Is TradeStation app safe? [5 Things to Know Before Sign Up]

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“TradeStation is a professional broker-dealer that empowers investors or traders to take advantage of their financial assets with its advanced trading technology, online brokerage services, and education.”

But as the popularity of trading apps gains hype, there is also a need to understand their safety measures first. TradeStation is one of the trading platforms that stands out as an excellent tool for traders.

We find TradeStation a safe and reliable platform, as it is regulated by the top-tier SEC and FINRA in the US.

So, in this article, we will discuss whether the Is TradeStation app safe or not for trading, the core aspects of TradeStation safety protocols and their security features, as well as how you can protect yourself.

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Is TradeStation app safe and legit?

Yes, TradeStation is a safe and legitimate platform.

TradeStation is a US trading app that, since 1982, has made a strong record in the industry by proving itself a reliable stockbroker. It offers you commission-free trades with transparent trading fees.

To protect you from scams TradeStation is registered with top-tier SEC and FINRA, which gives a secure layer and safeguards your brokerage accounts.

TradeStation security measures:

TradeStation uses plenty of secure technologies and other internal safety measures, so you can access your account anytime with confidence.

Here’s how TradeStation works to protect your brokerage account:

TradeStation app security: They developed sophisticated tools to provide anti-fraud and anti-money laundering protection. Your account is monitored 24/7 by a highly trained specialist to alert you whenever they find any suspicious activity.

TradeStation app encryption: They will provide you with complete mobile safety and website protection by using 256-bit data encryption (TLS/SSL).

TradeStation data protection: Every time you log in, you will get customer alerts when any changes are recorded in your account, like login credentials or personal information.

Strict privacy policies: TradeStation implemented strict privacy policies to give you security over the information they collect. TradeStation is committed to never sharing your non-public information with any third-party app other than their securities affiliate’s clearing firm(s) without your permission.

TradeStation app login security: You have to pass through a strong validation check whenever you login to your account with a username or password. To give you more safety, TradeStation websites and mobile trading applications include a timeout feature, limited login attempts, and secure website verification (EV SSL security certificates).

Advanced Firewalls: Tradestation sets up advanced hardware and software firewalls to protect your account from fraudulent parties trying to access their systems or your account.

Compare TradeStation security features with E*TRADE which is a more safe trading platform.

How do you protect your TradeStation account itself?

Boost your TradeStation account security now by taking a few crucial steps:

TradeStation app two-factor authentication: It is an additional security feature that pops up in the client center that gives you more security when you log in to your account, like having to provide a 6-digit code when accessing an untrusted device.

Update accurate account information: You should get notified immediately of any suspicious activity detected in your account. Always maintain accurate account information.

Mobile Security Software: To give your account an extra layer of protection from malware, viruses, and spyware, install mobile security software on your device. It is helpful to provide security in the event of theft or losing a device.

Avoid phishing attacks: When someone asks you for your sensitive information through email or another communication method, it is phishing. To protect your account, avoid giving such information to untrusted websites or third parties.

Use spam email filtering software: In online scams, email is one of those that comes from trusted devices. To protect yourself, first, filter these emails to detect any spam. Also, avoid clicking on any links attached to the email.

TradeStation vulnerability policy: TradeStation is committed to giving you full security, but in case you find any vulnerability in its products, email them at, including information regarding the vulnerability, steps to reproduce the issue, and proof of your findings.

You can also check trading alternatives like CountingUp, Albert, Zingeroo, and Public app.

Safety of funds: Is your money safe with TradeStation?

The safety of your funds is important for TradeStation. It is a member of SIPC, which protects your securities up to $500,000, including $250,000 for cash claims.

TradeStation will give you SIPC protection coverage only for securities and for cash kept in connection with the buying or sale of securities, equities, and equities options accounts.

If you want an explanatory brochure, you will get it on request or at the SIPC official site

SIPC protection is not available for your TradeStation crypto accounts.

Let’s take a brief snapshot of TradeStation, which further demonstrates its legitimacy and safety to you. 

Overview: About Tradestation

Country of regulationUSA
Stock trading feeCommission-free trade
Minimum deposit$0
Mobile appAvailable on both iOS and Android devices.
Products offeringGet customer support via email, phone, and text.
Available base currenciesUSD, CAD,GBP, SGD, AUD, HKD,CHF, JPY, EUR.
Research & EducationIt gives you access to strong advanced free learning, research and tools.
Customer supportGet customer support via email, phone and text.

Conclusion: Why is TradeStation considered a safe app?

TradeStation is a safe and secure platform regulated by the SEC and FINRA that offers low trading fees, research, and educational tools.

TradeStation can be considered a safe app because it has a clean track record, is regulated by top-tier regulators, and is transparent in its services.


Is TradeStation safe to use?

TradeStation uses secure technologies and other internal measures to ensure that you can access your account confidently every time.

Is TradeStation good for day trading?

For serious investors and day traders, TradeStation is the best choice. Among its users are hedge funds, family offices, and proprietary trading desks of investment banks.

Why choose TradeStation?

In comparison to other full-service online brokers, TradeStation offers the best stock, ETF, and options commissions.

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