Unlimited Call To India: Calling Plans & Mobile Recharges 2023

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Are you residing outside the borders and wanna have an everlasting connection with your family and friends— You are in need of unlimited calling cards for India to perpetually feel linked with your beloveds.

With an extensively filled library of Indian calling cards, it is the arduous side to select the best quality one for yourself, but not for our audience.

We make this mystery solve by handing them an exclusive tiny checklist for the selection which let you to get unlimited access to call India.

Unlimited Call To India

Give a Ring Now— Unlimited Call To India:

Whenever you click to give up a ring to your loved ones (In India) your call might not be forwarded or be disconnected. Meanwhile, a conversation.

But not for now! This content delivers you a fine list of digital calling cards which let you to call internationally from USA to India without any restrictions giving unlimited calls to India. Scroll down your screen to hit the list of the best calling cards at a friendly price.

Call India:

Give a chance to Call India, whose unlimited calling offers make you feel on top of the world. Call India says that it designed a platform for hard workers who residing outside boarders for their families by supporting them to get the best calling connection with their home country.

You get started with it by going through three simple steps: create an account, buy a calling plan, start calling and you are done.


Get its calling plan at $6.99 a month.

It charges you 2.1¢/ min for India if you want to go with Call India voice credit.

The minimum voice order credit is $2.


  • It delivers you 1 minute round calls.
  • Provides a 100% guarantee of its quality.
  • Gives you speed dialing.
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • Having PIN less dialing.


Rebtel allows you to get rid of traditional calling cards through its well rated services, which makes your international calling more affordable for you. It is included in one of the top international calling centerswhich provides you with high quality features or services.

Make a call by downloading the free app or getting access to any of its plans and achieve your awaited phone call.


Get an India unlimited pack for $12 for 30 days, $24 for 90 days and $45 for 180 days.

For cheaper rates, hit the World Credit plan for 2.39¢/ min.

If you want more than an India call, go to its Global Unlimited Pack ($10 a month).


  • Give you high quality calls.
  • Provide cheaper rates as possible.
  • Its simpler to use.
  • Call without any internet.
  • 24/7 available help center.


There is another big deal for you which presents lower rates and high-quality international calling. The Otubio application gives unlimited access to call your family and friends in India.

Sign up with the app and connect with your loved ones with just one click. It provides you with a option to create your contact list where you don’t have to go for a long way before calling.


Get unlimited calling for just $9.99 per month. You can cancel the plan anytime. Make a stress-free call with Otubio.


  • You have a 3 minute free call to check the service.
  • Give a 90% saving and make a call for cheaper rates.
  • Call standard is guaranteed by the service.
  • No long procedures just click the number in your dialing list.

Ooma Calling:

You have another option to get India calling at pocket-friendly rates or for free. Ooma applications provide the best quality services to their audience, feature many plans and services, which makes Ooma more rich among them.


Ooma has designed basic or premium plans for their audience to approach their family and friends seamlessly.

But here presents you with an exciting deal that you can access with unlimited international calling without any charges by calling Ooma to Ooma from the USA to India.


  • Free international callingaccess from Ooma to Ooma.
  • You can call with the service anytime, no matter wherever you are.
  • Reach your friends by voicemail or email also.
  • Have many international calling plans to fix your requirements.

Google Voice:

Google Voice is the trusted application worldwide. You can use it seamlessly at a cheap calling rate. You can make a call in India from the USA or any other country with it.

You get pop up from Google when you dial a number by using it. Without any doubt, it adds in the applications which give you unlimited calling access to India + at a cheap rate.


It charges you $0.02 / minute. Add credit to your Google voice balance account and get access to quality long-distance calls.


  • You got your money saved.
  • Free text access.
  • It can manage multiple dialed numbers.
  • You can have your voicemail transcribed.
  • Having a call recording option.

At the End:

To conclude, all the mentioned applications work their best to provide their audience with a low-rated and high quality service which they demand.

You can sign up with any of them from which you get a positive vibe or fit you perfectly. Break the distance and connect with your family and friends on the spot.

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