Is XE Money Transfer Legit? [Updated Security Measures for 2024]

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XE Money Transfer is the only landing place for all your currency exchange and international money transfers within 35+ countries. It provides you with a simple, fast, and secure way to send and receive money.

If you also want to transfer money directly to your friends and family with XE, you must read about XE money transfer customer experiences and XE money transfer legitimacy to find out if XE money transfer is right for you.

Here in this article, we break down everything to make sure XE Money Transfer i legit, including its security features, ratings, and reviews, which means we will deliver you the complete XE Money Transfer international coverage.

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Introduction to XE Money Transfer:

Here we cover some quick guidelines about the XE Money Transfer mobile app you can go through:

XE Money Transfer User Interface: XE provides a simple and user-friendly interface. Available to customers in 11 languages and compatible with iOS and Android devices.

XE Money Transfer Fees: There are no XE Money Transfer hidden charges; the fees usually depend upon the payment method you used. Like a debit card, you charge a 0.4% fee (on transfers above $2,000), a credit card charges 2.99% of the full amount, and a wire transfer charges a zero fee.

XE Money Transfer Exchange Rates: You can use the XE currency converter, which shows the mid-market currency exchange rate. This is the overall rate, but XE gives you an exchange rate including the percentage margin.

XE Money Transfer Speed of Service: Most of the payments made with XE are completed on the same day when they receive money from the bank. But the mentioned timings on the XE that you receive in 1 to 4 business days.

XE Money Transfer Limits: With XE, you can send and receive up to 535,000 USD or the currency equivalent to it. If you are interested in XE money transfer don’t forget to check XE coupons and deals.

Is XE Money Transfer Legit?

Yes, XE Money Transfer is a fully licensed and established business wherever it operates around the globe.

XE is a trusted and safe app that uses standard anti-fraud measures to keep their customers’ funds secure and prevent them from being scammed.

It has been in the currency business for 30 years and is owned by the multibillion-dollar NASDAQ-listed company Euronet Worldwide (EEFT), which is regulated by standard security measures used by the industry.

Your money and data are the XE’s top priorities, and we are committed to creating the perfect transfer experience for you.

You can also check the legitimacy of popular app TEMU here.

XE Money Transfer Security Measures:

XE money transfer privacy policies and security features safeguard your account and money. Here’s how XE money transfer security works:

  • Data Protection: XE Money Transfer shows transparency in collecting, processing, and storing your data. All your personal information and data is secured with XE money transfer authenticity.
  • Account Verification: XE Money Transfer account verification is secure and gives you two-factor authentication (2FA) and a biometric verification system, which ensures that your transactions and data are protected.
  • Security Operations: To provide you with a secure and trusted connection XE teams monitor 24/7 to detect any suspicious activity or give you scam alerts.

It takes time-to-time security scans, internal and external checks, and independent auditors for penetration tests, susceptibility scans, and other XE reliability checks.

For more check the XE money transfer regulatory compliance on its official website.

XE Money Transfer Reviews and Ratings:

XE money transfer reviewed and rated by many sites. Here we cover some XE Money Transfer Reviews (2023):

XE money transfer receives 64,757 reviews and 4.3 out of 5-star ratings on Trustpilot.

“Trustpilot is one of the relevant platforms on which the XE money transfer users share feedback about the service.”

In 4.3 ratings, 81% of the customers are satisfied with the XE service, giving it 5 stars, which is considered the “great” rating scale. Only 5% of the customers gave 1 star to the XE money transfer.

Real Customer Experience with XE Money Transfer:

What do the customers say about the XE money transfer service? XE money transfer customers share their experience after analyzing the XE money transfer performance completely.

Most of the customers recommend XE Money Transfer Service due to its reasonable rates, verified transactions, personal transfers, speed of transfer, cheap rates, and more.

One of the customers reviewed said that he got excellent and reasonable rates on transfers for GBP to Euros; one was satisfied with its speedy transactions and received it on the same day in just 5 hours; some showed satisfaction with XE customer service; and many customers experienced ease of use with XE Money international transfers.

XE Money Transfer vs. Competitors: A Comparison

XE vs. Xoom:

Xoom is an international money-transfer platform similar to XE. It allows you to send money in four different ways globally, including cash pickups. In comparison, XE allows you to send to a wide range of countries in 65+ currencies and gives you updates about rate alerts.

XE vs. Wise:

Wise is also an international money transfer service that allows you to send and receive money from many countries, like XE, and gives you cheap exchange rates without any markup. But XE comparatively offers a broad range of countries and also allows you to pick up money from thousands of businesses.

Also check! Is Wise money transfer legit.

Summary: Verdict on XE Money Transfer Legitimacy

In conclusion, XE money transfer is a safe and reliable platform to receive and send money internationally.

It is a good pick if you want to transfer globally with fast service and more features. XE is also a verified and trusted site that has designed many security measures to keep your account and data protected.

This article gives you the complete roadmap for the XE Money Transfer Legitimacy Review.


is XE money transfer safe?

Yes, XE Money Transfer is indeed a legitimate company

Is Xe a good app to transfer money?

Xe Money Transfer is safe and reliable and lets you send payments online or in-app, to 130+ countries from the US. There’s not usually a fee if you’re paying with a bank transfer or wire – although your payment must be of 3,000 USD or more to access this option.

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