Apps like Wise: Are there any best Alternatives in 2024

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Wise Money Transfer is an international remittance provider that allows customers to send, spend, hold, and receive money in 50+ currencies from 160+ countries with their multi-currency accounts and linked debit cards. 

Even so, if you’re not finding the Wise money transfer app exactly what your finances require, you might locate more apps for international money transfers or want a few apps like Wise to get an ideal option. 

This comprehensive guide covers alternatives to Wise, formerly TransferWise, whose comparative analysis helps you get the best international money transfer service.

About Wise (formerly TransferWise):

Wise is a financial services company with the expertise to provide cross-border transfers, currency conversion, and international key account services for countries around the globe. 

Services are available for both individuals and businesses.There is no physical branch.   No cash pay-in or pay-out option.
It covers 80+ countries, and with a Wise card, you can access over 175+ countries.Charges you transaction fees depending on how you use your account.  
Hold, exchange, and send balances in 50+ currencies.
Fees are transparent and cheap. There is no markup on mid-market exchange rates.

Here’s an overview of the key features Wise offers:

  • Wise offers you international money transfer services to over 170+ countries in 50+ currencies.
  • You will get the mid-market exchange rates with no markup.
  • Having multi-currency accounts to convert and hold 50+ currencies.
  • It gives you low costs and transparent fees, starting at 0.41% of the transfer value.
  • Mostly, 90% of the payments arrive within 24 hours, but 50% of them arrive instantly.
  • You can transfer as much as you want, but it may be capped at 1 million GBP or equivalent, depending on the currency. 
  • You can also have a Wise debit card.
  • Give personal and business accounts to the customers where the service is available. 
  • You can send money online or through an app. 

Apps like Wise—what are alternatives to Wise transfers?

Here, we compare the top international money transfer services that can serve as an alternative to Wise transfers.

But as Wise provides you with a wide range of services and fulfills the requirements of different sorts of customers, you might find an alternative for Wise international transfers, Wise account and card alternatives, and Wise business account alternatives.

We summarize this hassle for you by covering apps like TransferWise (now Wise) in accordance with the services required by the customers. 

Take an overview of Wise’s main competitors, which describes the key Wise services available to you and which service it is best to use as a Wise alternative.

ProviderSend amount toMulti-currency accountAlternative for
OFX190+ countriesOnly for businessWise money transfer and Wise business
Western Union200+ countriesWise money transfer
RevolutGlobalAvailableWise account & card and Wise business
Remitly170+ countriesWise money transfer
MoneyGram200+ countriesWise money transfer
PayPalGlobalAvailableWise account & card
XE220+ countriesWise money transfer


OFX is the oldest money transfer service that offers you personalized currency risk management solutions from a broker. You can make your international transfers easily online, in-app, or by phone.

Here’s a look at its best features:

Reasons to select OFX as a Wise Alternative: OFX offers you personal and business accounts with no international transfer fees.

Coverage countries & currencies: Transfer up to 190+ countries in over 55 currencies.

Transfer fees & exchange rates: It usually costs no fees for transfers, but exchange rates include mid-market markup.

Transfer limit: You can make high-value payments, but the minimum limit is $1,000 USD.

Speed: 1-2 business days. 

OFX vs. Wise: OFX offers you personal broker services, currency risk management solutions, and fee-free international transfers, while Wise charges you fees on transfers.

More details: Get more details on the OFX website. 

Western Union:

Western Union is the largest and longest-established money transfer service in the world, offering a great range of services that specialize in giving you cash payments.

Here’s a look at its best features:

Reason to select Western Union as a Wise Alternative: giving you cash in and out payments at thousands of locations globally. 

Coverage countries & currencies: 200+ countries and territories.

Transfer fees & exchange rates: Western Union fees depend on the payment type, currency, and country. Its exchange rates also include markup.

Transfer limit & speed: Cash payments are made instantly, but bank transfers take 2–5 business days, and the limit is usually capped at $50,000. 

Western Union vs. Wise: Western Union covers almost all the countries in the world and allows in-person and cash payments, which Wise doesn’t, but it offers low-cost transfers, no markup rates, and multi-currency accounts. 

For more details, check out our guide about Western Union or visit its website.


Revolut is an online banking app with a big name in digital banking, giving you the best-priced international transfers to global bank accounts. 

Here’s a look at its best features:

Reasons to select Revolut as Wise Alternative: Revolut will give you a complete pack of banking services with low-cost international transfers.

Coverage countries & currencies: You can send money in 29+ foreign currencies worldwide.

Transfer fees & exchange rates: You will be charged 0.5%–1.5% on your transfers.

Transfer limit: For most currencies, there is no limit, but for some currencies, a limit may be set by the Revolut payment transfers, which you can see while making transfers.

Speed: The payment method affects the transfer speed; usually, it takes 1 business day.

Revolut vs. Wise: Remitly is transparent with fees and exchange rates, and sometimes it will cost you no fees, but its transfer speed is slow, while 50% of Wise payments arrive instantly.

For more details, check out our complete Revolut guide or visit the website


Remitly is a US-based digital international remittance provider that offers you the cheapest rates and fast service with various payment options. 

Here’s a look at its best features:

Reasons to select Remitly as a Wise Alternative: giving you cheaper service with a cash-pick option. 

Coverage countries & currencies: 170+ countries in 100+ currencies.

Transfer fees & exchange rates: Fees depend on whether you choose a cheap economy payment or a faster express service, and the exchange rate includes markup.

Transfer limit: It may vary by currency, but usually, the minimum limit is $1, and the maximum is $20,000 or equivalent.

Speed: It takes 3-5 business days with economy payment, and with express service payment, it arrives in minutes.

Remitly vs. Wise: Remitly specializes in making small-amount transfers in a selected service (cheaper Economy or faster Express) with cash pick-up options, while Wise specializes in bank transfers at a low cost. 

More details: Get more details on the Remitly website. 


MoneyGram is considered to be the second largest money transfer service in the world, offering you cash payments and home deliveries.

Here’s a look at its best features:

Reasons to select MoneyGram as a Wise Alternative: It’s available to you globally with an extensive agent network.

Coverage countries & currencies: covers 200+ countries and territories.

Transfer fees & exchange rates: If you send 1000 USD to India, you will receive a $2.99 fee with a debit card and a markup on exchange rates. 

Transfer limit: Send up to $25,000 per online transfer from the US to 42 different states. The limits may vary depending on the sender’s bank account. 

Speed: It may vary depending on the payment method, but it usually arrives in minutes. 

MoneyGram vs. Wise: MoneyGram offers you international transfers to almost all the countries worldwide with instant cash pick-ups at high fees, while Wise gives you a transparent fee structure and offers you online transfers.

More details: Check out our guide about MoneyGram or visit the website


XE is a largely established company that offers you the ability to transfer to over 220 countries worldwide, either digitally or via app.

Here’s a look at its best features:

Reasons to select XE as a Wise Alternative: XE will give access to various currency tools and data and cover almost all countries and currencies. 

Coverage countries & currencies: Send over 220 countries in 139+ currencies.

Transfer fees & exchange rates: It depends on which payment method you select; usually, there are no bank or wire transfer fees, but third-party fees and exchange rates may apply. 

Transfer limit: The maximum limit is $535,000, or the minimum limit is 3,000.

Speed: It mostly arrives instantly, or it will arrive in 1-4 business days.

XE vs. Wise: XE gives you global coverage with a broad range of currencies with no cash pick-up available and charges you markup on mid-market rates, while Wise offers no markup on rates and transfers to limited countries.

More details: Check out our guide about XE Transfer or visit the website


PayPal is one of the most popular remittance providers and serves as a convenient way to pay internationally within a few minutes. 

Here’s a look at its best features:

Reasons to select PayPal as Wise Alternative: PayPal gives you the ability to receive instant payments worldwide.

Coverage countries & currencies: You can hold a balance in 25+ currencies and receive money from other PayPal customers across the globe. 

Transfer fees & exchange rates: It costs you high fees for international transfers, up to 5%, and a currency conversion fee of up to 3%–4%.

Transfer limit: The maximum limit for banks is $25,000, and the minimum is $1.00.

Speed: Send and get payment instantly within minutes by using an email address.

PayPal vs. Wise: PayPal, a global remittance provider with a large user base, offers you an easy way to send many different PayPal cards for international use at high fees with a markup rate, while Wise offers you the simplest and most convenient way to send within an available country. 

For more details, check out the guide about PayPal and visit its website.


Here we compare the best sites like Wise for money transfers by considering all the key services Wise offers. You can use our guide to compare Wise to its 7 alternatives and competitor apps to select the best international money transfer provider for you according to the type of transaction you need. 

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