H1B News – Count for H1B registration reaches to 2.75 Lakh

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USCIS, on April 1st, 2020, announced that H-1B cap-subject petitions for fiscal year (FY) 2021. In the press release, they also announced the numbers indicating the overall registrations received under the new H1B registration process. Employers can only file a petition for employees if they have registered under the new registration process, and USCIS has selected them through a random selection basis called the Lottery system.

In the previous announcement made by USCIS, they indicated that they had completed the H1B Registration Lottery process, and the employers will be informed by the end of the month. And now as in April they have shared the numbers, also confirmed the filing dates and additional details.

Important dates for H1B registration :- USCIS

H1B news

Total H1B Registration Count

A whopping 2.75 lakh registrations were received from the sponsoring employees under the new H1B registration process. Out of which 1.86 lakh or 66.77% of registrations accounted for people from India and remaining employers filed a registration for 36300 or 13.2% Chinese employees.

H1B news

The release made by USCIS indicated that roughly 46% of registrations were for advance or master degrees from US institutions, which account for around 1.26 lakh candidates.

USCIS also stated that all the H1B registrations which are selected for Mastery courses in the US need to fulfill the eligibility criteria for mastery program at the time of filing petition and during the processing of the H1B petition.

H1B cap visas also constitute of the annual quota for 65,000 candidates in the general category, and 20000 in the Master Category under which US beneficiaries are holding US advance degree are eligible.

The data indicates that this new H1B process majorly constitutes Indians through its multinational rather than Indian headquartered companies who are the dominant employers.

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E-Registration process

It is for the first time that the E-registration process H1B was introduced, which was quietly successful. USCIS also stated that the modernized process had reduced the amount of paper and data exchanged between USCIS and the petitioners.

How can Authorized representatives check their results?

All the Authorized representatives can see the results in their dashboard, which will be displayed in 3 categories – Submitted, Selected & Denied.

If the dashboard displays Submitted, it will continue to show submitted until the initial process has been completed. They will remain in consideration for selection till the end of the fiscal year.

If the dashboard displays selected, it means you can proceed for the H1B cap-subject petition.

If the dashboard displays Denied, it simply means the same registrant has made a duplicate registration, or the payment method was declined or initiated but not completed.

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