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Webull is a free stock trading app that allows you to open a free from commission brokerage account with no MBRs and no fees to open or maintain an account. Its new app is a great manner for novice traders to get their feet wet. The interface is best for novice options buying and selling as well.

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What Makes WeBull Different ?

The company debuted its options trading service again in March after a fairly a success Beta test. Now, it runs on both mobile Applications and desktop site. The app has useful features like AI-enabled voice commands and a simplified person interface.

You can start buying and selling alternatives on WeBull without an awful lot of effort, too. We’ll display you what you want to do, and then we’ll show you how the right options buying and selling strategy can deliver life-converting earnings your way.

WeBull joins Robinhood as a 2d major mobile buying and Selling platform supplying commission-loose trades. The no-fee, easy consumer experience has ended up popular with more youthful generations.

According to NerdWallet.Com, you’d be paying $3 to nearly $10 commission in line with the exchange in some cases. You would also have contract prices between $0.15 or $1.25 or more.

WeBull Awards & Popularity

The “By Balance” publishes a list of ‘Best Stock Trading Apps’ annually, vetting companies that combine low costs with useful trading features.

This esteemed list of first-class apps is compiled for its readers’ unique needs and takes into account trading revel in and goals. The vetting procedure is primarily based on categories including app fees, tradable assets, and how both novice and advance investors can navigate the platform.

The Balance has identified Webull as a leading player in providing green, experienced, and expert traders with an easy, on-the-cross trading option, stated Webull’s CEO, Anthony Denier. Webull has been capable of establishing itself as a frontrunner amongst other inventory trading apps by continuously enhancing its platform to improve the boom in the call for flexibility, low cost, and mobility in buying and selling.

Webull aims to offer its users a splendid revel in thru an all-in-one, self-directed funding platform, as well as to provide advanced and intelligent funding tools and services. Its multi-platform accessibility is designed for a newbie, intermediate and superior investors. It supplies users with zero-fee trading, unfastened real-time quotes (furnished by way of Nasdaq Last Sale information feed), extended buying and selling hours, 24/7 online help, and lots more.

How easy it Sign up to Webull?

The signup technique is fast – you sign up with a phone variety or email address. You download their app, available on iOS in addition to Android, and then provide all of the basic brokerage account information – name, address, social security, employment, and investing revel in.

4 Free Stocks for Limited time Details

Just open a Webull brokerage account through this Webull Free Stock Referral Link to get your first free stock (valued $2.50-$250) upon account opening and get your second free stock (valued $12-$1,400) for making an initial deposit of $100 or more within 30 days. 

How to get 2 Free stocks with Webull ?

  1. Join using this Webull Referral Bonus Link to begin. 
  2. After you pursue the free stock prize, download the Webull Application for mobile 
  3. Open the Webull App, to see the “My Free Stock,” in the menu. 
  4. On the “My Free Stock” page, click the “Get It Now” catch to begin your enlistment and open another investment fund. 
  5. When you open another Webull money market fund, you’ll get your first free stock esteemed at $2.50-$250. 
  6. At the point when you store $100 or more into your account within 30 days, you’ll get your subsequent free stock esteemed at $12-$1,400. 
  7. When your store settles, you can guarantee your free offers on the “My Free Stock” page by tapping the “Get It Now” button once more. 
  8. The free stock prizes will be credited to your account inside five exchanging days in the wake of being asserted. 
  9. You may hold or sell the free stocks once they are credited to your account. 

If you move from another IRA account, Webull will repay your exchange expenses for up to $100.

Webull Referral Program Referral Earnings

  • $5 – $10 per share(Upto)
  • $10 – $50 per share(Upto)
  • $80 – $200 per share(Upto)
  • $300 – $1000 per share (Upto)

 Can I get 2 Free Stocks If I already have an Webull Account?

If you have a Webull Account with a trading account, you can invite friends to Webull and earn free stocks.

  1. Open the account and go to “My Free Stock” in your Webull App and check the Terms and Conditions of this program.
  2. Tap on “Invite Friends” and share your referral link with your friends.
  3. When your friend makes their first deposit for $100 or more within the first 30 days of their account approval, you both will receive two free stocks, and your friend will receive two free stocks. (valued $12-$250 each).
  4. You can get up to $1.4k in free stock rewards just for opening a new brokerage 

Webull Best Features

  • All Trades are Free from commission for U.S. Stocks.
  • No Account MBRs and No Hidden Fees.
  • All US Trading areReal Time and Free.
  • Get Real-Time Financial News from Leading Outlets like Bloomberg and Business Insider.
  • Free Online Trading Simulator to Gain Experience without Risk.

Webull Stock Trading App Pros :

I have recently moved to WeBull and found it awesome… all the features I used to miss in RobinHood are there like:

  • Ability to put stop loss order and take profit order at the same time
  • Create custom watchlist
  • Ready to use various analytics lines which can be drawn on charts
  • price Alert
  • Shorting Selling of stocks
  • detailed company profile information about institutional investor and Many more

Webull Stock Trading App Cons :

Everything is good on WEbull except customer service, it just sucks, you cannot call them, and they don’t understand you very well when you write, so it is a 50-50 thing, it is all good so long as it works, but if you need to communicate something its almost impossible to work with them … probably because China supports them. For customer service nothing like TDAmeritrade

Why I switched to Webull & You Should too

In other trading apps- for given stocks, we can only put one order. So if I placed an order to sell at a high price of the price goes low, I don’t have a Stop loss. And if I set a stop-loss order, then I can’t sell at a profit. This is a huge limitation with RobinHood, which made me switch to WeBull and transfer all my stocks.

I am a loving webull now.


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