank, you will both get $25 on your checking account, but if your friend opens a business account, you will both be rewarded with a $50 referral bonus.

Check more banking referral offers from: Discover (100 referral bonus), Chase ($2000 referral bonus) , SoFi Bank ($75 referral bonus), UMB Bank ($200 referral bonus), and KeyBank ($100 referral bonus).

Steps to Earn a Provident Bank Referral Bonus:

  1. Go to the Provident Bank login pageand fill out an online referral form.
  2. Get your unique Provident link to invite family members, friends, and colleagues.
  3. Once a referred person opens an account with your invitation, you will receive your referral reward.

Provident bank referral bonus eligibility:

  • You must have a checking or business account. 
  • Have a positive balance during the 60-day promotional period.
  • You don’t have any joint accounts with your referring member. 
  • The referred person has to make 1 deposit in its new account or complete 3 POS purchases with Provident Debit MasterCard.
  • You will receive your bonus at the end of the fourth statement period. 
  • You are eligible to make 20 referrals per calendar year.
  • According to the Provident Bank referral bonus calculator, you can earn up to $1,000 annually. 

Provident Bank $600 Buisness Advantage Checking Account Bonus:

Maximize your rewards by opening a new BuisnessAdvantage Checking account! You will get a $600 Provident Bank sign-up bonus by enrolling in its new account and making a business bill payment. Below are the full steps for your guidance:

Steps to get a $600 Provident Bank Bonus:

  1. Open a new Buisness Advantage Checking account at Provident Bank.
  2. Get $400 on opening an account when:
  3. Fund your account with $50 or more. 
  4. And it has to manage an average balance of $25,000 of new money (excluding funds already deposited at Provident Bank) for the two full statement periods from the account opening date. 
  5. Grab the remaining $200 bonus when:
  6. Complete the enrollment through ProvidentConnect in Business Bill Payment for Business Online Banking within two statement periods.
  7. And you have to maintain an average balance of $25,000, as mentioned above. 


Provident Bank gives you a great way to earn promotional sign-up and referral bonuses while maintaining and managing your money with quality financial tools. 

The best is that Provident Bank bonuses don’t affect your credit score, give a soft pull inquiry, and come without any monthly fees. No matter if you are a new customer or an existing customer, you will both have a chance to earn unlimited Provident referral bonuses. 

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