Times Club Referral Bonus: Get $20 Sign-up & $20 Referral Bonus

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Are you the new one searching for the Times Club referral bonus to join? Then this article is specifically for you as it breaks all about the Times Club referral bonus and its some amazing features.

Times Club is for Indian families residing in the US, helping them by offering entrancing cashback deals and exclusive rewards without any membership fees. It gives you access to many of the thousand brands and a referral bonus or a sign-up bonus promotion for their Times Club members.

Let’s continue the article by explaining first some facts about the Times Club and also Times Club Referral Bonus.

What is the Times Club?

Times Club is an app that features providing their service to the Indian people residing in the USA, giving them cashback deals, perks, rewards, and many other benefits. They make partnerships with various well-known brands. You can surely find your fave brands or retailers in its biggest collection. It has brands like Walmart, Willow, Patel Brothers, Remitly, Gaana, and many more like that.

Times Club Features:

Times Club features exclusive offers for their users, giving a stop-shop for people to shop online with thousands of top brands and earn a cashback and many rewards with it.

Its membership gives you access to locate the top stores, hotels, and clubs across India, providing the US-Indian people a great opportunity to serve their families (in India) in a good way.

Withdrawal Amount:

To earn the rewards with Times Club membership, you have to link your account with credit or debit cards. So, it’s become simple and easy for you to shop at your desirable store and get a valuable cashback and rewards within 7 working days.

One of the amazing features is that you can withdraw your amount directly from your linked bank account. You can withdraw your money when you reach the total of at least $25 in your wallet.

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Free Premium Subscription:

It is free to join the Times Club membership. This membership gives you premium subscriptions like Gaana+, E.T Prime, Willow, and Times Prime free to access over thousands of Indian songs, to hit cricket matches, book your holiday vouchers, get premium rewards from the top brands like Uber, OYO, Swiggy, and more like it and also gives you the latest news articles to read with zero ad service.

Times Club Sign-Up Promotion:

Times Club not only offers you a free membership but also provides a sign-up bonus offer for their newly coming users. It offers a $20 sign-up bonus to claim this reward mentioned below in the step-by-step procedure.

Steps To Claim a Sign-Up Bonus:

Get the $20 sign-up bonus by the given method:

  1. Download the Times Club app.
  2. Make your account by entering some basic details.
  3. Enter the promo code “ZECKFE” (iOS) for joining, required to enter to claim a sign-up bonus.
  4. Now, enter your bank account details on the provided page and earn an extra $5 with a sign-up bonus. 
  5. You will get $20 in your account within 24 hours.
  6. At present, start shopping at your fave brands and save your money by cashback and rewards.

Times Club Referral Promotion:

Times Club also has an exclusive referral offer for their users, giving them a great option to earn more extra cash. It offers you $20 for each successful referral and gives you $100 more for referring 5 members to Times Club. For this, you have to invite your family and friends to the Times Club app.

Steps To Claim Referral Bonus:

By following these simple steps, you are able to achieve the goal of $20:

  • Firstly, log into your Times Club account.
  • From there, copy your unique referral link or a code to share.
  • After that, share it with your family and friends.
  • When a person signs up with your unique referral link successfully, you receive $20 in your account, the refer person also gets $20 as a sign up bonus.
  • You can also get $100 more by referring 5 people to the Times Club.

For Android: $230 Bonus For Android Users

Android users are also now connected with the Times Club and get an amazing bonus deal of $230. And then you can earn with its exclusive cashback offers, perks, and rewards.

You can use the promo code “ZECKFE” (android) when signing up for Times Club and get more $5 by connecting your bank account with it. You have to sign up for a Fubo TV free trial with the Times Club card you connect with. For completing this task, you get $20 on your phone. You can get $5 more by inviting ten people from your contacts to Time Club.

It also has a referral program. You can get $20 for each successful referral, and it also offers you $100 when you complete the task of providing 5 people successfully to the Times Club. In total, you will receive a bonus of $230 by signing with it and getting amazing deals afterward.

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Times Club is the best option for Indian families living in the US, providing them with a cashback offer, perks, rewards, and many other benefits. It is a user-friendly app providing a highly competitive cashback service. Get a free Times Club membership and enjoy these exclusive deals.

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