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If you are someone residing in the USA but have your family and friends residing in India make frequent calls to them is common and maybe at times, you have to call them daily. There are many Indians residing in the USA and it is really daunting to find a way to call India at a lower rate. I know there are plenty of options available like Indian Calling Cards, VOIP services, and many apps but still, it is a real challenge to choose the most reliable option.

The world is persevering on communication; more than billion phone calls are dialed in one hour around the world. Moreover, everyone wants to make their work get done more cheaply. If you are one of the people who want to know the most affordable way to call India, this article is for you.

1.Ooma Mobile App – Call India from USA

Are you looking for affordable plans to call India from the US. Ooma telo services offer the best plans for international calls. You can make international calls for almost free without spending a cent now.

International calling cards can be the best option but you need to recharge them before using. On the other hand, standard phone rates are quite expensive. They can burn a hole in your pocket. Ooma’s international calling plans help you get rid of mounting mobile bills and catch with your friends and family as long as you want.

How to make calls to India with Ooma telo services ?

There are two options to make call with Ooma telo services – Ooma connected home phone or Ooma mobile app.

  • Dial the exit code 011 so that your phone leaves the US.
  • Now dial 91, India’s country code.
  • Now Dial the area code, which can be 2 to 4 digits.
  • Last, dial the local phone number, which is between 6 and 8 digits.

Ooma International plans

Ooma helps you make calls to landlines in 70 countries and mobile phones in 40 countries.

Benefits of using Ooma calling services

1.Free international calls

The international plans by Ooma are cheap and affordable to way to call India from USA but you can use Ooma telo services to make free international calls. Yes, Ooma to Ooma calls are 100% free. So if your family has access to Ooma you can call them for as long as you want without spending a single cent.

2.Basic International plans

It can be daunting to splurge on international calls. But Ooma offers you cheap international calling plans at just $0.029 per minute. Making calls form international plans are prepaid and deducted from your account.

3.Free Wifi calls

You don’t have to incur any cost on minutes or international charges when making calls through Ooma mobile app.It requires a data allotment and make calls through your data connection. Connect with WiFi to reduce your data charges.

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2. Rebtel

Rebtel is a mobile application that you can use to make cheap international calls to India. This app will allow its users to call Indian mobile numbers and landline numbers without any connection to the internet. The users of this mobile application can make phone calls in superior quality. One needs to pay 10 dollars ($10) per month for making phone calls to India and limited up to 30 members.

call india from usa

Subscription plans for “India Unlimited”

Plan Amount
30 days $10 per month
90 days $5.33 per month
180 days $6.25 per month

You better choose 90 days plan as it’s price plan per month was the lowest among the three, i.e. you can save more on that. Also, you can get a one-week free trial on these India unlimited subscriptions.

Subscription plans for “Global Unlimited”

  • $10 per month

The rates for global unlimited are fixed, and you can avail a chance to call the numbers of India and 50 other countries. If you have your loved ones in the world across different countries along with India, you can better choose this option.

Rebtel ‘Pay as you go’

Also, there is an option in Rebtel called “Pay as you go”. By subscribing to this option, you can get the cheapest way to call India. Moreover, it depends upon the plan you have chosen.

Minutes Amount
209 Minutes $5
418 Minutes $10

All of the above methods of RebTel can give you a premium quality of phone calling in the cheapest way to call India.

How to make calls to India in RebTel application

  1. Dial the country code of India in the option, i.e. “+91” or (91).
  2. Now dial the area code, if you are dialing to the landline number of India, else you can skip the step.

Note: – Area code can be of 2-4 digits.

  • Dial the Indian number, for which you want to make a call.
  • Now, click on the “Call” button, and you can start talking.

3.Viber – Call India from USA

call india from usa

Viber is a mobile application using which you can call or text, or you can send SMS to the other Viber application user through mobile phone. This application requires an internet connection. That is a cellular network, or a Wi-Fi network is needed to call India from the USA. Also, you can call to many countries other than India, irrespective of the country. Mobile phones of the below-given list can use the Viber application.

  • All Android OS mobile phones
  • All Windows OS mobile phones
  • iPhone
  • Blackberry

Phone calls from Viber are also one of the cheapest methods to call India from different countries around the world. The price for calling through Viber starts at 2.3 ¢/min , requires an internet-connected device, and the call quality depends mostly upon the Internet connection.

Features of Viber

  • Send texts, photos, videos and more
  • Record quick-sending voice and video messages
  • Find & share videos, music and more right in your chats
  • Make HD-quality calls and switch to video easily
  • Communicate genuinely, playfully and expressively
  • Build and manage conversations with unlimited members

4. Google Voice

call india from usa

Google Voice is a mobile application. It makes every work more uncomplicated, and Google’s’s voice no different in this aspect. Google voice is an online communication service provided by Google, using which you can call to the phone number of any country at low cost. It is one of the cheapest ways to call India.

Google Voice offers low prices for making international calls from any country to India for its users. Google voice charges 1 cent per minute for making a call to a standard phone number and 2 cents per minute if you call to any landline number of India. For making calls through Google Voice follow the steps given below.

  1. Land on the Google Voice website.
  2. Log in to the Google account by using your account credentials.
  3. Dial the desired phone number that you wanted to.

Google Voice requires a wireless mobile phone or a smartphone in simpler words, and VOIP adapter with a broadband connection to make calls at low prices to India from any country. Moreover, Google Voice also provides voice mail services to its users.

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5. Skype – Call India from USA

Skype is a mobile application that will help you in making an audio call to India from the USA. Also, you can make video calls to anyone using their application from the computer or through the mobile phone. Skype also provides the paid services using which you can make calls to landlines and mobile phones in India.

Calls from Skype account to any other Skype account is entirely free, and they won’t charge any sub-charges for using this service. For this, the person whom you want to call had the Skype application installed on their mobile phone or personal computer with a Skype account used to login for Skype.

You will get two choices for using Skype paid plans as ‘Pay as you go’ scheme where you pay for the time you talk and other is the monthly subscription as stated below.

  • Pay as you go – 1.5 cents per minutes
  • Monthly Subscription plan – $1.42 per month – 120 minutes$8.9 per month – 800 minutes; $19.99 per month – 2500 minutes.


6. Whatsapp

WhatsApp is the mobile application which needs a smartphone for using it. May you know this application already. But you need to know more about it. The person whom you are going call also should have WhatsApp дропшиппинг украина application installed on their smartphone.

WhatsApp requires an internet connection, either it can be a cellular network or a Wi-Fi network. But WhatsApp does not charge for any of the calls you make using the application. Only charges you have to bear is your carrier charges for internet connection.

The main drawback of the WhatsApp is that you can not make calls to the landline numbers. But you have to make sure that it is one of the best and cheap method to call India.

7. Keku – Call India from USA for free

Keku is one of the mobile applications. For making international calling from one country to another country at more affordable rates, we can use Keku. The working process of Keku is a little different from any other voice calling applications. Keku application will assign the local country number, for the selected India number постельное белье, and it is permanent.

calll india from usa

The calls will automatically get transferred from your local number to the international mobile, and you will get charged as per the local carrier rates as per the carrier contract. For $10 you can avail the 1000 minutes talk time balance, or you can choose the monthly subscription plan of India for $17.99.

8. Reliance on global calling cards

Reliance one of the famous brands from India. These calling cards from Reliance service, i.e. Reliance global call let you call India from USA numbers at their local call rates. You can buy the calling cards of Reliance for calling anyone in India. Either the number can be a mobile phone number or a landline phone number of India. After calling with the numbers on your calling card, you can make calls. Advantage if these calling cards is that you can make calls from ant phone.


call india from usa

Vonage is another popular way through which you can make international calls using VOIP technology. If you make a call from U.S to other countries you’ve had to deal with high rates and low minutes when calling abroad. Vonage helps you make international calls ate low cost. Not just the cost it also offers you various exciting features along with option to make calls. Some of these features include

  • Make Unlimited – Landline calling to 60 countries.
  • Unlimited- Mobile calling to more than 10 countries.
  • Make Unlimited local and long-distance calling to the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico.
  • Vonage Extensions helps to extend this calling plan to any phone with no extra charge.
  • No additional costs involved if you keep your плитоноска мультикам existing number.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

How to call India from the U.S. using Vonage

  • Dial 011, the U.S. exit code.
  • Now Dial 91, the country code for India.
  • Then dial the area code and finally the phone number (area code plus phone number equals 10 digits).

Click here to Save 33% per month . Pay $19.99/month for the first 6 months, then $29.99/month.

10. T-Mobile – Call India from USA

T-Mobile phone helps you to make call to India from the USA to any country at a very low cost, but remember that per-minute calling rates can vary by country. To make calls you have to dial “+” followed by the country code, city code, and local number. I would recommend you add Stateside International Talk service, which offers unlimited international calling to 70+ countries and destinations for $15 per month. If you choose Magenta or Simple Choice North America rate plan, you can access the $15 Stateside International Talk service from Canada and Mexico, just like in the US.

11.PhoneIndia – Call India from USA

call india from  usa

Are you looking for the most convenient option to make international calls?PhoneIndia helps you make international calls. Just choose the country calling code& убокс enter the number you want to call. It’s never been easier to dial internationally.


  • Add the phone number you call FROM. Use format: country code + number.
  • Skip dialing the entire number. Assign your favorite number to a phone digit.
  • Turn OFF balance and minutes messages when you make a call.
  • Auto Recharge every time your balance drops below $5 with the amount specified.


By looking above all scenarios, You can check out the options to make phone calls from specific countries at cheaper rates to India.

  • With RebTel (details provided above), you can achieve the cheapest way to call India.
  • By using Skype or Viber (details provided above), you can achieve the cheapest way to call India from Dubai.
  • With RebTel (details provided above), you can achieve the cheapest way to call India from China.
  • By using Skype (details provided above), you can achieve the cheapest way to call India from France.
  • With Google Voice and Skype (купить фонарик на аккумуляторе), you can achieve the cheapest way to call India from the USA.
  • By using Viber, Google Voice and RebTel (details provided above), you can achieve the cheapest way to call India from the UK. For all the remaining countries you can call India using any of the options provided above.
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