Categories of Green Card | Who is eligible for a Green Card

Categories of Green Card

If you are new and not familiar with a Green card I would personally recommend you to first read our blog on what is a Green Card & why is it important. Now that most of your doubts might be settled let us understand the different categories of the Green …


Trump in India & his agenda for H1B visa

Trump in India

While Trump’s two-day visit to India came to an end lot of immigrants residing in the US piqued up to the headlines about the narrative of the visit. All the Indians residing out in India are looking to if Trump had any stone touched on the problems faced by the …


Permanent resident in US under Family-based Green Card

permanent resident

If you are looking to become a permanent resident in the US by applying for Family-based Green card make sure you have read all the details about Green Card, the importance of having a Green card and different categories under which you can avail Green Card. To make the understanding …


Family-Based Green Card- Frequently Asked Questions

Family Based Green Card

Before you look forward to the frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) related to Family-Based Green Card hope you have read all the details regarding the process and eligibility criteria for Family-Based Green Card. If you are a newbie and completely unaware about the procedure you might have a list of questions …


Employment-Based Green Card Process

Employment-Based Green Card

An Employer can support its worker’s Green card. Employment-Based Green Card is a multi-step process, including certain record work bound by rules and regulation. There are few categories for granting permanent residence to the non-citizens, based on their working skills Employment-Based Green Card classifications are: Before we understand the process …


Labor Certification process for Green Card

Labor Certification

If you might have read our blog on Employment-Based Green Card it has been clearly stated that the process begins with Labor Certification for Green card candidate. The employer who is sponsoring and starting the Green card process need to initially get the Labor Certification from the Department of Labor(DOL). …


What is Form I-140:- Immigrant Worker Petition


An I-140 is the second step in the Employment-based Green Card process. When your PERM Labor Certificate is affirmed, your employer will file a Form I-140 – known as Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker – for your sake. The employer ought to exhibit that the organization is in an acceptable …


green card news | immigration voice for NRI

The employment Indian green card is more than you can imagine, and the majority of them are Indians. A solution is challenging to find. 1,352 – This is the number of rejected U.S. green card applications of Indians. But this is not the exact number. Reports from U.S. Citizenship and …


20 Benefits of having Green Card in USA

Green Card in USA

Now that you are looking to reside in the U.S you might have come across different terms and the most buzz word that you are going to hear is Green Card in USA. Though anyone looking to settle in the U.S might have heard of the term but being a …


Buy a Car in the USA- A complete Guide

Buy a car in USA

Except if you live in a major city like New York, having a car is a need in the U.S. It isn’t viewed as a luxurious thing. While there are numerous car accessible for the individuals who can bear the cost of them, but to buy a car for need …


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