XE Promo Code [7 Easy Steps to Apply and Get $25 Rewards]

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In the world of online shopping, customers have an array of options. With a wide range of products and services available at our fingertips, digital shopping is a delightful experience.

However, what if we told you there’s a way to make this experience even more joyous?

We’re going to reveal the secret to incredible savings today – XE Promo Codes. So grab a coffee and get comfortable.

What are XE Promo Codes?

XE Promo Codes are essentially digital coupons you can use to avail discounts on your purchases from XE. These codes may offer you a percentage discount, cashback, free shipping, or even free gifts.

XE, as a brand, aims to provide an affordable shopping experience to all its customers, and these promo codes are a part of that mission.

XE offers easy international money transfers with no fees on its transactions. You can send to over 130 countries from the United States. The company is so popular, that it processed $115 billion worth of global payments in the past year.

Where to Find XE Promo Codes?

Finding XE Promo Codes is no Herculean task. Here are some of the places you can look for them:

1. XE Website: The company often announces promo codes on its official website, especially during special occasions, holidays, and clearance sales.

2. Email Newsletters: If you subscribe to XE’s email newsletters, you’ll regularly receive updates about new products, deals, and, yes, promo codes!

3. Social Media: XE’s social media pages are another great source of promo codes. Follow them on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay updated.

4. Coupon Sites: Various coupon sites compile a list of active promo codes from different brands, including XE.

5. Affiliate Marketing Blogs: Many bloggers and influencers share exclusive promo codes as part of their partnership with XE.

Steps to Apply XE Promo Code and Get a $25 Bonus

Xe has a sign-up offer for their new customers, giving you $25 when you sign up for an Xe account. But you have to use a valid promo code while signing up, and then fulfill the procedure required to get $25 in your accounts.

To get $25, follow the given procedure as it is:

  1. First, download the Xe app on your phone or you can also get it through your browser.
  2. Then, open it to sign up. It will provide the page where you must register for an account by entering your email or password.
  3. Don’t forget the promo code while signing up.
  4. After that, include the payment details on the site.
  5. Now, you must fulfill the transfer requirement of at least $2000. 
  6. Then you will surely receive an Amazon Gift Card of $25 in your registered account.

Why Choose XE Money Transfer

  • Competitive exchange rates: XE prides itself on offering rates close to the mid-market rate, often beating banks and other money transfer services. While they apply a small markup, it’s generally lower than other providers.
  • Wide range of currencies and countries: You can send money to over 170 countries in more than 65 currencies, making XE a versatile option for international transfers.
  • User-friendly platform: The XE app and website are intuitive and easy to navigate, even for first-time users.
  • Security and reliability: XE is a well-established and trustworthy company with a strong reputation for secure transactions. They are fully licensed and regulated, ensuring your money is protected.
  • Transparent fees: While the exchange rate markup isn’t fully transparent, XE clearly outlines any additional fees associated with your transfer, allowing you to budget accordingly.


XE Promo Codes are a shopping companion you didn’t know you needed. They not only help you save money but also make your shopping experience even more delightful.

So, next time you shop from XE, don’t forget to hunt for promo codes and enjoy the thrill of saving!


What is the referral bonus for Xe?

What reward will we receive? For the refer a friend program, you and the person you refer will receive a $/€/£ £25 gift card by email. For the first-time transfer promotion, you’ll receive a $/€/£ 20 gift card when you send $/€/£ 1000 in one go.

How do I get cash from Xe?

Xe offers customers an easy-to-use digital money transfer service. We don’t offer customers the ability to receive cash.

How long does it take to receive money from Xe?

1 to 4 business days for your transfer to reach your recipient, depending on the currency and destination country of your transfer. 

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