Zingeroo Sign Up Bonus: Start earning $25 when you join

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Experience trading in a social, pleasing and interactive way with Zingeroo! Giving you start up of a $25 sign up bonus for new users.

Zingeroo distributes the audience a commission free equity trading platform allows you to make competitive investments with your friends. It also provides educational or learning gadgets in contrast to competing with top investors worldwide.

Join the Zingeroo app and get a $25 Zingeroo Sign Up Bonus and start investing in it. Read the article below to get more about Zingeroo’s competitive investing application.

Zingeroo Bonus

Zingeroo Info

Zingeroo brings a friendly competition in stock trading, with an ambition to smash the traditional ways of trading and make investing more social, competing and educational.

Invest with your friends, get your clout by competing for your shares, having 0% commission fees. Engage with the Zingeroo educational tools, get in the zone and let the leaderboard track your performance, then you rank accordingly.

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You can be expertise in trading by going through these three set goals of Zingeroo:

  • Invest: Make an investment in stocks, crypto, EFTs or others you want, purchase the one or more with no commission fee.
  • Connect: Make your connections and build up your own strategies. Take guides from the top investors or educational tools. And display it on Bullpen.
  • Compete: Compete with your friends for shares, update your portfolio, get the position in the Zingeroo zone and achieve a high rank.
Zingeroo Offer

Zingeroo Sign Up Bonus— Earn $25 Welcome Reward

Zingeroo gives their audience some pennies when they open a brokerage account with it. When they get verified for the account, they are likely to get a $25 sign up bonus within 5 business days.

Connect with Zingeroo through a referral link. Once you create a successful account or after Z-Squared verification, you can get a Zingeroo $25 sign up bonus.

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Steps To Earn Zingeroo $25 Sign Up Bonus

  1. Download the app or click the mentioned link to sign up for Zingeroo.
  2. Create your brokerage account by filling in the correct information.
  3. After the account verification, you can get access to a $25 sign up bonus. Zingeroo does not demand you to deposit any amount of money, the only condition is to open an approved brokerage account with it.
  4. Start your trading! Within 5 business days, you have the bonus in your account.

Zingeroo Zones

Zingeroo is owned by Zoe Barry, who creates a friendly competition in stock trading. It has an optional free event called Zingeroo Zones. You can join the for which you can eligible for and compete with others. It analyzes what position your portfolio stands.

Zingeroo Zones description:

Portfolio Zone: Get in the zone by filling in your whole portfolio. Start competing with your friends and others with real efforts. You can climb the live leaderboard and get a high rank (all your available stocks and options positions analysis for your ranking).

Pick’ Em Zone: You have an opportunity to put three positions against others. The live leaderboard will track only the performance of these three positions for a specific time.

Verticals: You can check your skills against others for specific positions like Fitness, Tech, Energy and Finance. You can track up where you rank.

Bullpen: Bullpen gives you the option to target the selected audience in a Bullpen, putting your skills against them in a Bullpen network. It is best if you want a crew only competition.

Is Zingeroo Save?

Yes, Zingeroo is a save or legitimate app which offers competitive equity stock trading in the markets. It is authorized by the Z-Squared securities LLC, which provides stock, crypto, EFTs or more trading on over 5000 tickers.

Zingeroo is creating its site more enchanting by updating or enhancing the products regularly. It provides you with 24/7 support or you can email them at support@zingeroo.com.

The Bottom Line

Zingeroo offers the audience an equity trading platform. You can make your personal profile in a minute and begin your trading with stock, EFTs, crypto and more options with a 0% commission fee. You can track your performance or check your rank on a live leaderboard.

For the start up, Zingeroo gives you a $25 sign up bonus, you have to create a verified account and can avail Zingeroo Sign Up Bonus.

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