Zipcar Referral Bonus: Get $25 Referral Rewards

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Hankering to go on a trip with family but overstretched due to ride issues? Not from now! Zipcar gives you the offer to get any type of car on rent for hours and days. With an amazing pack of sign up and referral bonuses.

Zipcar is a car-sharing platform that gives you access to ride over hundreds of distinctive cars in the USA and other countries as well. It includes one of the on-demand apps from which you can reserve Zipcars accordingly to your requirement.

To start with the Zipcar journey, you have a complete guide below to get Zipcar Sign Up Bonus, Zipcar Referral Bonus and Zipcar Referral Codes offers.

Zipcar Works

Zipcar Sign Up Bonus— Get $25 Welcome Bonus

Whenever a new customer reaches Zipcar and tries to create an account, Zipcar welcomes new users with a $25 sign up bonus. Just apply for the referral link while signing up and get your reward on your Zipcard balance.

Get the step by step by procedure to claim a $25 Zipcard sign up reward seamlessly:

How to Claim a Zipcar Sign Up Bonus?

  1. Create an account on Zipcar by clicking this link.
  2. Fill in the basic info and verify your driving license.
  3. Remember to enter the referral code “HELUNG25”.
  4. Get the Zipcar membership after completing the procedure and rent a type of car you want.
  5. When you book your first ride with Zipcar you will receive a $25 sign up reward in your account.

Also check the Lyft ride-sharing platform which offers various promotions to their user.

Zipcar Promotion

Zipcar Referral Bonus— Give & Get $25

If you have a Zipcar membership, you can earn money with unlimited Zipcar referrals. You can get $25 on each successful referral.

Send your invited link to friends and receive $25 when they use the link to join the app. Your friend also gets rewarded with a bonus. Get the full detailed procedure below and also read the eligibility criteria:

How To Claim a Zipcar Referral Bonus?

  1. Go to the app and login to your Zipcar account.
  2. Open the account settings and select to refer a friend option.
  3. Copy your personal Zipcar referral code.
  4. Share it with your family and friends who are in need of a Zipcar app.
  5. When your link applied while signing up you receive a $25 referral bonus and your friend gets $25 too as a sign up bonus.

Eligibility: But you are eligible for a referral bonus only after the referee books the first roundtrip with the Zipcar app. You will both be rewarded with a $25 bonus when your friend confirms the ride with it. 

You can earn a $1000 Referral Bonus by well-known Uber platform.

Zipcar Referral Codes— Get More Benefits

  • Apply the Zipcar “HELUNG25” $25 Referral Code.
  • Apply the Zipcar “HELUNG25” $25 Coupon Code.
  • Apply the Zipcar “HELPUNG75 $75 Coupon Code.
  • Apply the Zipcar “HELPUNF” Student Promo Code.

Zipcar Info

The Zipcar is a widespread car-sharing stage for the audience, giving you access to the huge variety of vehicles in many cities around the globe. It is one of the on-demand ride-sharing platforms which give you rented car in a convenient way.

Zipcar Plan

If you don’t have a car, you can own it by getting by Zipcar on rent for hours and days, available to you in many locations, college campuses, different cities and across the border.

To be eligible, you must be 21 years of age or 18 (if a student) to get a membership with Zipcar having different plans and pricing. It provides you with one of the cheapest ride options. The app is available for both android and iPhone users.

Steps To Book A Vehicle On Zipcar

It’s easy to unlock a wheel on a Zipcar, you just have to open the app and click on unlock to start a ride with the Zipcar application.

Follow the steps to get a ride:

  1. Go to the Zipcar app.
  2. If your account is verified with the Zipcar having a valid driving license or of the required age, you can instantly book a vehicle.
  3. Now, according to the selected plan, get the ride and click on the “Unlock” option to start a trip.
  4. Zipcar will give you a picture of the car and pin location after the booking is confirmed.
  5. Enjoy your ride.

Final Comments

It’s time to unlock the wheels around you using a Zipcar, which gives you soothing access to its vehicles. You can instantly rent a car on Zipcar, having a nationwide availability.

You can easily access the app and get a $25 sign up bonus, having the option to earn more with a referral bonus.

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