Western Union Referral Bonus: Get a $20 Per referral Unlimited on Sign Up

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Locating a reliable way to make international transfers? Consider Western Union, which allows you to transfer money to over 200 countries across the globe. Now, make your payments quickly via online transfers, in person, and within the app from Western Union.

If you’re ready to open an account with 150 years of trusted money transfer service, you can get a $20 Amazon e-gift code upon signing up by using the Western Union referral link.

Once you enroll, you can register with the Western Union Referral Bonus, which gives you a $20 Amazon.com e-gift code on every successful invite.

In this article, we delve into the complete details of the Western Union Referral Bonus, how to claim it, and the Western Union Referral link or code for signing up.

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Western Union Referral Bonus: Get & Give a $20 Referral Bonus

Get a $20 Amazon.com e-gift code by inviting your friends to Western Union Money Transfer.

You can refer up to 15 friends and earn a reward for every referral when they transfer $100 to their account.

Plus, the referee gets the $20 Amazon e-gift code as well as a sign-up reward.

But what are the steps we follow to get the referral bonus successfully?

Steps to claim the Western Union $20 Amazon e-gift code:

  1. Go to the Western Union Refer a Friend page and login to your account.
  2. Copy the personalized referral link provided by Western Union.
  3. Share your referral link to invite friends to send money.
  4. When your friend registers an account with the link you shared and makes a transfer of $100 within 30 days of creating a profile,.
  5. You will both get a $20 Amazon.com e-gift code as a reward.

Note: You can invite 15 friends to the Western Union, which means you can earn up to $300 just by referring. But to earn the reward, your referrer must make qualifying transfers.

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Western Union Sign Up Bonus: Get a $20 reward

If you are new to Western Union Money Transfer, we have a complete guide on how to sign up for Western Union so that you can join its referral program and earn over $300.

Also, we provide you with a Western Union referral code for signing up so that you can earn a $20 Amazon.com e-gift code as a sign-up bonus.

Here you can apply the “mQmXBVK” Western Union referral code and Western Union referral link for signing up to earn a $20 sign-up reward (only when you are new to it).

Steps to claim the Western Union sign-up bonus:

  1. Click on the Western Union referral link to sign up and earn a reward.
  2. Register with an international money-transfer service.
  3. Once your account is created, you can make transfers. It is required that you send $100 or more with your Western Union account internationally or within the US.
  4. When you transfer the amount successfully within 30 days of account creation, you will receive your $20 Amazon.com e-gift code sign-up bonus.

About Western Union Money Transfer:

Western Union Money Transfer is the largest remittance platform, providing you financial services since 1851, and the longest-running international remittance in the industry.

It gives you access to over 200 countries to send and receive funds at 500,000 agent locations worldwide. You can also send and receive via online and mobile apps.

If you are in the USA, it is an easy and reliable option to transfer money to your loved ones internationally or within the US with the variety of payments and delivery methods available.

Now if you are sending money internationally, consider the Western Union service, which offers you genuine exchange rates and transfer fees like Currencies Direct, BOSS Money, and Wise.

Conclusion: Refer & Earn Rewards with Western Union

To conclude, Western Union is one of the best ways to send money internationally from anywhere within a few minutes (depending on your payment method).

Now you have another incredible way to send money to your family. Including earning extra money and rewards by referring friends to it. 

If you are a new customer, this is the Western Union referral link to start and earn a free $20 Amazon voucher on sign-up and referring. 


How does a referral program work?

Referral programs encourage existing customers to share your link with their friends and family. The original customer receives a reward when he or she refers a new customer who makes a purchase.

What are the conditions for a Western Union Referral?

You must have a Western Union Digital Banking account to participate as a Referrer.

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