Macatwa Bank Referral Bonus: Get $75 Advance Joining Bonus

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Macatwa Bank offers you a $50 referral bonus! Grab all the latest Macatwa Bank promotions and banking perks.

Macatwa Bank Referral Program— Gives you a $50 Macatwa Bank referral bonus on qualified referrals. When your friend or family member opens a personal or business checking account with your referral code, it will deposit $50 in your checking account.

Your Friends Earn Too— New customers at Macatwa Bank also earn up to a $100 sign-up bonus by opening an account with a referred code. When you sign up with Macatwa Bank, you will get $25, and after making 10 debit card transactions, you will be deposited with $75.

For a step-by-step guide, read the complete details mentioned below: Macatwa Bank Promotions, Macatwa Bank Referral Bonus, Macatwa Bank Sign Up Bonus, Macatwa Bank reward points, and other exclusive perks.

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What is Macatwa Banking?

Macatwa Bank is a large banking platform founded in 1997 by a group of local business leaders and located in West Michigan, United States. Macatwa is founded on the principle of being a true community bank by staying local.

It is a customer-driven financial service company that is mainly focused on providing the community with the top financial products and services so you can make informed decisions to achieve your financial goals.

Macatwa Banking services include consumer, real estate, and commercial financing; wealth management; e-banking; personal and business banking services; a benefits plan; and more.

Beyond that, it also helps communities thrive by contributing financial support and resources.

Macatwa Bank Sign Up Promotion— Get $100 Sign-Up Bonus

Sign up with Macatwa Bank and earn a $100 sign-up bonus now! By joining a Macatwa Bank personal and business checking account with a “Referral Code,” you will be rewarded with a $100 Macatwa Bank bonus.

Earn a $100 sign-up bonus:

  • Overall Bonus Reward: Get a $100 Macatwa Bank bonus.
  • Sign-up bonus: $25 welcome bonus.
  • Additional bonus: $75 bonus for 10 debit card transactions within 60 days.
  • Type of Account: Personal or Business Checking Account
  • Accessibility: MI (locate)
  • Need Direct Deposit: No funding is required. 
  • Monthly banking fees: Waivable 
  • Credit Score: soft pull inquiry
  • Bonus Expiry: 12/31/2023

How to claim the Macatwa Bank sign-up bonus?

  1. Visit the Macatwa Bank link to open an account.
  2. Complete the requirements to sign up for a personal or business checking account.
  3. Remember to use the Macatwa Bank referral code or promotional code.
  4. When sign-up is finished, you will receive a $25 sign-up reward.
  5. After that, open a Macatwa Bank debit card and make a minimum of 10 debit card transfers within 60 days of opening it.
  6. You will receive an additional $75 bonus for it.

Macatwa Bank Referral Promotion— Get $50, Give $100

As a Macatwa Bank member, you can join its referral program and earn a $50 Macatwa Bank referral bonus on each successful invite.

Your friends will also earn a $100 bonus for opening a qualified account by applying your referral code.

Earn a $50 referral bonus:

  • Bonus reward: Give $100 and get a $50 referral bonus.
  • Type of Account: Personal or Business Checking Account
  • Accessibility: MI (locate).
  • Requirements: The referee has to open a qualified checking account by using your referral code.
  • Credit Score: soft pull inquiry
  • Monthly banking fees: Waivable 
  • Referral Earning: Earn up to $550 per calendar year.
  • Referral Program Activation: until December 31, 2023.

How to claim the Macatwa Bank Referral Bonus?

  1. Visit the link to request a Macatwa referral code.
  2. Make sure that your contact information is valid.
  3. Click on the Submit button, and you will receive your referral code by email.
  4. Share your Macatwa Bank promotional code with your friends.
  5. Start earning! When an account is registered with your referral code, you will receive a $50 promotional bonus.

More Macatwa Bank Promotions:

Macatwa Bank offers many other perks and benefits to its consumers. Here’s a look at what other promotions Macatwa Bank gives you.

Macatwa Bank Reward Points— My Rewards

Use your card and earn UChoose Debit Card rewards. Whenever you use your personal Macatwa Bank Debit Card, you will get 1 reward point for every $2 spent on all credit transfers.

For the redemption of Macatwa reward points, you go for multiple options like gift cards, tickets, travel experiences, merchandise, and cash.

For it, you just have to enroll your card at, and then you get access to earn unlimited reward points.

Checking Account Perks— Rewards Plus Checking

Macatwa Bank Checking account consumers will relish many exclusive benefits:

Waive Monthly Fee: By maintaining a balance of $1,000 daily or $5,000 relationship balance, you can easily get rid of the $10 monthly fee.

Free service: You can make money orders and cashier’s checks without any charges.

Protection: It will secure your account with its ID Protect plan for free.

Interest Rates: To get competitive interest rates, check here.


Macatwa Bank provides you with full-service banking. Whether you need in-person or mobile banking, Macatwa is here to serve you.

While enjoying its banking perks and benefits, Macatwa Promotions gives you a refer and earn program that lets you get $50 per referral, and the invited person also receives a welcome reward of $100. Yup! 

The offers are for a limited time. Grab your referral code now and start earning a few bucks today.

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