Review Of AIG Travel Insurance big offer for 2023

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 Do we buy travel insurance when we go on vacation? If we do, congrats—we’re very smart! But if we don’t, we really ought to. When we travel, whether for business or pleasure, we all expect nothing awful or slightly negative will happen to us. But this is one of those instances where having it rather than needing it is preferable.

That is why getting travel insurance is a wise decision. The benefits outweigh the low cost by a wide margin.

AIG Travel Guard is among the greatest businesses that provide travelers with travel insurance. Most issues and problems we’re likely to face when traveling is covered by AIG Travel Guard, which is reasonably priced.

AIG travel Insurance

This article, “Reviews Of AIG Travel Insurance,” provides us with all the important information about this Insurance. After discovering all the advantages of purchasing AIG travel insurance, we’ll never wish to travel without it again.

What is AIG Travel Insurance?

Travelers can get Insurance through AIG Travel Guard. Purchasing an insurance policy from AIG is a wise choice whether we frequently travel, infrequently, or never, inside the country or abroad, for the company or fun.

This provider covers everything that could go wrong and ruin our trip. Our trip might not go as planned because AIG has no control over that, but at most, we can feel secure knowing that we’ll be compensated if something goes wrong.

AIG is a fantastic option for travel insurance due to its extensive industry knowledge. Over six million passengers choose to get travel insurance via AIG each year, making it the country’s most popular travel insurance company.

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They provide comprehensive and all-encompassing coverage, and they react quickly to claims.


  • Provides security evacuation coverage for issues like political unrest and natural disasters for up to $100,000 at our location.
  • Generous $1 million in medical evacuation insurance.
  • Includes reimbursement for travel inconveniences caused by various problems, including closed attractions, ship diversions, bedbug infestations, and more.
  • Generous $2,500 baggage loss insurance.
  • Offers customized service to assist with making restaurant reservations, booking tee times, ordering flowers, and more.


  • It is possible to upgrade to “Cancel for Any Reason,” but it costs only 50% of the trip cost, as opposed to 75% mostly from opponents.
  • Although $100,000 in medical coverage is less than top competitors, it may be adequate for our requirements.
  • Despite having a high average cost, the Plan is loaded with bonuses.

Reviews of AIG Travel Insurance Plans

We have a wide range of coverage options to pick from. Travelers like we can get international support with AIG travel insurance coverage. Here is a summary of their strategies.

1. Deluxe Plan

The Deluxe package provides broad coverage, round-the-clock travel access, and international help services. Additionally, it covers amenities like emergency travel support, trip interruption insurance, trip delayed Insurance, emergency evacuation insurance, and luggage coverage.

2. Preferred Plan

Additionally, the Preferred Plan offers new and extended coverage options that might provide us with greater protection. We will access coverage options, including emergency services, travel cancellation, medical evacuation insurance, and more!

3. Essential Plan

The Essential Plan for travel insurance is for those on a tight budget. It is a fantastic choice for domestic or business travelers who only need minimal coverage. Additionally, we can purchase extras like travel insurance for pre-existing diseases.

4. Pack N’ Go Plan

Who doesn’t enjoy a last-minute, impromptu plan? The Pack N’ Go Plan provides post-departure, AIG travel cancellation, and 24-hour emergency travel coverage.

5. Annual Travel Plan

The Annual Plan would cover our expenditures for a trip, whether for pleasure or work. All year round, we can obtain crucial coverage for tours.

6. Travel Guard Plus

The Travel Guard Plus is a component of the AIG yearly travel plans. It is intended for travelers who desire a thorough and comprehensive package in addition to extra services like Adventure Sports. It is the best choice if we want medical and trip cancellation insurance.

7. Medevac Per-Trip Plan

Going for a long trip abroad? For journeys lasting up to 365 days, the Medevac Per Trip Plan offers evacuation protection and international medical. Even the expense of hospital transportation and security evacuation services are covered.

8. Travel Guard Annual Travel Insurance

AIG travel guard insurance for numerous travels is included in the Annual Plan. It is ideal for travelers who wish to pay for all of their annual journeys, whether they are doing so for work or pleasure.

9. Rental Vehicle Damage Coverage

This reasonably priced Rental Vehicle Damage plan provides better protection than rental car insurance providers. It offers a primary coverage option of $35,000 or $50,000 for impact damage to rental vehicles. Only a $250 deductible applies to it.

10. Flight Guard

We can choose from five types of coverage, which will protect us against unforeseen mishaps when we board, travel on, or exit the aircraft. Depending on the level of coverage we want, the price ranges from $9 to $45.

11. Travel Guard Silver

The Silver plan is a cost-effective option ideal for leisure and professional travel. Prices begin at $438.

12. Travel Guard Gold

The Gold plan includes various coverage choices, including medical costs, travel cancellation, delay, missed connection, and baggage. Prices begin at $588.

13. Travel Guard Platinum

The Platinum plan provides comprehensive coverage with options for 100% reimbursement. Travelers can navigate the numerous annoyances of travel with the aid of our international assistance program. Prices begin at $706.

Add ons Plan

The Travel Guard Deluxe package offers add-on packs for pet insurance, destination weddings, and adventure travel.

  • When traveling with a dog or cat, the Pet Bundle offers a daily advantage for boarding fees as well as coverage for vet expenses. If our pet becomes critically ill or passes away within seven days of our departure date, it also provides travel canceling and trip interruption insurance.
  • The wedding package includes trip cancellation insurance if the wedding is called off.
  • The Adventure add-on eliminates the exclusions for extreme sports and adventure activities.
  • Among the optional bundles we can purchase with a Travel Guard Preferred plan are a baggage bundle and a medical bundle featuring increased coverage limits. If an attraction is shut, we lock ourselves out of a rental house, our hotel is infected, or there is work going on, we can choose to purchase an “inconvenience bundle” that will reimburse us.

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Cost of AIG Travel Insurance

Costs and travel advantages differ amongst AIG Travel Guard insurance programs. Examples of costs for the AIG Travel Guard Deluxe plan are as follows:

  • Two tourists, both 30 years old, paid $463.04 to travel to Turks & Caicos for a $5,000 trip.
  • $586.76 for two 40-year-old passengers flying to Mexico on a $5,000 trip.
  • Two seniors flying to Greece for a total of $7,000 pay $757.02
  • $965.32 for two elderly passengers traveling to the UK at $5,000.

AIG travel insurance quotes are based on our destination, mode of transportation, date of travel, residence, cost of travel, and some passengers. Check out the AIG payment chart to find out more about their pricing.

Benefits: –

  • protects travelers up to the age of 99
  • Payment-free hospitalization
  • Pre-existing conditions are covered
  • covers pharmaceutical and OPD (Out Patient Department) costs
  • Schengen visa requirements are met.
  • Comprehensive strategy without restrictions

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Customer Service

Customer care for AIG travel insurance is accessible via phone numbers, a mobile app, email, and our online account. Log in to their account to purchase coverage and submit a claim. The customer support phone number for AIG travel insurance is 1-855-203-5962 for domestic calls and 1-715-345-0505 for international calls.

Customer service for AIG Travel Guard has never received any grievances. Due to the COVID problem, filing claims and reimbursements accounted for the majority of complaints in 2020. Their customer support is renowned for being friendly, accommodating, and helpful.

Is AIG have 24/7 Travel Assistance?

Customers of AIG Travel Guard have access to a 24-hour hotline for travel support. Seeking a suitable flight, retrieving missing luggage, finding a nearby doctor, and other issues are all things that the assistance staff can help with.

Final Take

Travel Guard provides a variety of cost-effective, comprehensive options. Knowing that we’re covered by insurance coverage will make us feel secure. They provide the greatest customer service, and the business offers 24/7 services to address our travel-related inquiries.

Travel Guard is ideal for those who desire many choices for their travel insurance policy. Choosing one among their plans is smart if we’re regular travelers who worry about the trip we’re about to take.

Our comprehensive review of AIG Travel Insurance has given us a better understanding of travel insurance.

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