Visitor Coverage Insurance Plan for Travelers

Visitors coverage insurance plan

Are you looking to purchase a good insurance plan? Do you want to get all the insurance facilities from a single company? Are you aware of the Visitor Coverage Insurance Plan? Let us provide you a proper guideline how and why to choose the visitor coverage insurance plan. Why Purchase …


H1B News – Count for H1B registration reaches to 2.75 Lakh

Employment-Based Green Card

USCIS, on April 1st, 2020, announced that H-1B cap-subject petitions for fiscal year (FY) 2021. In the press release, they also announced the numbers indicating the overall registrations received under the new H1B registration process. Employers can only file a petition for employees if they have registered under the new …


H1b Premium Processing for Fiscal Year 2020

H1B premium processing

One of my friends missed the H1b visa application 2019 for the FY2020 due to a lack of information. If that has happened with you before, and now you want to apply for H1b visa for the FY2021, it’s essential to keep yourself updated with our Visa processing news. Before …


HR 1044 – Should Per-Country Immigration Limits Be Lifted?

The employment Indian green card is more than you can imagine, and the majority of them are Indians. A solution to Green Card Backlog is challenging to find. 1,352 – This is the number of rejected U.S. green card applications of Indians. But this is not the exact number. Reports …


H1B to Green Card – Change your status to permanent

H1B to Green Card

Foreign Citizens commonly expect approval to enter and work in the U.S. The H-1B visa program offers skilled workers who hold a bachelor or Master degrees the chance to work in the U.S. for three years. The beginning term of the H-1B visa is three years and can be extended …


Visitor visa – A complete guide | B1/B2 Visa process

Visitor Visa

If you have been residing in the USA from a long time having your family member, friends or relative to visit you is on the priority list. To initiate the process you have to apply for Visitor Visa in the USA for the acquaintance you are looking to meet. But …


Consular Processing – A step to Green Card

Consular Processing

In our previous articles, we have discussed various ways to get your Green Card Visa where we majorly discussed Family-Based Green Card & Employment-Based Green Card. Under this method, someone who is a US resident either your relative or Employer should sponsor your Green Card Visa. But apart from this, …


Categories of Green Card | Who is eligible for a Green Card

Categories of Green Card

If you are new and not familiar with a Green card I would personally recommend you to first read our blog on what is a Green Card & why is it important. Now that most of your doubts might be settled let us understand the different categories of the Green …


Trump in India & his agenda for H1B visa

Trump in India

While Trump’s two-day visit to India came to an end lot of immigrants residing in the US piqued up to the headlines about the narrative of the visit. All the Indians residing out in India are looking to if Trump had any stone touched on the problems faced by the …