Velo By East West Bank Referral Bonus [5 Easy Steps]

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Velo by East West Banking Services lets you earn $20 for you and a friend with its customer referral program. 

Velo by East West is a top-rated online bank backed by East West Bank, offering seamless, rapid, and secure premium financial products and services to consumers globally. 

If you are an East West Bank account holder, you can successfully invite a friend or family member to open a qualified account. This will give you, both the sender and the referred person, a $20 fee credit.

To know more, check out the Velo by East West Bank referral bonus, sign-up bonus, promotions, and Global Checking Account with Velo Gold or more. Scroll down for the article!

East West Bank bonus

About Velo – East West Bank:

What is Velo by East West Bank? Velo by East West Bank is a global digital banking platform that gives customers access to U.S. premium financial products & services. This largest online bank is available at 125 locations globally, with a main focus on serving the U.S. and Greater China. 

All your banking needs are covered with Velo. You can get free access to mobile banking without fees, easy transfers between East West Bank and US other banks, apply for debit cards in more than 200 countries, the app is available in English and Chinese, and it lets you stay updated through thought-provoking articles. 

Sign in quickly with East West Bank with your Touch ID or Face ID and access the top-rated bank, which is among the “Best Banks in America” with an asset of $44 billion (NASDAQ symbol: “EWBC”).

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Velo by East West Bank Sign Up Promotion— Get a $20 Sign-Up Bonus

To access the premium features of the Velo by East West Bank account, you need to sign up first! At East West Bank, you will receive $20 in fee credits when you apply for a referral link. 

After depositing the required funds in your Velo account within 60 days, you will receive a $20 East West Bank sign-up bonus.

East West Bank Sign Up bonus

How to claim $20 East West Bank sign-up bonus?

  1. Get the app Velo by East West Bank and sign up for an account.
  2. Give all the necessary information to complete the form. 
  3. Remember to fill in the East West Bank referral code in the empty bar.
  4. After account opening, fund your account with the required amount within 60 days of account opening. 
  5. You will receive your $20 fee credit when you complete the terms.

Velo by East West Bank Referral Promotion— Get & Give $20

Get a $20 fee credit for every referral who opens a successful account with your special East West Bank referral link. 

An existing account holder has a chance to join a customer referral program and earn an unlimited $20 referral bonus on each invite when the referee opens a qualified account by depositing the required amount. 

Referees also receive a $20 welcome bonus by signing up with a referral link.

East West Bank Referral Bonus

How to claim the $20 East West Bank referral bonus?

Steps to earn an unlimited $20 East West Bank referral bonus:

  1. Login to your Velo by East West Bank account.
  2. Go to the Manage Account page and click on My Referrals & Offers, then you get the “Invite a Friend” option.
  3. Now you can see your East West Bank referral code with three options to share via copy code, QR share, or share link.
  4. It gives you multiple ways to easily and expeditiously share your referral codes with family and friends.
  5. When your link is used to open a qualified account and fund it with the required amount.
  6. You will both sender and receiver earn a $20 fee credit.

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Terms & Conditions:

  • To join the East West Bank referral program, you must be an account holder. 
  • The referee has to deposit the required funds within 60 days of the account opening.
  • A single customer can receive 5,000 referral rewards. 
  • You can earn $20 in fee credits under the referral program under the conditions of East West Bank’s Fee Credits Program. Tab to learn more.

What is a Velo Gold Global Checking Account?

Global Checking Account with Velo Gold— It is a more advanced and convenient US checking account for those who live outside the US. 

If you want to enjoy Velo Gold perks as a Global Checking Account holder, you need to maintain a minimum combined monthly average amount of $100,000 in your qualifying deposit accounts to be automatically enrolled in the Velo Gold Global Checking Account.

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Benefits of a Global Checking Account with Velo Gold:

There are some benefits that you will enjoy as a Global Checking Account with Velo Gold member. If you want to compare the benefits of the Velo Global Checking Account and the Velo Gold Global Checking Account, click here.

  • Account opening fee refunds up to $300.
  • Waive the monthly maintenance fee.
  • Waive the debit card shipping fee.
  • Waive incoming wire fees. 
  • Velo Gold chat queue and phone line support
  • Velo Gold is a dedicated relationship manager. 
  • To meet your global needs, it also provides you with in-app articles and resources.


Velo by East West Bank is ranked in the top 15 “Best Banks in America” by Forbes. It is a legitimate and trusted bank that gives you easy and expeditious transactions with exciting premium US financial products and services. 

Moreover, it also provides you with a global checking account by Velo Gold, which has various exclusive perks.

With the best online banking experience, you also have a chance to earn a $20 fee credit for unlimited invites through its customer referral program. Create your account with East West Bank, secure your finances, and earn referral rewards.

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