Trump in India & his agenda for H1B visa

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While Trump’s two-day visit to India came to an end lot of immigrants residing in the US piqued up to the headlines about the narrative of the visit. All the Indians residing out in India are looking to if Trump had any stone touched on the problems faced by the H1B Visa holder in the country. The beneficiaries of these people look to their future stay in the US and wanted to know if any decision was taken. So let us see the Agenda of Trump’s visit to India and what it counted for?

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What should India Citizen residing in the US conclude from Trump visit in India

H1 B visa counts as an employment-based, non-immigrant visa for temporary workers. Under which the employer offers you a job in the US and files for the petition for your H1B visa with the US Immigration Department.

If we look at the stats from the 2018 American Community Survey (ACS) led by the Census Bureau that because of strong migration policies especially for skilled non-migrants 2010 began with 1.8 million Indians and by 2018 expanded by 49% to 2.7 million Indians.

But if we look at the picture now USCIS has been denying H1B visas at a high rate. Stats make it more clearly indicating that the denial rate of H1B visa has mounted from 6% in 2015 to that of high 24% in 2019.

To put it forth as indicated by H-1B petition stats of the USCIS, 84.8 per cent of the H-1B petitions were processed & completed in FY 2019 (October 2018-September 2019) as against 95.7 per cent of the aggregate in the Fiscal Year 2015 (October 2014-September 2015).

Now that the news of Trump’s visit to India outspread through the headlines, everyone expected Prime Minister Narendra Modi to come up with the tough questions and make a way through this. But the two-day visit of Trump to India was impotent leaving no stone touched on the account of H1B visa & H4 EAD and seemed to be more of a stunt for Trump’s election campaign for the Indian diaspora.

However a Trump administration official had said the Trump organization has marked some official requests related to work & immigration, and President Trump’s official order on H-1B visas directs the secretary of state, the lawyer general, the secretary of labour and the secretary of Homeland Security to propose potential changes to the H1B visa program.

In 2018, the main six Indian IT firms had received about 16% of the total visas issued. In 2019, there were just two Indian organizations among the main ten visa beneficiaries, which got 1,966 visas contrasted and 8,898 for the other eight firms. Organizations like Cognizant and Infosys decreased their filings of green card for their representatives.

What can H1B visa holder and H4 EAD expect in future?

President Trump, during his visit to India, promised to ease guidelines and encourage Indian IT organizations working in the US. He gave a course of events of seven to eight months after which Indian IT organizations will have the option to work in the US effortlessly.

The number of profoundly skilled Indian workers including architects and doctors are mulling in the green card processing overabundance. The time ranging between 10 to 50 years, they don’t see a conclusion to this pause. This long stand by likewise demonstrates that their children should leave the nation on turning 18 since they would not be qualified to stay with their parents once they turn adult. Instead of this, a bill S386 to end the per-country cap on green cards is being proposed in the US Congress. This is yet to pass.

While the visit to India finished on a glad note with a few discussion on the exchange and military front, immigration reforms was not a key subject of conversation. Notwithstanding, President Trump indicated that there will be some relief in guidelines with regards to Indian organizations working in the US.

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