Silvercar Referral Code – EARN $25 + GET 20% OFF

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Looking to earn money through car rentals. The referral program by premium car rental service Silvercar provides you an opportunity. You can earn up to $25 along with a 20% discount as a new member. Even if you are an existing member, you earn a bonus of $25 through their Silvercar referral Code. 

When you signup for the New Silvercar account, make sure you use the referral code to get $25 after your first rental.

You can also use the PROMO CODE-FIRST20 on your first rental to avail of a further discount of 20% on any series of Audio car – A4, A5, Q5, Q7etc.

Note – You can use the referral code under the section “Refer a friend after you join or during the signup process. Make sure you manually enter the referral code to claim your $25 referral bonus.

What is Silvercar?

Silvercar by Audi is a premium car rental company that provides seamless access to transportation at the airport or in-city location across the USA.

The services offered by Silvercar are a bit different from what most car rental companies offer. Launched in 2012, the company has set to mark a different league in car rental services. 

The company allows you to rent Audi a premium quality car with free WiFi, GPS, Radio, fair toll, and fuel charges. Though the fuel and toll charges have increased over time still are low than many other competitors.

The series of Audi cars that are available for rent are Audi A4 (sedan), Audi Q5 Mid-sized SUV, Audi A5 Cabriolet (convertible), Audi Q7 (Full-sized SUV)

The company offers no-contact pickups, which means you can book, manage, and unlock your rental car on the app. No hassle, no paperwork nothing

$25 Bonus and Discount for New members

Silvercar Referral Code

The Silvercar offers a $25 referral bonus and a 20% promotional discount to its new users on their first rental. 

Once you enter the referral code and become a new member, you will receive a 20% off on your first rental and $25 sign up bonus after you complete your first rental.

20% discount – The option is available only for the new users on their first rental. Use the PROMO CODE- FIRST20 to avail the discount.

$25 referral bonus – The option is available for new users once they complete their first rental. As you complete, your first rental $25 will be credited to your Paypal account. Use a promo code under the section “Refer a friend” after you signup or during the process to avail the bonus.

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How to avail Silvercar $25 referral bonus as a New Member?

To claim your Silvercar $25 new member referral bonus follow these simple steps –

1. Visit the website and sign up as a new member.

2. Use the promo code under the section “Refer a friend” once you sign up on the platform or while you are proceeding to sign up.

3. To claim a referral bonus of $25, you have to complete your first rental. 

4. Once you complete your first rental, you will receive a $25 bonus credit in your PayPal account. 

Note – If you have already created your account, don’t worry. Here is the hack. Visit your account and go to My account > Refer a friend > Enter a referral code.

The referral bonus is only for the new users on their first rental. You will receive a bonus credit within 30 days of completing your first rental.

Silvercar Refer to a friend Program.

Whether you are a new or existing member, you can earn a $25 bonus using the Silvercar referral program.

Send a link to your referral once they complete their first rental using your link; you both are eligible to earn a $25 bonus. 

How to use it?

1. Sign in to your account.

2. Now visit the ‘My Account’ option and click it.

3. Click the option “Refer a friend.” A code will be displayed.

4. Send the referral code to your friend and ask them to book their first rental using your code.

Once your referral completes the first rental using your referral code, $25 will be credited to your PayPal account with 60 days of your referral completing the first rental.

Remember, you can send this referral code to someone who is a first time user. You can even send this referral link to someone who has already opened up their account until they haven’t completed their first rental.

Send them the referral link and ask them to complete their first rental using your link. Once they complete their first rental congrats, you both are eligible for the $25 bonus credit. 

If you exceed your total rewards more than $600 ($25*24) in one calendar year, you are subject to IRS income tax rules, and you need to follow the procedure of income tax return.

Silvercar Rental Location

Here is a list of places where Silvercar rental services are available –



3.Chicago O’Hare

4.Dallas Love field

5.Denver Airport

6.Los Angeles

7.Las Vegas McCarran Airport

8.Brooklyn Downtown

9.Brooklyn Williamsburg 

10.Manhattan New York 


Nothing more should excite you than saving on car rentals. Use Silvercar Referral code to get 20% on your first ride and $25 as a referral code. What are you waiting for? Signup for Silvercar today. Book a rental car and that’s how you can make your money work for you.

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