Unify Financial Credit Union Bank Referral Bonus (2023)

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Get a better banking experience with UNIFY Financial Credit Union! You can grab personal banking accounts, loans, investments, insurance, digital banking services, and other financial solutions right there.

Besides your banking needs, Unify Financial Credit Union Promotions offers a Refer & Earn program that pays you $50 on each successful invite. The referee will also earn a $50 welcome reward—Yup!

This article gives you a complete description of Unify Financial Credit Union Promotions, its referral program, and sign-up bonus.

What is Unify Financial Credit Union Bank?

UNIFY Financial Credit Union is the biggest leading credit union, having 260,000+ members, $4.3 billion in assets, and hundreds of employer partners throughout the nation. 

With the cooperation of the best team partners in the market, it gives you a valued pack of financial products and digital banking services by giving you fee-free accounts, competitive rates, and access to 100,000+ ATMs worldwide. 

This nonprofit financial institution, founded in 1948, has over 5,000 network branches and encourages users to connect from anywhere through the mobile app, UNIFY branch, or via a contact center based in the US. 

Update! In your meantime you can also visit Revolut banking, Nav banking, Step banking apps to pick the best banking platform for your financial solutions.

Unify Financial Credit Union Promotions— Get $50 + $25 sign-up bonus

Get a Unify Financial Credit Union Bank $50 sign-up bonus and earn an additional $25 by using your UNIFY Debit Card. Now, new users will earn a sign-up bonus by using a valid Unify Financial Credit Union referral link at the opening of a qualified UNIFY account.

Unify Sign Up Bonus

How to claim the UNIFY $50 sign-up bonus?

  1. Go to the website to sign up or use any referral link
  2. Remember that you are completing all the demands required to open an account with UNIFY.
  3. Fill in the fields to create an account and also apply a referral link to earn a bonus. 
  4. When the account is generated, deposit $25 into your checking account.
  5. Your bonus will be credited to your account after one statement cycle of account opening.

Offer— You will earn up to $25 within the first 45 days of account opening with your UNIFY debit card by getting $1 for every purchase that exceeds the $5 amount. 

Unify Financial Credit Union Promotions— Earn a $150 Checking Account Sign-Up Bonus

UNIFY promotions also offer you the opportunity to earn a $150 sign-up bonus by opening the HY checking, free checking, and e-checking accounts with this link. 

Unify Financial Credit Union allows new members to earn a $150 welcome bonus. You can earn $50 by opening an account, $50 by maintaining an ACH direct deposit of $500 aggregate each month, and $50 with the UNIFY Debit Card, which lets you get $1 on every purchase of a minimum of $5 within 60 days.

Unify Rewards

How to claim the $150 Unify sign-up bonus?

  1. Open the UNIFY checking account with this link.
  2. Read the terms & conditions first to know if you are eligible for it or not. 
  3. Fill in the required fields for the application.
  4. Deposit a minimum of $25 to open a qualified checking account. 
  5. You will be credited with your bonus at the first statement cycle. 

Attention! This offer may be expired or subject to change at any time. UNIFY Financial Credit Union mentions that their promotions expire as of June 12, 2022, or get altered. You can check the available offers on UNIFY before applying. 

Unify Financial Credit Union Bank Promotions— Earn a $50 Referral Bonus

Unify Financial Credit Union Referral Program, which gives you $50 for every qualified referral who opens an account with your specified link. 

It offers its users to spread the word UNIFY to get the UNIFY referral bonus. You can invite a maximum of 12 people per calendar year and earn up to $600.

The referee also earns a $50 welcome bonus and can earn $25 with the UNIFY Debit Card by getting $1 on every purchase of $5 or more within 45 days.

Unify Bonus

How to claim a UNIFY referral bonus?

  1. Click here to fill out the UNIFY Financial Credit Union Bank referral form. 
  2. Fill in your and your referrals details in the form.
  3. When it’s done, click on the “submit” button.
  4. UNIFY will send an email with your referral request.
  5. When you join and open a qualified account along with a debit card, you both will receive a referral bonus of $50. 

 If you want high earning referral program earn more than $2,000 with Chase banking.

Note: UNIFY Financial Credit Union Bank employees, family members, and volunteers are not eligible for any of its offers.

Unify Financial Credit Union Direct Deposit Bonus— Win $1,000

You can win a big $1k bonus by setting up a monthly direct deposit. If you don’t organize your monthly direct deposit, set it now at a minimum of $500 in your checking and savings account. When your third deposit is done, you will be on the list of direct deposit pays sweepstakes and can be one of the five winners of $1,000. 

But if you have already set up your direct deposit goals with a qualified amount, you will automatically be enrolled in Sweepstakes by UNIFY and can win a $1K UNIFY Direct Deposit bonus. 

What services does UNIFY Financial Credit Union Bank offer?

UNIFY Financial Credit Union Bank offers various services and products to give their customers a better banking experience.

  • Banking products and tools
  • Credit Union.
  • Mortgages.
  • Checking Accounts
  • Saving Accounts.
  • Business Accounts.
  • Investments.
  • SBA Loans.
  • Business Loans.
  • Consumer Loans.
  • Certificates. 
  • Customer Service.
  • Employer of choice.


Unify Financial Credit Union helps the members by providing them with the right financial way to give them peace of mind. It will follow from your first car to your first home; balancing a budget with credit card transactions means it will serve you anywhere and everywhere you need it.

More importantly, Unify Credit Union is owned by its members— all the profits are returned by UNIFY to you (their members) with higher-quality products, low rates, and good services. 

UNIFY Financial Credit Union also offers promotions, various bonuses, and a referral program to let you earn more and give you a better banking experience

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