Remit2India Review| Best way to Transfer Money to India in 2023

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Send money to India from USA via Remit2India  

Remit2India Full Review

Let’s talk a little bit about Parents. Parents devote their whole life and money for the happiness and well-being of their children by expecting nothing in return. So, it’s a mere gesture to give them respect and a feeling of pride.

And if you give your first salary to Parents, Feeling of happiness which you will get is incomparable.

I remember the first money transfer to my parents and they still talk about this. Later I transferred much more, I gifted the house to them But first money transfer is always First of Joy and You get it once in a lifetime!

Now Next thing is How to Transfer Money to India from the USA in best ways with the highest rate so let me tell you, These days money transfer has become fast and hassle-free with lots of options, but sometimes lots of options create more confusion.

Hence In this article, I’ll be discussing the best Money transfer applications that an NRI can use for transferring money to India.

And the best Transfer money service (after Xoom and Remitly) is Remit2India, in my opinion. Why Remit2India, so there are two reasons for this: 

Remit2India Review 2019 | Money Transfer to India | USA
Remit2India Review 2019 | Money Transfer to India | USA

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How to transfer money to India from USA? (Full details-Step by Step)

Remit2India provide competitive best exchange rates and zero fees (above $999) with full secure way to transfer money to India 

And another reason is- You don’t have to wait for the best rates with transactions of $ 2,000 unlike Xoom.

Remit2Inida sometime runs a special offer by giving 1 rs. Extra, and that means a lot because you can take maximum benefit for that offer.

With that, I can say Remit2India is another best way you can send money to India.

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Why transfer money to India by Remit2India 

1. It is a completely online money transfer service. For sending money to India from USA, you need to register with them just once. 

2. Post-registration, you can send money to India in only 3 easy steps. You need to add your bank account, select the payment mode, add the receiver details and submit. Money will then be transferred, and you will be notified instantly. There are no fees charged if the sending amount is more than $999.

3. You can refer your friends and family and earn good referral money.

Few Facts about Remit2India:

1. By using with Remit2India, Money can be transferred to India from USA via fast, easy and secure. You can transfer money to India instantly for family needs, investments, EMIs, loan payments and property purchases. 

2. Remit2India offers ACH transfer and wire transfer options for sending money to India from US. Select the best option suitable as per your requirement and send money directly to any bank in India. Instant money transfer service to India enables you to send money instantly. They say that they are the Best way to send money to India from USA and somehow I agree. 

3.Sending money to India is safe and secure. You can send as much as $200,000 at one go without any hassles. 99% folks including me will not send this much but Yes, If you have you can trust for sending your hard earned money to India via because There are strict compliance controls in place to ensure safe delivery of your money. But 200K amount looks like someone joking to me????. 

Why few Negative reviews about Remit2India

Many companies in starting are not 100% stable in terms of customer satisfaction and I am still not sure why Most companies are lacking in this area. 

Because in USA, a trust-based referral is a significant factor. If one person feel cheated then he will tell 10+ people to not to use this service. So in my opinion, that might had happened with Remit2India in their starting phase. But Now service is much smooth. I personally found it is very easy and gives good rate. On Top of that, if our top world cricketer is promoting this, then this service will definitely be good and we can try at least once. In Worst-case, if it is not transferred then it will come back to USA account. Because all money transfer is regulated by government.

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