How to Open a US Bank Account from India

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Can you open a US bank account from India? Yup, Indian nationals can apply for a USA Bank account by completing all the documentation and conditions at a bank that accepts Indians.

If you are not a US resident, you are eligible to receive payments from US clients and companies seamlessly with your remote account.

Though it is essential to select the right bank that manages your finances and makes it easier for you,

Here in this article, we breakdown everything you need to know about how to open a US bank account from India, plus the benefits you will get from your American account. 

How to open a US bank account from India?

If you are a non-immigrant from the USA and want to open a bank account in India, you will need to fulfill the conditions, provide valid documentation, and go through the bank’s onboarding process. 

Above and beyond all, you have information about banks, branches, and bankers, which will allow you to be a part of it with an Indian nationality. 

To go through the smooth application process, you have to know about the general steps to opening a US bank account from India.

Steps to open a US bank account from India:

  1. Find a bank that accepts Indian nationals.
  2. Now you have to consult with the bank to open an account.
  3. Pile up all the documentation that is required to open an account in the USA.
  4. You have to fill in all the details in the specific bank application. 
  5. Provide your identification issued by the government.
  6. Finally, make a deposit in your account and complete the other requirements. 

Requirements to open a USA Bank account:

If you are interested in opening a US bank account as a resident of India, you may face many problems if you are not prepared first. 

So, it is required to get acknowledged as to which bank suits your needs and that you are eligible to complete the bank’s requirements and can submit the documentation that raises the chance of account opening in the USA from India as well. 

Here are the requirements that most banks demand when you apply to open an American bank account from India:

  • Indian passport. 
  • Your valid Indian home address
  • Indian Tax Identification Number (ITIN)
  • US visa (if required).
  • The reason for account opening (discussed below) usually requires proof of the source of wealth.
  • Completed bank-provided application.
  • Lastly, make an account opening deposit.

To open an account, you need to first analyze the bank’s needs. The above-mentioned requirements may vary from bank to bank.

Why is it necessary to open a US bank account from India?

There are several reasons why Indian residents want an international bank account for their own use. 

If you also found one of the reasons you can join US banking and relish the benefits it provides to Indian immigrants,

Below are some reasons for opening an account in the USA from India. You can read it to know that you really need the USA Bank account from India.

  • You have business in the US.
  • You work as an employee for a company in the USA.
  • You have to send money abroad to your family without high transfer fees. 
  • You have clients and employees in the US. 
  • Want to visit the US.
  • Desire to invest in the US stock market.
  • You have a huge number of customers and suppliers living in the United States.

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Problems with opening a US account from India:

Opening a US account from India is not a cinch; you have to undergo various problems. But if you knew them earlier, you could overcome these challenges and be eligible to open a US account from India successfully. 

These are some problems you may experience while opening a US account as a non-immigrant:

  • Remote account opening is not permitted by every bank. 
  • Some banks may require a US phone number.
  • You also have to struggle to get a bank account, which does not demand an SSN or ITIN. 
  • Not successfully meet the bank-specific requirements.
  • If you do not analyze the banking essentials, it will take a lot of time. 
  • Need a valid US address. 

If you find the bank that is the perfect combo for all your requirements, most of the problems will be solved automatically, and you can enjoy the entire benefits of getting an international account from India.

Benefits of creating an online account in the USA from India:

Opening a USA account is worth it for Indian residents as it gives them access to a lot of enduring benefits. 

Although it is challenging to create a US account remotely, if you succeed, you will enjoy a number of benefits, including:

  1. You can avoid the foreign transaction fees. 
  2. Get deposit insurance up to $250,000.
  3. You can get rewards and travel perks with a US credit card
  4. Can invest in stocks, EFTs, and more US products. 
  5. Can build a good US credit score.
  6. With it, you can also get access to mortgages. 

On top of the benefits, non-residents of the USA liked the credit card perks that they offer because of their attractive rewards. 

You can get most of these benefits according to your bank. Want to earn more money here is the 11 Best apps to earn money by Referrals.

Which is the right option to open a US bank account from India?

This is the crucial step you take to apply for the right bank, branch, and banker to open a US account remotely.

Here we give you a few options you can consider to open a remote US account from India: Instarem, Zolve, Zenus Bank, and Aeldra Bank. These growing financing platforms allow Indian residents to open a US account from the comfort of their homes by providing full services. 

You can visit these fintech companies to select the best services that suit your needs and requirements. 


To open a US bank account from India, you have to focus on which bank and banker will give you access to apply for a non-resident US account. And more importantly, you have to understand the bank’s requirements and have valid documentation to open a US bank account from India successfully.

As a non-resident US account holder, you can enjoy valuable benefits that amaze you.

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