ETRADE Sign-Up Bonus [7 Easy Steps]

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Get a $3,500 ETrade sign-up bonus by opening a new, eligible brokerage account.

“ETRADE is a brokerage firm that offers online trading to trade financial assets. You can easily invest in US-listed stock, EFTs, mutual funds, and more.”

If you’re ready to open an account with E*TRADE, you can relish E-Trade incentives as well by making a qualifying deposit.

Applying the latest E*TRADE promo code and getting a chance to win $600 or more up to $3,500 by funding your new brokerage account.

Let’s get deep into the details and explore the E*TRADE cash bonus and also shed light on the bonus eligibility criteria to get E-Trade promotions successfully.

ETRADE Sign-Up Bonus: A Comprehensive Guide

You get an online trading bonus when you open a new E*TRADE brokerage account by using the offer link or promo code.

E*TRADE trading account promotions offer you a cash bonus, whether you are a new customer or an existing one who wants to open a new account. By following the specific bonus criteria, you will both be rewarded with an E-Trade cash bonus.

ETRADE New Customer Sign Up Bonus: Get $600–$3,500

If you are an E*TRADE new customer and want to sign up with one E*TRADE brokerage account, you can enroll in this offer. 

You need to apply the E*TRADE referral code and fund the account with the required amount within the 60-day expiration period to receive cash credit.

Once you deposit the amount, like $200,000, in your new account, you will receive a $600 cash credit within 7 business days, followed by 60 days. 

You also get an additional reward if you deposit more to reach a higher tier and get a second cash deposit within 60 days. 

For example, if you first deposit $250,000, you will get a cash credit of $600, and if you make your second deposit of $300,000 within 60 days, you will get an additional reward of $600 at the end of the offer expiration. In total, you will receive $1,200 in cash credit. 

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You will get the amount according to the deposit amount as shown in the table.

Deposit RequiredCash Credit

Navigating the Fine Print: E*TRADE Bonus’s Terms

  • Only new customers are eligible for the offer who do not have any existing accounts with E-Trade.
  • If you’re enrolled in this offer, you do not get access to open another E*TRADE account for 60 days. 
  • The offer period is 60 days, and you have to deposit the amount within the promotional period. 
  • You will receive a cash credit within 7 business days.
  • Cash credit will be transferred to the account where the deposits are made.
  • This offer is only valid until 12/31/2023.

E*TRADE Existing Customers or New Customers Sign Up Bonus: Open more than one account.

If you are an existing user and want to open a new account or a new customer who wants to open more than one account within 60 days, you can enroll in this offer. 

You have to use the E*TRADE promo code to be eligible for the reward. 

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Get a $1,200 E*TRADE Cash Bonus:

To receive $1,200 in cash credit, you need to deposit $500,000 or more in your new account within a 60-day window, and during the same period you funded $500,000 into another eligible account from which you linked, you will get $600 into your new account or $600 into your linked account.

In total, you will receive a $1,200 reward within 7 business days after the end of the 60-day promotional period.

Get a $2,500 E*TRADE Cash Bonus:

You will receive up to a $2,500 ETRADE sign-up bonus when you deposit $1,000,000 into your new account and $1,000,000 more into the other eligible account you linked within 60 days. You will receive $600 in your new account and $1,900 in your other eligible account.

In total, you will get $2,500 in E*TRADE account rewards in 7 business days, followed by the end of the 60 days.

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Get a $3,500 E*TRADE Cash Bonus:

To get $3,500 in E*TRADE cash credits, you need to fund your new account with $1,500,000 within a 60-day window. During the same period, deposit $1,500,000 into your existing account or another eligible account, and then you will get $600 into your new account and $2,900 into another account.

In total, you will get a $3,500 cash credit within 7 days after the promotion ends. 

The Fine Print: ETRADE Sign-Up Bonus Terms & Conditions

  1. Must be transferred new funds and securities within a 60-day window.
  2. Removing funds from the account during the promotional period may reduce your reward.
  3. This offer is not valid for business or retirement accounts.
  4. You can enroll in one offer at a time. 
  5. E*TRADE has the right to cancel this offer at any time. 

Steps to claim the ETRADE Sign-up bonus:

Here’s the step-by-step guide to qualifying for the ETRADE sign-up bonus:

  1. Set up a new E*TRADE Brokerage account. 
  2. Use the promo code while opening an account. Apply the promo code once for one account. 
  3. Now deposit the above-mentioned amount into your account within 60 days. 
  4. Cash credit will be transferred to your account according to the deposits of new amounts or securities you made from the other account within the next 60 days. 

Note: For any queries or complications, you can seek the support of the service by calling 800-387-2331.

Conclusion: Making the Most of E*TRADE’s Sign-Up Incentives

E*TRADE is a leading investing platform and brokerage firm that offers you the opportunity to trade financial assets.

Currently, by joining the E*TRADE online trading platform, you can enroll in the promotional offer by applying, and by depositing the required funds, you can get up to $3,500 in E*TRADE cash credit. You can find all the welcome bonus details in the article.

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