CSL Plasma Coupon Code: Get $500 Instantly when you Sign Up

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Grab all the latest CSL Plasma coupons here! Apply the updated CSL Plasma Coupon Code 2023 and get up to $500 on your donations Now.

Become a Plasma Donor and get rewarded for your generosity— Donating to CSL Plasma helps them process 24 critical, life-saving medicines that can lead tens of thousands of people worldwide to live healthy lives.

CSL Plasma paid you for your donation— By signing in with a $100 CSL Plasma Coupon Code you will get a sign-up bonus on your first donation, and you can get up to $500 on your first-month donations with a CSL Plasma Coupon Code.

CSL Plasma $50 Coupon Code— CSL Plasma also has a referral program for their kind donors. By joining it, you will earn a $50 Referral Bonus on each referral.

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CSl Plasma Offer

About CSL Plasma:

What is CSL Plasma? CSL Plasma is the Largest Collectors of Human Plasma in the world and works to normalize the lives of about ten thousand people and give them a better and healthier lifestyle.

CSL Plasma is a subsidiary of CSL Behring and a part of the CSL Group of companies, with more than 300 CSL Plasma centers in the US, China, and Europe. 

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Why do I donate to CSL Plasma?

“Plasma is a coloured liquid that carries red and white blood cells and many other important nutrients, antibodies, and platelets, which makes it a necessity for our body.”

By donating plasma to CSL Plasma, you help them to originate life-saving therapies that deal with fatal diseases of the body such as hereditary angioedema, bleeding, inherited respiratory diseases, and neurological diseases.

CSL Plasma Sign up Bonus

CSL Plasma Coupon Codes— Get up to $500 OFF Coupon Codes

Get the latest CSL Plasma Coupon Code, grab all the discounts and promotional offers, and save money while participating in a noble cause. 

Here is the list of the latest CSL Plasma Coupon Code September 2023:

  • H6LDS0SEFM” —CSL Plasma New Donor Promo Code
  • 01LFCPZ27P” —CSL Plasma $100 Coupon Code 2023
  • P1L8KXF0KX” —CSL Plasma $500 Coupon Code
  • H6LDS0SEFM” —CSL Plasma Referral Code
  • (SILE5TCTAE)” —CSL Plasma $50 Coupon Code.
  • EGLHUUUB41” —CSL 5000 points Coupon Code (earn 5000 points by donating twice).
  • D0L5FNEZIZ” — Earn 500 CSL Plasma iGive Reward Points.
  • No code needed— $70 Off on your all order st CSL Plasma.
  • AMAZON5” — 35% Off Coupon Code on your next Plasma Purchase with Amazon

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CSL Plasma Sign Up Promotion— Get $100 New User Coupon Code

Apply the “H6LDS0SEFM $100 CSL Coupon Code and receive a bonus on your first donation. CSL Plasma gives its new donors a $100 sign-up bonuswhen they apply an appropriate CSL Plasma promo code.

Requirements for Plasma Donation at CSL Plasma:

  • Good health condition.
  • Age 18 to 69 years old.
  • Weight must be 110 pounds (body has no tattoos).
  • Identity card.
  • Residential address.
  • Social security number (SNN).

Steps to get $100 CSL Plasma Sign-Up Bonus:

  1. Visit this link to find the CSL Plasma Donation Centre nearest you. 
  2. You have to verify all the required details mentioned above. 
  3. Now, the CSL team will do a health checkup to see if you can donate or not. 
  4. If you are capable of donating, you have to relax as the CSL Plasma team works to collect your plasma.
  5. The process is lengthy and takes more than an hour to complete; it is called plasmapheresis.
  6. Once you’re done! You will be able to collect your CSL Plasma Coupon reward on a prepaid card.

Attention: If you are new at CSL Plasma, you can receive over $500 on your first month with CSL Plasma Donations. 

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CSL Plasma Referral Promotion— Get Unlimited $50

Want to earn more with CSL Plasma donations? Share your CSL Plasma $50 Coupon Code and earn reward on each invite.

CSL Plasma gives you a $50 Referral Bonus when you invite people to CSL Plasma with a unique CSL Plasma referral code. The referee earns $5 as well.

CSL Plasma Referral bonus

Steps to get $50 CSL Plasma Referral Bonus:

  1. Go to the app and login to your CSL Plasma account. 
  2. Click on the “invite” option and copy your referral code to share.
  3. Send your CSL coupon code to your friends.
  4. Once they apply and complete their first Plasma donation, you will receive your reward. 

No Limitations: CSL Plasma does not set any limits to the referral; you can share as much as you can and receive unlimited $50 CSL Plasma Coupon rewards. 

Earn with CSL Plasma iGive Rewards:

CSL Plasma has developed an iGive Rewards Program that lets users earn loyalty points, which they can redeem for cashback.

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CSL Plasma offers another incredible deal for its users: they can earn loyalty points every time they donate, which they can redeem for fast cash, gift cards, or more.

CSL Plasma Bonus Card

4 ways to earn iGive Reward Points:

  • By donating plasma.
  • By referring friends to CSL Plasma. 
  • By completing surveys. 
  • By participating in certain promotions in the centre.

If you want to withdraw your iGive Rewards, you have the Fast Cash Order option, and you can request a $200 amount per order. After your request, you will receive the money in 24-48 hours. 

Rewards Expiring Alert: If you have iGive Reward points, you must donate plasma within 30 days or log into your account within 180 days of inactivity. Otherwise, your points expire.


Overall, CSL Plasma works at its best when committed to providing life-saving therapies with your donated plasma. And it offers you an incredible lineup of deals, coupons, and discounts. It can be a great way to save money while saving lives. 

CSL Plasma offers special deals, discounts, coupons, and exclusive perks for its returning donors through its Returning Donors Extra Bonus Payouts Program, amazing.

Moreover, as a CSL Plasma donor, you will receive a prepaid CSL Plasma Card from Bank of America. You receive all your CSL Plasma compensation for your donations on this card. 

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