Is ETrade app safe?

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“ETRADE is an electronic trading platform that offers you the opportunity to trade financial assets. With it, you can buy and sell EFTs, mutual funds, and options with ease. Beginners will find many features and learning options, while it also provides advanced trading tools for experienced traders.”

E*TRADE is a trustworthy platform, acquiring 5.2 million users and having assets of $360 billion. The users are satisfied with the E*TRADE mobile trading app and entrust their investments and personal information to E*TRADE.

But how does E*TRADE implement encryption to safeguard user data? What are the safety features available to users on the E*TRADE platform? And how transparent is E*TRADE about its cybersecurity policies and practices? Let’s explore the article.

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E*TRADE: Pros & Cons

Commission-free stock tradingHigh margin rates
Using 256-bit encryptionCryptocurrency is not available
Friendly interfaceFriendly interface
Giving an excellent protection guarantee in any fraud caseFees are required for options trading and some mutual funds

E*TRADE Safety: Key Takeaway

  • E*TRADE gives you a complete fraud protection guarantee.
  • Giving you two-factor authentication.
  • Cybersecurity gives them a rating of “A” with an 836 out of 950 score.
  • Facial ID or fingerprint biometric protection.
  • Any financial loss due to a cyberattack on the company isn’t incurred by you.

Is ETRADE app safe?

Yes, E*TRADE is a safe and secure app. It is part of the Securities Investors Protection Corporation (SIPC), which provides you with security measures to protect your account and data.

It is a well-established brokerage firm that gives you a transparent fee structure and commission-free trading.

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Overview: What is E*TRADE?

E*TRADE is a US stock trading platform, a subsidiary of Morgan Stanley. Gives you low trading fees with free stock and ETF trading. You will also experience plenty of high-quality research tools. Here we cover a quick E*TRADE platform review:

Mobile trading apps: Both the E*TRADE Mobile and Power E*TRADE Mobile apps give you likely access to advanced, rich features. E*TRADE Mobile focuses on casual matters, while Power E*TRADE is developed for advanced trading.

Investment options: E*TRADE investment options include stocks, funds, bonds, futures, and options. This brokerage firm also works to provide more technical tools and educational webinars.

E*TRADE doesn’t allow access to cryptocurrency check Phemex for it.

Commission and fees: E*TRADE is a commission-free trading app that costs you $0.00 (no trading fees) for regular stocks, EFTs, and mutual fund trading. But for options trading, you are charged $0.65 per contract.

Education & Research: To get in-depth market analysis, you will get the best market research tools like web charts and stock reports every day. It also acknowledges you via its learning center, where you can get trading education from 25 E*TRADE educational webinars offered each month.

Safety: E*TRADE Security Measures:

When you are signing up with any online trading platform, it is crucial to consider the security options and safety features that it takes to protect your account and data.

Here are the safety features available to users on the E*TRADE platform:

Mobile app security: You will be provided with a six-digit code to login to your investment and trading accounts. E*TRADE is a separate app that gives you unique IDs and passwords.

Biometric logins: To give you account protection, fingerprint or face ID logins are available to you.

Hardware token: This will automatically generate a six-digit code every 60 seconds. When you login to your E*TRADE account, you need a unique code, user ID, token, and password.

Using 256-bit encryption: E*TRADE is using 256-bit encryption, which is military-grade, to protect your sensitive and personal information so it can’t be harmed by a third-party app.

Safety for failed logins: When failed attempts are made to login to your account, these safety features activate and block access to your account. 

Note: E*TRADE also educates you to take some security measures to protect your account more effectively.

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E*TRADE Cybersecurity Score:

According to the cybersecurity reviewer UpGuard, E*TRADE is a secure online trading platform with an “A” rating and a score of 836 out of 950.

UpGuard analyzed all the factors—website security, email security, network security, and more—and then marked it as a safe trading app.

Is your money safe with E*TRADE?

Your money is safe from any fraud. E*TRADE gives you a complete protection guarantee by partnering with SIPC, SEC, and FINRA.

Your funds are protected with up to $500,000 in cash. E*TRADE also provides you with extra coverage through Lloyd’s of London, which extends to $1 billion.


E*TRADE is one of the best trading platforms that offers new investors the opportunity to start their journey with educational learning and is also a good place for experienced investors to trade with technical tools.

E*TRADE takes plenty of security measures to ensure online security and account and data protection, giving you a clear fraud protection guarantee.

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