Best Health Insurance for International Students in USA [2023]

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Moving abroad for studies it is both exciting and scary. Especially if you are moving to the USA to pursue your studies there, it’s never easy. You will observe a new culture, meet individuals with diversified backgrounds, and see historical sites in the US.

At the same time, you will have to face many challenges while staying in the US. Health is one of them. There are many health insurances available but the best health insurance for international students can help you in solving your health-related issues.

Why get the Best Health Insurance Plan as an International Student?

It is a sure thing that when you’re outside your home country, you are vulnerable to fall sick. Your health might get disturbed because of the changes in weather and other environmental conditions.

With all these new adventures, you want to make sure that you are taken care of in case you face any emergency.

We all know that the cost of health care in the US is extremely high. As a student, you cannot afford to visit a doctor or a hospital for a regular check-up.

That’s why every international student must buy a good health insurance plan for himself.

Moreover, as per rules and regulations set by the universities in the USA, international students must get themselves insured. Otherwise, they are not allowed to register for their classes.

Hence, they cannot start their educational career in the US until they have bought a good health insurance plan for themselves.

Do Universities Offer Health Insurance to International Students?

Many universities offer standard insurance plans for their students. However, these plans sometimes have inadequate coverage. They also have high premiums.

On the other hand, many universities don't offer any insurance plans at all. Students attending those institutions have to purchase international student insurance plan by their own.

Furthermore, going for an individual insurance plan is always a better option. You can look around and search for a good plan that meets both, i.e. your needs and your budget.

Universities have no objection if you choose your provider. The only thing they require is that the plan must meet the school’s minimum requirements for coverage.

How to Choose the Best Health Insurance Plan?

While purchasing a health insurance plan, make sure that it includes not only medical coverage for students but also emergency medical evacuation along with the repatriation of remains.

Emergency evacuation covers the cost of transport in case you face any injury. The repatriation of remains will cover the cost, planning, and logistics of returning your remains to your family in case anything worse happens to you.

Best Health Insurance for International Students

Best Health Insurance Companies for International Students?

Now let’s discuss some of the best international student health insurance companies. You can go through the details of each insurance provider to know about their policies.

This listing will make easier for you to choose the best health insurance as an international student in the US.

International Student Insurance

International Student Insurance provides a comprehensive coverage plan for International students. The plans offered by International Student Insurance are the most affordable ones.

Their health insurance for international students is highly recognized not only in the US but also all over the world. The company provides with high-quality health coverage to International students for their everyday needs.

The company offers the following three health insurance plans:

  • Travel Medical
  • Major Medical
  • Student Health

Student Health is considered as the best plan for international students pursuing their studies in the USA.

The service provider also offers free school resources, trip cancellation, and dental insurance facilities.

ISO Insurance

ISO insurance is another well-known insurance company. The staff at ISO comprises of former international students. They aim to serve international students.

Keeping this perspective in their mind, they offer valuable and affordable insurance plans for international students.

The advantage is that the management at ISO insurance has “inside knowledge” of what international students need. So, they develop unique plans with comprehensive coverage at competitive prices.

They offer high-quality services in more than five languages, including English, Korean, Chinese, Hindi, and Spanish.


Insubuy provides premium insurance plans for international students who plan to continue their studies in the United States. You can purchase plans directly by visiting insubuy website.

As soon as the transaction is completed, you will be asked to complete the necessary documentation.

Insubuy is part of the PPO (preferred provider organization) network. The plans offered are widely accepted throughout the United States by doctors, hospitals, and other care providers.

This insurance provider company meets the standards set by most of the American universities.

Compass Student Insurance

Compass Student Insurance has been working for more than ten years. This insurance provider company allows cost-sharing. They may offer you the coverage you need without any excessive internal limits. 

Compass Student Insurance makes it easy to find a medical provider because they are partnered with UnitedHealthcare. This partnership offers you access to top-performing Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO).

Additional benefits include waived deductibles and copays at Student Health Centers. All of their plans meet the requirements set by an American visa.

Patriot Exchange Health Insurance program

This is one of the best insurance programs designed for individuals or groups of five or more students studying in the US. This plan is also good for the students participating in a cultural exchange program.

The plan provides excellent medical facilities to the students. It offers a 24/7 comprehensive package for international students. Individuals, along with their dependents, can seek medical attention with a doctor or hospital of their choice if they have this plan.


IMG has been in service for more than 25 years. They offer quality health and travel insurance plans for international as well as American students studying abroad.

They are providing quality health care services all across the globe. International students studying in America get access to an extensive PPO network. IMG's in-house staff serve you in 18 languages. All of their international student insurance plans meet American visa requirements.

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You might be thinking that why should I care about my health insurance plans? I have a lot of other things to worry about, such as books, rent, and tuition fee?

Yes, these are the most common concerns among lots of international students traveling to the US. But as you know, injuries and sickness do not give notice.

So, you must get a comprehensive health insurance coverage plan lest this sickness jeopardizes your academic plans.

If you get a good health insurance plan for yourself, you will rest assured have one less thing to worry about in worst-case scenario. You can feel confident as you have access to the care you require.

There are endless insurance options available for international students. But the ones explained above are some of the best health insurance plans. The students can choose any plan from these.

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