Labor Certification process for Green Card

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If you might have read our blog on Employment-Based Green Card it has been clearly stated that the process begins with Labor Certification for Green card candidate. The employer who is sponsoring and starting the Green card process need to initially get the Labor Certification from the Department of Labor(DOL). This is the initial phase in the green card process.

A Labor Certification is a report given by the Department of Labor (DOL) that permits your employer to document a work-based green card petition for benefit of you (the outsider). It is the initial phase in the Green Card process.

In the Labor Certification process, your employer should demonstrate to the DOL that they couldn’t locate a suitable candidate for the current position in the domestic market. They should experience a thorough procedure where they publicize for your position, do meetings and screening techniques and complete different formalities related to hiring. At last, your manager will apply with the DOL expressing that their endeavours were not remunerated and they couldn’t discover an appropriately qualified and experienced specialist. Thus they wish to support you (the outside specialist) for permanent resident since you have the necessary capabilities and expertise They will likewise need to show the DOL that in utilizing you, they are not denying any domestic worker (American) of an occupation. There are different limitations on the business.

Process of Labor Certification

The steps involved in the Labor Certification Process are classified as;-


The business records the Labor Certification request with the suitable State Employment Security Agency (SESA) or State Workforce Agency (SWA). The application structure is DOL Form ETA-750. Data on this structure gives a point by point depiction of the job profile, instructive capabilities, preparing and experience required for the candidate to be esteemed reasonable for the position. There will likewise be a statement of your capabilities.


The SESA date stamps the application – this is the “priority date” for the case. The SESA at that point surveys the application and may demand alterations. They will inform your manager of potential issues, including whether the base necessities for the position are sensible and confirm that the compensation offered fulfils minimum pay guidelines.

3.Selecting Campaign:

Your employer will presently start an enrolling effort, firmly administered by the SESA. Ads detailing organization necessities are set in papers and productions. All candidates who meet the prerequisites must be met.

4.Results Submission:

Your employer will present a detailed report of the enrolling effort to SESA. The report incorporates verification that advertisement did without a doubt run in newspapers and it ought to legalize the purposes behind the rejection of all (or any) of the candidates. The DOL checks these reasons intently, particularly now and again when domestic unemployment levels are high. As per the DOL, a US Laborer who meets the minimum posted prerequisites ought to be offered the job opportunity before an outsider. The SESA assesses the report and advances all data to the DOL.

5.Final decision:

If the DOL concludes that no US workers are accessible to fill the position-dependent on reasonable enrollment endeavours, they will approve the Labor certification application. The DOL may deny a Labor certification in case they discover the recruitment efforts were unjustifiable or that US Laborers were excluded for reasons that were not objective or didn’t meet the good faith necessities of the law.

How long does the Labor Certification Process take?

The Labor Certification Process, for the most part, varies from state to state. Each state has its waiting period, depending upon the number of pending cases. On a normal, this procedure can take between 6 months to 3 years.

What is the Reduction-in-Recruitment process?

The Reduction-in-Recruitment (RIR) is the most optimized and fastest way for Labor Certification Process. Your employer must demand RIR processing at the time of submitting the ETA-750 form. Usually what happens is that your employer submits the application and afterwards starts the recruiting procedure as per the guidelines set by the SESA. But under the RIR procedure, your employer must document that they have already started (almost 6 months before ) the process to employ US workers, however, have been ineffective. The pattern of enrollment may change depending upon the nature of the occupation being mentioned and the Labor market at the time of the job search. Nonetheless, the base is one print notice and proof of different efforts made to search the Labor market, these may incorporate the utilization of the Internet, investment in work fairs, and other comparative exercises.

In the RIR process, the DOL concentrates more on finding a pattern enrollment than on the recruitment process alone. This implies the DOL is less worried about clarifications of why US workers were discovered inefficient or dismissed for the position. The RIR system can decrease the dynamic time on a Labor Certification from years to months (depending on the region of the nation and current excesses at the DOL). In case that advertising has been broad for the position, at that point this is a decent methodology to the traditional Labor certification process.

How long is a Labor Certificate legal?

Once truly, a Labor Certificate has no expiration as long as the activity for which it is affirmed is still available.

Does the Labor Certificate permit you the lawful option to work in the US?

No. A Labor Certificate just permits your manager to push ahead with the Green Card process. It doesn’t give you lawful status or the option to work in the US.

What will happen if you change employments during the Labor Certification process?

Changing occupations won’t influence your Labor Certification process gave your past manager consents to proceed with the Labor Certification appeal for your sake. Since the work-based green card process is future occupation-based.

Who should not bother about Labor Certification?

Immigration petition in the following cases don’t require a Labor Certification:

  • All Family-Based immigration petitions.
  • Organization Intra transfer Manager and officials ( L1A visa holder)
  • Foreigners with Extraordinary Abilities, Outstanding Researchers/Professors, and Intra-Company Transferees for Multinational Executives (EB-1)
  • NIWs or National Interest Waivers (EB-2)
  • Investors (EB-5)
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