$30 Varo Bank Referral Bonus (Complete guide)

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Required an online-only bank service! Varo bank has come up with an online banking service that has promotional deals for their users.

Varo bank is featured to deliver consumer banking products on the go in the mobile app, having a minimum but enduring account options. And due to its exclusive services, Varo has become the top mobile-centric national bank in the USA.

To start your online banking journey, sign up for Varo bank and receive a $75 reward in credit. Read more about Varo bank Referral Bonus and services in this article.

Varo Bank Sign Up Bonus

Varo Bank Info

Varo bank is a mobile featured banking app which allows consumers to manage their finance online with a distinctive account. You can not visit Varo bank as it is totally a mobile app, it doesn’t have any physical branch.

It charges you with zero fees, has minimum balance requirements and gives you an expanded network of ATMs, almost 55,000 Allpoint ATMs worldwide. You can also get an advance with Varo bank.

Chime is also another online banking platform which is compatible with Varo bank’s service. Find out about Chime here.

Varo Bank Sign Up Bonus— Claim $75 Welcome Reward

When you start dealing with your finances with an online Varo bank, you will be rewarded with a sign-up bonus of $75 after the opening of a qualified account. Apply for a referral link and get a $75 Varo bank sign up bonus within 45 days.

Join Varo

How To Get the Varo Bank Bonus?

  1. Download the app or link to switch to the Varo bank sign up page.
  2. Open an account by filling in the information which Varo bank required.
  3. Remember to use a valid Varo referral link.
  4. After a successful account opening, deposit at least $200.
  5. You can receive your reward within 45 business days.

Note: Make a deposit of $200+ to confirm your $75 sign up bonus.

Varo Bank Referral Bonus— Claim $75 Referral Reward

If you have a broad friend list, you can get the advantage by sharing your Varo bank referral link with them and can earn up to $500 per calendar year. You can get a bonus only for a qualified referral. Read the steps below to not miss your $75 Varo Bank Referral Bonus.

How To Get Varo Bank Referral Bonus?

  1. Login to your Varo bank account and open the app.
  2. Search for your referral tab and copy the unique Varo bank referral link to a clipboard.
  3. Send this distinctive link to your family and friends.
  4. After successful application of your referral link, you will receive a $75 reward.

Note: The referee has to deposit $200+ in its balance and then you will both be rewarded with a $75 referral bonus.

Varo App Save your Money

Varo Bank Accounts

Varo bank gives you a limited account option. Take a look at them:

Varo Checking Account: The Varo bank account can be known as an online Varo Checking Account, which offers zero monthly maintenance fees and gives you access to early direct deposit.

You can send a money transfer without any fees. You must be 18 years old to open a Varo account. There is no requirement for a minimum balance.

Varo Saving Account: If you have a Varo bank account, you can get access to its savings account, giving you a competitive high yield interest. Its APY stands at a 3.00% rate, get more interest rate with Tellus

You can also upgrade it to 5.00% APY when you meet the terms and conditions of it. There are no minimum deposit requirements.

Varo Bank Advance Program

Varo bank is adding more services to its checking and saving accounts. One of them is the Advance Program, which gives a little financial help in your critical period.

For the Varo bank advance, you must have an active account for 30 days or have a deposit of $1,000. You can get up to a $250 Varo advance, which can be returned in 30 days without any interest.

Varo Bank Features

Zero Fees: Varo offers zero monthly maintenance fees, transaction fees, debit card replacement fees, international transfer fees or minimum balance requirement fees.

Early Deposit: You can receive a paycheck two days earlier when you set up a direct deposit of paychecks to your Varo account.

High Yield Interest: Varo saving accounts give you a base 3.00% APY rate. When you meet a certain requirement, you can get up to 5.00% APY.

Wide Network Of ATMs: You can get 55,000 Allpoint ATMs worldwide and receive cash without any fees.

Deposit Cash: You can get your cash deposit at various retail locations with a Varo account, like the Green Dot network, 7-Eleven or CVS.

Is Varo Bank legit?

Yes, Varo Bank is a legitimate site, founded in 2015 as an online mobile banking app. You can access the app from Android or Apple devices. It is a FDIC insured app, your bank deposits are secured up to $250,000 by a Varo bank, N.A.


Varo bank is a great app to make your financial funding flawless with hundreds of benefits. It provides you with a saving and checking account with a zero fees and competitive interest rates.

You can start with Varo Bank on a $75 sign up bonus and can earn up to $500 with its referral program.

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