Public Sign Up Bonus: Join and earn $300 free stock

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If you have an inclination towards investment, then Public application must be a good choice for it. You attain many benefits as a Public user by just signing up. You can get up to $300 instant free stock in your balance.

Public is a stock trading platform which offers investments without any commission. You achieve the right route by following other investors on Public and investing your money in stocks, crypto and EFTs.

The Public social Investing site gives you the prospect of earning a Public Sign Up Bonus and Public Referral Bonus. Read the guide below to avail these bonus opportunities.

earn $300 on Public Referral

About Public App

The Public is served as an all-embracing box for the audience as you have free hand to invest in Crypto, EFTs, Treasuries, Stocks or Alternative Assets with any amount of money on one platform.

The Public does not charge you any commission fee, you can polish yourself by following expertise investors on the Public app. You get updated about the entire social trading happening in the markets.

It Is a user friendly US-based app founded in 2019, with a vision to unlock access to social trading markets for investors.

Public Sign Up Bonus— Earn $300 Free Stock

Public app gives new users a $300 free stock to earn. By applying for any referral link, you can get an opportunity to win a random bonus worth up to $3 to $300 depending on the funds you deposit in your Public account.

Public Free Stock earnings

Follow the steps to earning a $300 Public Sign Up Bonus:

How To Claim a $300 Public Sign Up Bonus?

  1. Download the app or use this link to sign up for Public.
  2. Begin the sign up procedure and open a successful brokerage account with Public investing.
  3. Don’t forget to apply to any Public referral code for signing up.
  4. Transfer your funds into a newly made Public account. It must be at least $20.
  5. After that, you will be able to get a free slice of stock as a bonus.

Note: You will receive random reward reflected on market movements. Most of the Public users, about 95%, received a reward of $1, 4.9% of the audience received a reward of $5 and about 0.1% became eligible to earn the highest reward of $300.

Public Referral Bonus— Give & Get $300

When you become a user of Public you also have a deal to earn money through the Public Referral Program. You can earn a free slice of stock value of $300 when a referee makes a successful brokerage account and funds it.

Your friend (referee) gets a reward as well by opening an account with a unique referral link.

All US residences can apply for the referral program by following these steps:

How To Claim a $300 Public Referral Bonus?

  1. Open the app and login to your Public account.
  2. Search for the referral tab to invite friends on your home screen.
  3. Click the button to copy your special Public Referral Code or Link.
  4. Send this copied link to your family and friends.
  5. The referee applies your link or code for signing up and makes a deposit of maximum $20 in an account.
  6. You will both be eligible to receive a referral reward of $300.

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Public Features

To make the public a unique investing platform for the US audience, it includes exclusive features to the site. Some of them are explained beneath it:

Fractional Shares: Public apps allow you to purchase fractional shares no matter whether you are interested in stocks, crypto, EFTs or more assets, you have the opportunity to purchase fractional shares.

Commission-Free Investing: Public is in those platforms which offers you a commission free trading. It does not charge you for any funds or wire transfers.

Keep You Updated About Stock Market: You get a time to time update about what’s happening in the stock market, crypto, EFTs or more ups and downs of social trading networks.

Let You To Learn: Public also has educational content for beginners about all the investing strategies. It includes feeds about entire programs and gives you basics to reach any experience level.


Public app is an investing platform which offers fractional trading to all the audience around the US and also gives you promotional deals to earn bonus rewards.

The Public currently has a $300 sign up and referral deal for their audience. You can get this bonus or other Public benefits by investing in it.

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