Ting Mobile Review 2023 – Lowest Mobile Plan

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Are you looking for Lowest Mobile Plan ? Ting Mobile might be on you list.

So in this blog I will help you with the reviews about ting mobile, mobile plans , customer service etc.

Ting is an American integrated mobile network operator and Internet service provider, which was founded by Tucows Inc in February 2012. Throughout the United States, Ting provides broadband coverage using Sprint’s regional network CDMA, EV-3 G, and 4 G LTE as well as GSM coverage through the T-network. During 2014, they launched fiber–symmetrical gigabit internet in several markets. Although it does not provide its services there
Ting is one of the first to popularize the pay-for-what-you-use pricing system among mobile various virtual network operators. Ting also provides high-end smartphones and apps, but you can still enjoy a small monthly bill if you keep your data usage low — which the carrier can help you do.

Ting has become increasingly important to the mobile customers of the people’s operator. This month TPO shut down its US wireless service with current customers getting their account balances, SIM cards, and telephone numbers being moved to Ting.

Ting wireless

Ting Wireless has developed to more than 250,000 clients and seven workplaces. Ting adopts an alternate strategy for the wireless plan offering a pay-more only as costs arise, step by step rate administration with no agreement or start-up charges, prepaid plans, or surprises.

The company charges prices for certain amounts of data, text messages, and calling minutes at the end of each month instead of the specified cost of a plan. Adding additional devices is simple, and there is no confusion for basic cell phone plans and coverage. Customers using more pay more, and those using less pay less. Ting also provides businesses with month-to-month service plans covering the mutual use of multiple devices, including tablets and Wi-Fi hotspots, with phone coverage. Customers choose between the CDMA and GSM networks based on their area’s best network coverage.

What is Ting Mobile?

Ting is a no-contract carrier that provides an offer, which is ”pay for what you use rates” instead of asking clients to pick a package. Mobile is not a high fixed cost in this way; the bill for a Ting customer will vary on how much data they use every month. The average bill is for just $23 per month. You can save $25 and get the promo code provided at try.ting.com.

About Ting internet

The mission of Ting Internet is to bring improved Internet connectivity and excellent customer service to cities and towns across the US. Working with proprietors of public and private resources is one of the approaches that Ting internet takes to realize this objective. To this end, Netly (netlyfiber.com) is building 7,000 addresses of the city-wide fiber optics network in Solana Beach.

Ting Internet can now be preordered by residents and companies at ting.com/solanabeach. Neatly anticipates Ting internet might be able to light the first customer later in 2020.
Ting Internet will offer coverage on future infrastructure: a gigabit fiber network that brings actual fiber to the premises (fttp) of every home and business it serves. In other words, every home or business service will have its own fiber connection directly to the Internet, enabling lightning-fast, low latency, highly reliable Internet access.

Ting Internet will offer assistance on the foundation of things to come: a gigabit fiber arrangement carrying genuine fiber to the premises (fttp) of each home and business it serves. At the end of the day, each overhauled home or business has its own fiber association straightforwardly to the Internet, empowering extremely quick, low idleness, exceptionally solid Internet access.

Ting Internet was launched in Charlottesville, VA, in 2015, and then it introduced broadband service to cities and towns in North Carolina, California, Idaho, Maryland, and Colorado.

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What type of network does Ting use?

When you sign up for an account, Ting gives you two options: You select either a CDMA or a GSM network. For coverage, the former would have you relying on Sprint, the latter on T-Mobile. Based on our new results for the best wireless network in the United States, most people will be better served by T-Mobile, but that also relies on where you are located and where you travel, as we did find Sprint to be superior in some of the markets—keeping in consideration that the Sprint is improving.

When you go abroad frequently, please remember that GSM phones on Ting will operate overseas without any further measures being taken by the customer. CDMA phones on Ting will include an international SIM unlock and some improvements to the settings for use outside of the United States. Global surcharges may be added, with rates varying across countries.

What phones would you be able to use with Ting?

Ting has 25 smartphones available on its website, as well as a few flip phones and other tablets. The company provides complete support for the iPhone as of this writing and promises to sell additional Apple products in the future in a timely manner. Yes, the iPhone is certainly the priority of high-end devices for Ting, because the Apple device can be enabled on either a GSM or CDMA network. You’ll finish discovering all the most recent iPhones at Ting, just as the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8/8 Plus.

Ting markets many cheap mobile phones just below $200, making it a better carrier for those on budget. Ting’s cheapest phones are typically Android phones, while the carrier’s line of iPhones involves older versions that use more costly materials and hardware. Cheap Android phones from Ting have lower specifications, slower processing power, and older apps than current flagship mobiles, but they still get the job done for normal web surfing, music and video sharing, photography, and texting and phone calls.

Ting markets refurbished tools, meaning they are inspected and restored to working order. While all new devices carry a one-year manufacturer warranty, Tin only provides a 30-day warranty with refurbished phones. Ting Customer Service will report any faults or problems. After your problem has been registered, Affirm will replace faulty devices with the same phone or a comparable model.

What exceptional highlights does Ting offer?

If you come from another network, Ting provides a cancelation fee reimbursement: you’ll get back 25 percent of whatever your network charges you to switch, whether it’s an early termination fee or the amount left on your account. The refund on your account is capped at $75 in cash. To put that in perspective, many of the big carriers would provide you with hundreds of dollars in vouchers to cover switching fees costs.

As noted, Ting provides international calling and roaming-features that MVNOs frequently overlook. Ting claims there are no additional charges for calls to 60-plus countries, but some of those free calls are for landlines only and not mobile numbers.

For just $6 per line, family members can add extra lines to Ting, pooling minutes, texts, and info. This is cheaper than the Consumer Cellular’s connection fee, which charges $10 to add an additional track. Nonetheless, FreedomPop only charges $5 per line on its family plans.

Ting has an outstanding referral service, which might be useful if you are the acquaintance or family member that people come up with advice on tech. For your referral connection, you can offer a $25 credit that, in turn, will give you a $50 credit for the first member who signs up, and $25 for any subsequent sign-ups.
When you unlock your account for the first time, Ting also gives you an extra SIM card, so you have a spare to give anyone if they are interested in checking out the service.

What are the best Ting plans?


Technically speaking, there are no plans at Ting. Instead, it’s a postpaid service whose customers only pay for the amount of service they use per month, plus a $6 charge for each plan. Therefore, you don’t pick a package as much as you pay for various rates of service, with everything resetting at the end of every month. The organization has an online calculator to allow a comparison of direct savings to the existing provider.

Let’s assume you’re using 100 minutes of speaking time, sending less than 100 texts, and using less than 1 GB of data. Your bill will be $28 for that month, which includes the $6 access fee. So if in a given category you don’t use anything — say you complete the whole month without sending a text — you’re not paid.

You can set ceilings for the rates in each category if you are on a budget or want to remain apprised of your spending every month. You may either trigger an alert or cut off the piece of your service for the remainder of the billing cycle until you have reached a certain threshold.

Although this feature is not promoted by the company, Ting does offer a 5 percent bonus, so if you just slip over into the next tier, you won’t be charged for it.

Calling Minutes

Text Messages




Customers reviews on Ting

Ting reviews online are highly divided, with online users either praising the service or criticizing it. For e.g., on Yelp, Ting averages 3 out of 5 stars; out of 30 reviews, just edging out the 5-star reviews with 1-star reviews.
Ting is unclassified at BestCompany.com due to an inadequate number of customer reviews, despite the reviews posted on the website, such as the pay- approach.

Coverage is one of the most common user issues, so if you are considering Ting, be sure to check the Sprint and T-Mobile coverage in your region to find the best choice for you. After a heavy month of use, the second most common concern included bills bigger than expected. Ting does have resources to avoid this issue, with usage warnings and tough restrictions, so prospective customers should be sure to make use of these apps.

Ting customer service

Once you call, please be prepared to answer a set of unique questions about you and your Ting account. They have to be 100 percent sure that you’re really you before we can take action. Please call at 1-855-846-4389.

Following are the client care administrations provided by Ting:

  • For new information exchanges, 1-855-999-7266 open.
  • Chat online
  • Submit feedback 24*7
  • Service status 24*7

Q: When do I expect a home/business service?

That depends on where you are in Ting Town and in which neighborhood you live. We go through multiple fiber installation stages before we start to light customers up. Usually, we are working in stages, and each construction phase involves one or more neighborhoods.
Every two months, we provide daily construct updates on our blog. You can notice a tab called “Construction updates” in the main News section of your area. You can always bookmark this section and go back to see the latest update as well as a list of all our other updates.

Q: What are the month to month costs?

Home Gigabit
1000 Mbps transfer, 1000 Mbps download
Boundless use

Ting 5/5
5 Mbps transfer, 5 Mbps download
Boundless use

Business fiber:
Business Gigabit
1000 Mbps transfer, 1000 Mbps download
Boundless use
Business-level help

Q: How much speed can I expect?

We at Ting are clear regarding Internet speed. Our gigabit speed (up / down from 1000 Mbps) is a wired-in speed. Wireless tech today, like your router, isn’t capable of gigabit speeds at the moment. Here you can find your planned speeds (and compatible technologies used to get those speeds).

Q: How much does installation cost?

Home installation is $198, and $398 for a company installation.
The cost to Westminster alone is $98 residential / $298 commercial.

Q: When will you start Ting TV? Which channels do they have? How many?

Yet we don’t have a firm date for its launch, but it is actively worked on. Pricing and information about the channel will be available nearer to launch.

Q: What equipment are you providing, and what do I need?

Ting is providing two pieces of equipment. A small fiber modem called an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) paired with a separate wireless dual-band router. The ONT is made available to you by Ting at no extra expense. Any cost of the hardware would be for the wireless router.

Your router options are:
A one-time $199 purchase (comes with an 18-month warranty) $9/month ongoing $0/month BYOR rental (Bring Your Own Router) When you’re carrying your own router, note that we’re providing the ONT and you’re pairing it to your compatible router. The one downside to bringing in your own router is that our troubleshooting choices are becoming limited because we can only see and diagnose problems up to the ONT.


Ting provides some of a bigger carrier’s perks, such as contract payment plans, cancelation fee reimbursements, and the new iPhone. At the same time, it maintains the low monthly costs, which initially bring customers to an MVNO.
The easy-to-use dashboard helps keep you on top of your usage and allows you to place warnings and usage limits to prevent any billing surprises. It’s just important to be mindful from the start because you’re only going to get benefit from Ting. This is valid only if your phone usage is both light and consistent every month.

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