Robinhood Promotions: Get free Stock between $5 to $200

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Is Robinhood offering promotions to you? Yup! Get free stock sign-up promotions, referral promotions, and more with Robinhood.

Robinhood is an American financial station that delivers commission-free investing, cryptocurrencies, the interchange of traded funds, and retirement accounts. It gives you a complete pack of tools to design your financial future. Enroll with Robinhood now and benefit from Robinhood promotional offers. 

If you are looking for Robinhood Promotions, this article gives you a full analysis of the latest Robinhood Promotions, its bonuses, and its offers. 


Robinhood Promotions 2023:

Robinhood is an online brokerage service that is widely known for its commission-free trades, providing its members with a user-friendly interface to trade and invest seamlessly by cutting all the struggling traditional barriers. 

Robinhood is a member of SIPC, a registered broker-dealer.

Robinhood Promotions offers various deals and bonuses for its new and existing customers as a thank-you gift for choosing Robinhood Trading. Below is a detailed guide to earning Robinhood promotions efficiently.

Robinhood Sign-Up Bonus: Get a free stock share up to $200

Robinhood offers a free share of stock for its new customers in the range of $5–$200. You can use this gift to pick a fractional share of stock from the list of 20 of America’s leading companies.

You have a 98% chance of receiving a cash reward between $5–$10 and a 1% possibility of getting between $10–$200.

How to claim a Robinhood-free share of stock?

  1. Open a Robinhood account. 
  2. Before applying for an account, make sure that you are 18 years of age, have a valid social security number, and are a legal US resident.
  3. If you meet all the requirements, complete your sign-up application and submit it. 
  4. It requires 5-7 days to open your account if you are eligible.
  5. After getting a confirmation email, you will receive your reward of free stock up to $200 when you fund your account.

You can also compare Robinhood Promotions with Stash, Juno, and Webull.

Robinhood Referral Bonus: Give & Get a Free Stock Share (up to $200)

Robinhood referral promotions offer you the opportunity to invest with friends by letting them join with your Robinhood referral link. So, you both will be rewarded with a gift stock worth $200. 

You will receive your referral bonus in the range of $5-$200. Most of the participants, about 99%, earn a $5 reward, which you can use to get a fractional share of the stock. 

You can make up to $1,500 in gift stock with Robinhood referrals per calendar year.

How to claim Robinhood referral gift stock?

  1. Login to your Robinhood brokerage account in your browser and select the “Rewards” option. 
  2. Then click “invite friends” and copy your link to share. 
  3. Send the Robinhood-provided referral code to your friends and earn referral-free stock.
  4. You will receive your rewards once your friend connects a bank or debit card with it. 


  • The referee must be a new customer with no previous account with Robinhood. 
  • You will receive the reward in the range of $5-$200. Only 0.1% of participants will get the cash value of $200.
  • If you receive your gift stock and proceed to sell your fractional share, you are restricted from withdrawing your amount until the 30-day window. 
  • You are limited to making $1,500 in gift stock annually.
  • You have 60 days to claim your referral reward (after 60 days, the reward expires).

Click here to get up to $3–$2,000 Free stock.

Latest: Robinhood 1% Transfer Bonus

Make your move and get your bonus! Robinhood offers customers a 1% bonus on transferring their existing brokerage account to Robinhood. It means you have an unlimited offer to get a 1% transfer bonus.

If you have $70,000 in your existing brokerage account and you transfer this amount to Robinhood, you will get a $700 transfer bonus on it. 

This offer is for a limited time; you can earn a 1% transfer bonus until December 8, 2023. 

If you are a beginner not have much experience in trading you can choose the Acorn investing app.

Robinhood Promotion: Get a $600 new customer cash reward (Expired)

Robinhood offers a cash value of $600 for eligible deposits of their new customers when they open an account until August 25, 2023. 

You have to deposit the required amount within 30 days of signing up. Here is the cash value you will get on your deposits:

  • Earn $25 on depositing $1000-$9,999.
  • Earn $100 on depositing $10,000-$49,999.
  • Earn $300 on depositing $50,000-$99,999.
  • Earn $600 on depositing $100,000+.

This reward is now expired, but you have many more Robinhood promotions and offers you can benefit from. Currently, Robinhood gives you a 1% bonus for transferring your brokerage account to Robinhood (offer expiration: December 8, 2023).


To summarize, Robinhood gives you a good kickstart to your investing journey by providing a free stock share as a gift and 100% commission-free trading. Plus, you can also receive a 1% IRA match on every dollar you deposit from any account for your retirement account. 

Robinhood also works for beginners as it doesn’t require a lot of capital to invest. And gradually adding new features and updates to give investors a better experience by letting them grow wealth with its multifarious financial tools.

Collect your free share of stock now with Robinhood Promotions!

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