9 most popular international calling cards: Reviews & Guide

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If you’re seeking the greatest international calling cards, we’ve interviewed top professionals who are intimately familiar with these calling cards. We choose products of the highest caliber and with unique, amazing attributes. To present you with the top 9 most popular international calling cards, we filtered through more than 200 brands.

9 most popular international calling cards


The price may be the factor that impacts your choice most. It isn’t a big deal when you have a reasonable budget. If not, however, you should decide on the budget range, so you don’t go over budget.

You must specify your goal and the characteristics required by the most acceptable international calling cards to know how much you should pay. With too little money, you cannot anticipate an all-around product.


The brand is the second factor to consider when selecting the best international calling cards. Although most brands create items with similar designs and functions, there are variations. Each product will have advantages and disadvantages. You should be aware of it and look into it further before buying.

Scoring Ratings

We have created an AI-based ranking score system. It collects star ratings from customers and converts them into accurate scores. Users shouldn’t ignore the ratings and reviews left by previous customers because they might be a reliable and trustworthy source for you.

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The greatest international calling cards on the market are unquestionably those on this list. However, if you don’t want to waste additional time sorting through and determining which international calling cards are the best, you should choose from our list of the top contenders. It includes all the essential characteristics one would hope for in an international calling card.

1. Zuzume Prepaid International Phone Card $20 Plan

  • The Best Rates For Global Calls: You can save up to 90% compared to your phone provider. You may easily make lengthy calls with your prepaid phone cards from a payphone, landline, office, or wireless phone!
  • Free and Without Expiration: When using the offered local access number, your prepaid calling card’s remaining balance will NEVER be reduced by maintenance costs or unadvertised surcharges. Because the seconds on your card never expire, please don’t worry about losing them.
  • With their low-cost international calling and excellent call audio quality, you can have extended phone conversations with loved ones who live abroad. We provide access to your account so you can manage it, trade your minutes, establish speed dial, and more!
  • Easy Calls: Dial the local access number or toll-free access number listed on the card, enter the pin from the back, and you can talk to anyone around the globe! Fill up your card over the phone or online!
  • Buy Now Without Risk: MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE covers all users’ phone calling cards, no questions asked. Excellent customer service is our first focus so that you may purchase your prepaid cell phone calling card with trust!

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2. AT&T Prepaid Phone Card for 1200 Minutes (Calling Card) $80 Plan

  • After 10 a.m. Pacific Time, orders will be completed and shipped the following business day.
  • We will send your phone card out as soon as we receive confirmation that your payment has been received. Want your card now, but aren’t you willing to wait for the mail? Inform us that you would prefer your PIN and dialing instructions.
  • One (1) brand-new AT&T 1200 prepaid phone card is what you are buying.
  • Phone Card Guarantee of 100%

3. Nationwide Calls up to 1250 Minutes & Lowest International Calling Rates, Payphone, Landline & Mobile Phone Calling Card $30 Plan.

Dialing Guidelines: Dial the card’s PIN after dialing the access management number from the card in step one. 3. Use the country code when manually dialing your number. 

Necessary: Do not press the talk button after entering the foreign phone number or dialing the access number, as you cannot call by selecting a contact from your phone’s address book. If you do, the call is placed through your carrier, and the calling card is disconnected.

4.   125 Minute At&t Prepaid Phone Card  

  • Excellently affordable cost for domestic calls within the United States
  • No unforeseen fees
  • No ongoing charges
  • Three hundred sixty-five days after enrollment, recharge, or last use, the card’s value expires.
  • Rechargeable

5. Callers Select World Prepaid Phone Card for International Long Distance Calling $20 Plan

  • GREAT RATES: You can save up to 90% compared to using your cell provider.
  • Buy in confidence because there is a 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.
  • Use a credit card to reload.

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6. Lycamobile $29 Plan

  • Before making a purchase, be sure T-Mobile is available in your area. These SIMs are only compatible with 4G T-Mobile and 4G GSM Unlocked phones; they are not compatible with 3G or earlier phones.
  • The regular SIM size has perforations to accommodate the micro and nano SIM sizes.
  • Current Lycamobile phone numbers cannot be ported onto these SIMs; doing so could invalidate the SIM. These SIMs are only meant for new Lycamobile users.
  • There will be guidelines regarding enabling the SIM and an unlock code on the SIM. Please adhere to this guidance.

7. Lifetime Prepaid Data Sim Card $62 Plan

  • includes a 1GB data credit for mobile use, easy data refill choices and 24/7 customer service
  • Data is accurate for one year. The validity period will return to a year with each data refill.
  • Over 120 of the most popular travel destinations have mobile internet connectivity.
  • Takes minutes to activate. Modify the APN settings on your smartphone or tablet after inserting it, then launch a browser.
  • A variety of SIM adapters is included. Compatible with the majority of unlocked GSM smartphones, such as Apple, Samsung, Nexus, HTC, Sony, and LG

8. Three UK Europe $112 Plan

  • Post with 24 GB of data
  • Use your phone when roaming in 71 different countries across the world.
  • Up to 24 months’ worth of data can be kept.
  • Any unsecured 3G or 4G mobile network device, including tablets, can use the SIM card.

9. USA Canada Mexico Travel SIM Card $23 Plan

  • Travel SIM for the USA, Canada, and Mexico with $15 preset airtime for data and text.
  • Compatible with ALL 4G GSM UNLOCKED devices, including the entire line of Apple, Samsung Galaxy, and other Android devices like Smartwatches and GPS trackers.
  • SIM Triple Cut (standard, micro, nano) fits any device. Upon service activation, USA contact information is automatically generated. Check STKMap for USA coverage.
  • Free Recharge Service, No Credit Check, and No Contract.
  • Utilize ActivateSpeedTalk to activate the service. Although it can be used outside the US, it is advised.

10. OneSimCard $25 Plan

  • Has two phone lines for Europe and Canada. Include phone numbers from over 60 more nations.
  • Incoming calls to any European number from 70 participating nations are free. Direct Dial calling charges $0.25 per minute for calls made from the US.


The greatest international calling cards and their plans are provided in this article. We have compiled this list to present our readers with the greatest calling cards. I hope you’ll find this list of the top international calling cards useful.

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