Employment-Based Green Card Process

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An Employer can support its worker’s Green card. Employment-Based Green Card is a multi-step process, including certain record work bound by rules and regulation.

There are few categories for granting permanent residence to the non-citizens, based on their working skills

Employment-Based Green Card classifications are:

Before we understand the process for Employment-Based Green Card Process let us understand the different categories:- EB1, EB2, EB3, EB4, EB5.

A large portion of the specialized laborers falls under initial 3 classes.

I) EB1:

A representative with extraordinary ability in the science, business or games, teachers, analysts and PhD holders and so forth falls under this class.

It likewise incorporates individuals working in the US as chiefs and officials on global transfer basis(Company transfer L1 holder)

(ii) EB2

This includes worker with additional skills in the field of science, arts or business, and advanced degree experts (PG. degree holder).

(iii) EB3

This incorporates experts with Bachelor/Graduate qualification and other expert employees.

(iv) EB-4

These incorporate religious workers, employees and previous workers of U.S. Government abroad, people serving as translators with the United States Armed Forces

V) EB-5

Outsiders who can contribute $1,000,000 and can create at least 10 new full-time jobs. It is possible in certain restricted circumstances that an investment of $500,000, on the off chance that it creates at least 5 new openings, might be satisfactory.

Green Card Process

An employment-based Green card process can be divided into 4 stages

Employment-Based Green Card

Stage 1: Labor Certification

Application (ETA-750) submission through your employer to DOL (Department of Labor). PERM (Program Electronic Review Management) is an electronic handling framework wherein work accreditation applications are documented electronically and legitimately with the U.S. Division of Labor (DOL). Labor certification is a critical step & is much imperative under the Employment-Based Green Card Process.

Stage 2: Petition for immigration I-140

Your employer documents Application (I-140 ) to INS.

This requires a cautious assortment of document verification for Form I-140 to be documented alongside the I-140.

Stage 3: Adjustment of Status ( I-485) OR Consular Processing

File I-485 and other necessary documents with INS for your family and oneself in USA.

At the same time you can file a petition for EAD ( Employment Authorization Document) and AP ( Advance Parole or Travel Document), when you record for 485, you will be required to do fingerprinting.

Right now step 2 and 3 can go simultaneously, known as concurrent filing, anyway, 485 can’t be approved without the approval of I-140.

Or then again

Take consular preparing Interview at a US Consulates in your Home Country.

Stage 4: Finally receiving your Visa

Get the stamping on your passport and Receiving the Visa card.

Note: The general Green Card process is daunting, as it includes formalities and a lot of administrative work. It is granted against every year Quota/per nation/per class. Initially, a significant limitation was that an individual applying for a green card expected to stay with the organization, through which his/her green card was getting sponsored, until the green card was given, in any case, the procedure would be disturbed, he/she would need to resubmit a new application from the earliest starting point. This standard for the same has changed: As of January 17, 2017, employers will never again have the option to revoke I-140 petitions from representatives who have held them for than 180 days, regardless of whether their services have been ended.

Green Card Renewal Process

Application for green card renewal can be filed online through e-filing or by filing and mailing a paper application. The application to renew the green card is Form I-90, which you can download and mail or file online.

A green card renewal expense of $455 needs to pay with the application.

Renewal Case Status A case number is given with the receipt that ought to be utilized for all your application status tracking purpose. You can check your green card renewal status online.

Procedure After the Green Card

After the individual has received the green card, there are many limitations and obligations. On the off chance that they are not satisfied, the individual may lose the green card status and may even be expelled from the U.S.

You should avoid potential risk to hold a green card. A green card is for permanent living in the U.S. If you are planning to go outside the U.S. for quite a while, you should initially apply for Re-Entry Permit.

I hope you have understood all the requirements and the Green Card process for both the categories. There are a lot of terminologies which might be new to you but don’t worry we will help you understand all the terms step by step.

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