SoFi Bank Referral Bonus: Get $75 Advance Joining Bonus

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If you want to join a banking referral bonus program, SoFi Bank referral is a worth-considering option, as it gives you a convenient way to earn high-paid referral bonuses.

The SoFi Referral Program offers a $100 bonus on each friend you refer. By referring friends with your unique SoFi referral link, you will receive a $75 referral bonus, and your friend will receive a $25 joining credit ($75 + $25 = $100). 

Latest News! SoFi will give you $1,000 when you invite each resident doctor or dentist. The invited doctors also receive a $1,000 SoFi reward.

SoFi is a fee-free online banking platform that offers you FDIC-insured accounts and a Goodie beginner referral program. SoFi pays up to a $20,000,000+ referral bonus to its users.

Let’s dive into the details to let you earn all SoFi offers— New Promotions & Sign-Up Bonuses and SoFi Referral & Rewards Programs.

Sofi Sighup bonus

What is SoFi Bank?

SoFi is an online personal finance bank that offers checking & saving accounts, loans, investments, credit insights, insurance, business solutions, estate planning, credit cards, and more. To put it another way, it is an all-inclusive store for your finances.

SoFi checking and savings accounts are free to open; there is no monthly fee, no balance requirements, and free ATM transfers at over 55,000 ATMs across the globe. It also provides you with competitive APY and 2% cashback on its credit card. 

Moreover, as a SoFi member, you can also enjoy many benefits, like SoFi experiences, fancy dinners, fun parties, sports events, and access to more big events among other SoFi members for free. 

You can also explore more banking platform for your finance management like Go2bank, Dave, Cash app  or more.

SoFi Sign Up Promotion— Get $25 SoFi Welcome Bonus

You have a SoFi welcome bonus program, and as a new customer, you can receive up to a $25 sign up bonus by using a referral link. Open a checking and saving account with SoFi and receive a $25 SoFi welcome bonus instantly.

You can earn an additional welcome bonus, which is mentioned in the guide below. 

Sofi Checking Bank Bonus

Steps to Claim the SoFi Bank Sign Up Bonus:

  1. Download the SoFi bank or visit the website.
  2. Open a SoFi checking and savings account by filling in the required fields.
  3. Remember to use a SoFi Bank promo code or referral link when it is required. 
  4. Complete the SoFi sign-up bonus requirements to qualify for the bonus, like funding your account with $10 (it may change).

Earn Additional $50-$250 SoFi Sign Up Bonus:

You will get a $50 SoFi sign-up bonus when you receive a direct deposit total of $1,000 to $4,999.99 in the first month.

You will get a $250 SoFi sign-up bonus when you receive a direct deposit of $5,000 or more in a first-month evaluation period.

Accounts with a direct deposit of less than $1,000 in the first month are not eligible for the bonus. Tap to learn more. 

SoFi Referral Promotion— Get $75, Give $25

To give more financial support SoFi offers a referral program to its users, which gives you $100 for each friend you refer to SoFi checking and saving accounts. 

The referee will get a $75 SoFi referral bonus, and the referee will receive a $25 SoFi welcome bonus. Follow the step-by-step procedure to successfully earn a $100 referral bonus.

Sofi Bank Account

Steps to claim the SoFi Bank Referral Bonus:

  1. Login to your SoFi Bank account.
  2. Go to the SoFi account bar and click on the refer to friends option. 
  3. With a click, you will get your SoFi referral code.
  4. Now you are ready to share it with your friends and family and earn an unlimited SoFi referral bonus.

Note: To qualify for the SoFi referral bonus, your friends must fund the account with $10. 

Refer & Earn Additional SoFi Bank Referral Bonus— Up to $1000

The SoFi Referral Program offers you up to a $1000 referral bonus when you refer customers to a selected category. Below are some SoFi referral bonuses that you can earn by referring customers to these products:

  • Refer SoFi investors and earn a $25 SoFi referral bonus.
  • Refer SoFi student loan refinancing and earn a $1000 SoFi Referral Bonus.
  • Refer SoFi personal loans and earn a $300 SoFi referral bonus, and the referred person will also earn a $300 welcome bonus.
  • Refer SoFi private student loans and earn a $500 SoFi referral bonus.
  • Refer a SoFi credit card and earn a $100 SoFi referral bonus.
  • Refer a SoFi checking and savings account and earn a $75 SoFi referral bonus, and the referred person will also earn a $25 welcome bonus.
  • Refer each resident dentist or doctor and earn a $1000 SoFi referral bonus.

SoFi Referral Program Terms & Conditions:

  • You get separate referral links to refer to different SoFi products.
  • Only one referral reward and one welcome bonus to a single customer.
  • You are not eligible to receive multiple referral bonuses from the same users by taking advantage of the SoFi Referral Promotion.
  • If you refer someone to SoFi invest and SoFi digital assets, they may have a registered account. 
  • You can receive $10,000 or more through these referral programs within a year. To learn more.

SoFi Bank features:

SoFi Bank is a legitimate financing app and a real FDIC-insured American personal finance company that offers various catchy features to make your wealth management healthy. Here are some SoFi bank attention-seeking features:

SoFi Bank features

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Fee-free banking: SoFi Bank gives you fee-free online banking. You can open a free account with no monthly fee, no minimum balance requirements, no overdraft fees, and no debt.

Competitive APY: SoFi gives you competitive interest rates on checking accounts; you will get 0.50% APY, and on saving accounts, you will get 4.50% APY when you deposit $5,000 or more within 30 days. 

But if you fail to deposit a large amount every 30 days, SoFi will give you 1.20% APY on your account balances. You can say that it gives you the best high-yield checking accounts and the best online savings accounts. 

Credit Card Cashback: By using SoFi credit card, you will not only increase your credit score but also get 2% cashback on your purchases and 3% cashback on bookings. 

Access your money easily: SoFi gives you access to almost 55,000+ ATMs worldwide, so you can easily do transactions without fees.


Overall, SoFi is the best online bank, giving you multiple financial products on a single platform that aims to help people get their money right. SoFi has a vast selection of products & tools to secure your financial future. 

Besides that, SoFi offers a $100 referral program and other additional bonuses on its different products, which give you the opportunity to earn unlimited money. You can sign up for a SoFi checking and savings account with a referral code and earn a $25 welcome bonus.

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