CashKarma vs AppKarma: Which Reward App is Best

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CashKarma or AppKarma: which app is best to earn rewards? In this modernized-tech world, the popularity of rewards apps is increasing rapidly.

However, CashKarma and AppKarma are the two popular emerging choices for users looking to earn rewards through plenty of tasks and offers.

This review delves into the structure of CashKarma and AppKarma, examining their key features, earning opportunities, payment systems, and user experiences.

In short, you can find a balanced overview of CashKarma vs AppKarma here so that you can determine which reward app is best for you.

CashKarma vs Appkarma

CashKarma vs AppKarma— Comparative Analysis

CashKarma offers you surveys.  AppKarma offers you the ability to install and play games.  
Earn free gift cards and cash as a reward.  It also gives you free gift cards and cash as a reward.  
You will get 1 point for watching each video.You will get 5 points for watching each video.
The CashKarma referral program gives you a 10% referral commission.  The AppKarma referral program gives you a 30% referral commission.
You can contact CashKarma at  You can contact them at AppKarma by email at    

CashKarma and AppKarma: An Overview

CashKarma and AppKarma are both mobile rewarding apps owned by the same company, Darkfield Software LLC, located in California, that offer you simple tasks through which you can earn rewards.

But are CashKarma and AppKarma the same? According to our deep inspection, the main distinctive feature is that CashKarma offers you surveys for higher rewards, and AppKarma offers you to download games for higher rewards other than the more earning options.

In the below guide, we highlight all the details that are distinctive and similar to each other. Read on to get the one that is comparatively worth it for you.

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Earning Opportunities:

AppKarma Rewards

Here’s how we compare all the reward-earning opportunities offered by CashKarma and AppKarma:


CashKarma surveys offer you the biggest earning opportunity. You can accumulate the most points with these paid surveys.

Also, you can receive a bonus when you screen out a certain number of times.

On the contrary, AppKarma gives you quizzes to answer relative to the games you played.

Interested to take surveys, join CashKarma, and earn 300 points on signing up?

Playing karma games:

AppKarma allows you to download games and play them at a certain level or condition mentioned in the task. It is the biggest opportunity inside the app to earn points quickly.

However, CashKarma doesn’t include that opportunity. If you like to earn money in a fun way by playing games, then AppKarma is your choice.

If you want to join AppKarma get the complete signup procedure and 300 points reward as well.   

Watching Videos:

CashKarma offers you the opportunity to earn points by watching videos. You can earn 1 point per video, which usually lasts 15–30 seconds.

On the other hand, AppKarma offers you 5 points for watching a video. You can also earn points for the ads in videos.

Achievement badges and bonuses:

Both the apps AppKarma and CashKarma include this feature, giving you achievement badges when you reach a certain level.

This is an additional reward that you can get by doing activities and completing levels.

Scratch Cards:

AppKarma also offers you daily check-in rewards as a scratch card.

CashKarma doesn’t offer you scratch cards.

CashKarma Rewards

Referral Program:

The CashKarma referral program allows you to earn by inviting others to the app. As a reward, you will get 10% of your referral’s earnings.

On the contrary, AppKarma also designed a referral program for you, through which you can earn 30% of your referral earnings by sharing referral codes with others.

You will get 20% more with the AppKarma referral program.

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Payment Processing and Redemption: 

AppKarma and CashKarma both offer incredible payment options, which customers like the most.

You can cash in your rewards through PayPal and exchange them for gift cards from places like Amazon, iTunes, Target, Starbucks, and more.

On AppKarma, you need 5250 points to get a $3 withdrawal from PayPal. But if you want to convert it into gift cards, the amount required for it is $1, for which you need 1750 points.

With AppKarma, if you wait and accumulate the points for a higher withdrawal, you have to pay lower points, and you can also earn points as a bonus whenever you withdraw your rewards.

On CashKarma, you also need the same amount (5250 points) to get $3 cash from PayPal. If you want a gift card in exchange for points, you have to pay 1850 points to get a $1 gift card, which is more than what AppKarma offers.

On cashing out your points, you also receive the nicest bonus, which will depend upon the size of the amount you withdraw.

But keep in mind that these payout thresholds (mentioned above) depend on the reward and the country you live in.

User Feedback: Ratings and Reviews

Here, we compare the ratings and reviews of AppKarma and CashKarma.

CashKarma rewards app received 4.3 ratings on Google Play, considering it a good option to earn some extra income. Most of the users commented that they get paid plenty of times with CashKarma.

However, some of them are complaining about its lowest pay threshold and not getting the reward points.

The AppKarma rewards app received 3.6 ratings on Google Play. It’s such a fun way to make some extra income, and some of the users share the experience of getting paid with AppKarma.

However, they are complaining about the fact that their device storage is affected by the downloading of games and also about their low payment threshold.

Conclusion: AppKarma vs CashKarma

AppKarma and CashKarma are legitimate and trustworthy sites owned by the same company.

According to our deep findings and insights, both goods have comparable features. The only contradiction is in their earning opportunity and reward point systems.

If you like to earn in a fun way by playing games, AppKarma is worth it for you, or you can choose CashKarma if you want to earn rewards through surveys.

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