Wise Referral Code: Apply and Get £75 referral bonus

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Get a Wise Referral Code and earn on your invites. Here are the complete details to start your earning journey with the Wise Referral Program.

Wise will provide you with the opportunity to earn on your invites when your personalized Wise referral code is applied for sign-up. You will get paid a £75 referral bonus after your three friends make their first transfer of £200 or more. 

You can conveniently get your Wise referral code by clicking on the start inviting option. For a more detailed guide, read the full article below to learn how to get a Wise Referral Code.

What is the Wise Referral Program?

Wise is giving you access to earn extra dollars by joining its referral program. It also becomes more appealing to the invited customers by offering them discounts on their first transfer or free cards.

You will have several referral programs on Wise with distinctive reward offers. But you were assigned to the Wise reward program according to your region. Currently, you can join: the Free transfer invite program and Free card invite program.

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How does the Wise free transfer invite program work?

Every new user who comes with your unique Wise referral code is qualified to get a free Wise transfer. And you will earn 75 GBP when your 3 friends make a qualified transfer of at least 200 GBP.

If the referee does not make a transfer according to the requirements, they will be rewarded with a fee-free transfer. 

Mark that you will be eligible to join the program according to your region.

Wise allows you to transfer internationally but there are other apps you can consider for your overseas payments which also provide you with referral programs like Xoom, InstaRem, Remmesa, and Pangea.

How do I get a Wise referral code?

It’s easy to get your Wise referral code:

  1. Go to your Wise account and join the referral program.
  2. On your invite page, you will easily find your personal Wise Referral Code. Click to copy your invite link.
  3. Now send your unique referral code to your family and friends.
  4. When 3 of your friends click your link and make their first transfer of 200 GBP, you will get your reward. 

Not Included in Qualifying Transfers:

To qualify for the reward, you need to avoid these transactions:

  • Make a transfer of less than the amount required.
  • Applying a wise card.
  • Sending amounts between different balances. 
  • And a transfer in the same currency.

How does the free card invite program work?

This Wise referral program offers its new customers a free card by joining Wise with their friend’s referral code. 

When 3 of your friends sign up for Wise with your link and make their first qualified transfer of 100 GBP (or the same amount in another currency), you will get a 75 GBP referral bonus. 

If your invitees don’t complete the referral reward terms, they still get a free Wise card. 

Note: The Wise Referral reward may vary due to a different region or during the promotional period.

How do I get a Wise Referral Code?

  1. Login to your Wise account and go to the invite page.
  2. Click the ‘start inviting‘ button and get your unique Wise referral code.
  3. Now it’s time to share! Send it to your family and friends or to a social media platform.
  4. When your 3 friends join Wise with your code and make a qualified transfer of 100 GBP, you will receive your reward. 
  5. Wise will send you an email with an explanation of how you can claim your reward. 

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Not Included in Qualified Transfers:

  • Transfers to tax authorities or governmental organizations.
  • Savings, investments, and crypto asset transactions are excluded. 
  • Cash or cash-like transfers. 
  • Transfers are made to financial institutions.

Wise Referral Program Terms & Conditions:

  • Only one referral program each invite can qualify for.
  • You have unlimited options to earn referral rewards.
  • Only qualified referrals count towards your reward.
  • Wise provides its referral program to most countries and will allow you to choose the available currencies at the time to claim your reward. 
  • You will receive your referral bonus in your Wise account or another bank account in your name.

Wise Invite Campaigns:

Wise offers special invite campaigns for a limited time, which is more rewarding to you. You can find these exciting promotional rewards on your invite page, or Wise will send you a notification. 

During this promotional period, your reward will increase. After the campaign ends, it will go back to normal, and you can qualify for the specific time frame.

Is Wise a safe app?

If you want to transfer money, make a payment, spend internationally, or exchange currencies, Wise works wonders for you as it provides you with secure and safe service.

Wise is a licensed financial service covered by regulations to keep your money safe. 

Final Verdict:

It’s seamless to get your Wise referral code by just clicking on the ‘start inviting’ button. And in this way, you can earn an unlimited Wise referral reward. 

We will also guide you step-by-step in our next article on how to use a Wise referral code and successfully earn a Wise sign-up bonus.


What is a Wise referral code?

A Wise referral code is a unique code that you can share with your friends and family to invite them to join Wise. When they sign up and complete a qualifying action, you will both receive a reward.

How do I get a Wise referral code?

You can find your Wise referral code on your Wise account page. Look for the “Invite a friend” section and click on the “Get your invite link” button. Your code will be displayed on the next page.

How do I use a Wise referral code?

To use a Wise referral code, share the code with your friend or family member. They can enter the code when they sign up for Wise.

What is the reward for referring a friend?

The reward for referring a friend depends on the specific referral program you are participating in. Some common rewards include:
Free Money
A discount on a Wise transfer
A free Wise card

How do I get my reward?

Your reward will be credited to your Wise account once your friend has completed a qualifying action.

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