MoneyLion Sign Up Bonus: 7 Easy Steps to Earn $60 bonus

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Get a $60 MoneyLion sign up bonus! Yup, you will receive a $10 referral plus a $50 direct deposit bonus promotion during this limited-time campaign.

MoneyLion is a versatile financial administration that offers banking, credit building, crypto trading, investing, and cash advance features.

Use the unique MoneyLion referral code $FreeCash to open a RoarMoney account and earn a $60 cash bonus instantly.

If you have already joined MoneyLion, you can still get bonus rewards by becoming a MoneyLion referral program member and earning a $60 referral bonus for inviting others.

Take a deep dive to explore MoneyLion’s new user incentives, and if you are an existing user, you can get a MoneyLion referral bonus too.

MoneyLion Sign Up Bonus: $60 cash bonus

Unlock MoneyLion sign-up rewards now! Earn a $10 bonus offer by registering a RoarMoney account, plus you can also enroll in the $50 direct deposit bonus promotion.

You will receive a $50 bonus by making a direct deposit of $100 or more in your RoarMoney account at least twice within a 60-day promotional period.

MoneyLion doesn’t affect your credit score or check your credit history. You just need to apply a unique MoneyLion referral code, $FreeCash, while opening a RoarMoney account.

How do I get a MoneyLion sign up bonus?

  1. Click this MoneyLion $60 referral link to install the app on your device.
  2. You must use a referrer’s special referral code to join MoneyLion.
  3. You earn a $10 bonus instantly by opening an account.
  4. You are also eligible to earn an extra $50 bonus by making a recurring deposit of $100 or more at least twice in your RoarMoney account within 60 days of account opening.
  5. Your bonus reward will be deposited into your account in 14 days.

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MoneyLion Referral Bonus: Give and Get $60

Refer and earn with MoneyLion! You can score a $60 referral bonus for every new user you invite to open a RoarMoney account.

If your friend used your referral link to open an account, you will receive a $10 referral reward just for opening an account.

But if your friends make a qualifying deposit of $100 or more at least twice within 60 days in their RoarMoney account, you will both also receive a $50 additional promotion reward. Get $60 in total.

How do I claim the MoneyLion referral bonus?

  1. Login to your RoarMoney account and go to the account section.
  2. Get your unique $RoarTag or referral code.
  3. Now you can easily refer to someone by sharing your MoneyLion referral code or $RoarTag via Instagram, Facebook feeds, your contact list, or with a text message.
  4. When your code is used to open an account, you will get a $10 referral bonus.
  5. If your referee makes a qualified deposit within the required timeframe, you will be eligible for a $50 bonus reward.
  6. Within two weeks, you will receive your referral bonus in your RoarMoney account.

Note: You invite people as much as you can; there is no cap on your earnings. To join the referral program, you must have a good-standing RoarMoney account. MoneyLion reserves all rights to change or cancel the program at any time.

MoneyLion Crypto Bonus: Get $5 on signing up

When your RoarMoney account is successfully created, you can also earn an extra $5 by setting up your MoneyLion Crypto trading account.

To earn the $5 bonus reward, you need to make a crypto purchase of at least $10 with your new account. You can view this promotion in your account section.

When a cryptocurrency purchase of $10 is made through your MoneyLion crypto trading account within a promotion period, Your $5 bonus will be deposited in your Crypto account in 7 business days.

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MoneyLion Bonus offers:

These are the special MoneyLion bonus promotions running for a limited time from January 17, 2024, to January 31, 2024, called a sign-up period. It includes the $60 RoarMoney welcome bonus, the $60 referral bonus, and the $5 crypto bonus.

Conclusion: Is MoneyLion for you?

MoneyLion is an all-in-one financial institution and a legitimate company, not a bank. Your RoarMoney deposit account and MoneyLion debit MasterCard are provided by Pathward, National Association, and Member FDIC.

MoneyLion offers you bonus promotions that are rewarding to you when you start banking with MoneyLion, a gateway to get some extra cash.

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Get these MoneyLion bonus promotion benefits to get some extra cash on opening a RoarMoney account, registering a MoneyLion crypto account, and referring friends.

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