How Do I Get the Best Deals on Temu? [Verified Code aci384098]

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Shop with TEMU & get the best deals! Temu offers unlimited discounted deals, promotions, coupon codes, free credits, and free delivery for its new and existing customers.

If you want to get the best online shopping experience with big-savvy deals, we congregate here some tips & tricks so that you can make your essentials more affordable to you. 

This article will deliver all the highly discounted coupons for Temu new and existing users, and it also includes all the insider guides that will give them a big saving punch to their wallets.

Temu Best Deals

You can acquire the hottest Temu big discounted deals by applying its coupon codes or by using some strategies to earn them.

But what are Temu coupon codes? Temu coupon codes are the few-digit special keys for discounted promotions that help you purchase items at a discounted price on the Temu app. When you apply them, it will reduce your product price and give you exclusive discounts and offers. 

Temu Coupon Code for New Customers: Get $100 OFF Bundle

Temu offers new customers a $100 OFF coupon bundle. If you have not yet signed up with Temu, you can enjoy the special offer by applying the coupon code “aci384098” while signing up. 

This Temu New User Coupon Code will give you $100 off on your first purchase plus up to a 90% discount on your items.

Temu’s best new user coupon code:

  • aci384098”— Temu $100 off coupon bundle. 

How to apply the Temu coupon code for new customers?

  1. Download the Temu app or visit the link to sign up
  2. Verify your account by providing the correct information.
  3. Now select the items you want to purchase that are worth about $100 or more. 
  4. At checkout, you can see an empty box to fill out the coupon code.
  5. Enter your new user coupon code here and click on ‘Apply.’
  6. The discount will apply to your purchase. 
  7. Enjoy your first big, savvy discounted deal with Temu. 

Check out our article on the Temu $100 coupon bundle for new customers for further details.

Temu Coupon Code for Existing Customers: 

If you are an existing Temu customer looking for a coupon code to get the best Temu deal, these codes will give you a delightful online shopping experience with Temu. 

These will let you earn incredible discounts as a gift for being a Temu customer.

Temu’s best existing user coupon codes:

  • aci384098”— Temu coupon code for existing customers.

How to apply the Temu coupon code for existing user?

  1. Login to your Temu account. 
  2. Copy the Temu coupon code [aci384098] for existing customers.
  3. Now go to the Temu app and paste it in the search bar.
  4. Add the product to your cart if you want to purchase it.
  5. On the last page at checkout, click on the coupon bundle to get a discounted price, or you can simply apply the coupon at checkout on the empty bar. 

Websites for Temu Coupon Codes [Get Best Deals]

Get more big deals! Get more savings! These websites will give you a number of existing user coupon codes, which will let you earn back-to-back big discounts on your purchases. 

Temu Official Website: Text “Temu” to 52927 and receive an exclusive 20% discount on your next purchase as a new user. And you can sign up for its newsletter to get updated with the latest deals and promotional offers.

Helpingdesi Website: Visit the Helpingdesi Website and grab the Temu promotional deals for the Canada, UK, and US and get up to 50% off discounted codes. Sign up for its newsletter to get timely updates about saving money and big discounts on the TEMU online shopping portal.

Other Websites: To enjoy more savvy deals, there are various other websites that provide valid Temu existing customer coupon codes, like MamaInvesting, Glamour, and CrickViral. You can visit them to get a discount on every purchase. 

Tips to get the most discounts on Temu:

Get big discounts while shopping online gives you goodie vibes, but how to get the discounts on Temu and save on every purchase

One way is to apply a coupon code that gives you the best deal (described in the article), and secondly, you can save even more by using these strategies.

Check the complete analysis of Temu app

Join the Temu Newsletter: By signing up for the Temu newsletter, you are the one who gets the news earlier about all the promotional deals, special offers, exclusive newsletter discounts, and more. 

Earn Temu Rewards: By completing one of these Temu Rewards program requirements, you can open an unlimited door of earning and save on each purchase. These are:

  • Earn points for playing games on Facebook and other platforms.
  • By referring two friends, you can earn a $20 referral reward each time. 
  • By referring Temu products through the Temu Affiliate Program, you can earn a 3% commission.

App Installation Perks: By downloading the Temu app, you can receive exclusive in-app deals and offers, like three free gifts. It will be more rewarding than shopping with Temu through the browser. 

Free Shipping Deal: When you make international orders, you will automatically save on shipping for most of your purchases.

Lightening Deals on Temu: Temu offers Lightening Deals on most of its products to provide you with discounts for a limited time. You can grab these discounts if you purchase them in time.

Clearance Sale Discounts: Temu provides you with sales on its different categories of products that are cleared out. Get the benefit of its clearance sale and achieve your products at your desired rates.

Updated Live Deals on Temu: At this time, Temu is offering free shipping for a limited time and free returns. And luckily, I will get $100 off on three items I purchase next.


To conclude, Temu coupon codes are the best way to get discounted deals on Temu. You can apply these unique codes during checkout and avail of these exclusive discounts.

To get more discounts, you can apply the above-mentioned tips and grab the best Temu deals. 

But one important point to mention is that you can only apply one coupon code at a time. To use multiple coupons simultaneously to grab high discounts is against the Temu policy, and it does not work.

From now on, you can get a big discount by applying this bulk coupon code on Temu! Enjoy the savvy TEMU DEALS.


Should I compare prices before buying on Temu?

Absolutely! It’s always wise to compare prices on other platforms before hitting the checkout button on Temu. Use online shopping tools or visit competitor websites to see if you can find the same item at a lower price.

Can I save on Temu shipping costs?

Temu often offers free shipping above a certain order value. Look for ongoing free shipping promotions on the Temu website or app. Combining this with other discounts can significantly reduce your overall purchase cost.

Does Temu offer rewards for regular app usage?

Temu occasionally offers daily check-in rewards or mini-games like Fishland or Farmland. Participating in these can sometimes reward you with Temu credits or free shipping coupons, helping you save on future purchases.

Does Temu have any special deals beyond coupons?

Yes! Temu frequently runs limited-time flash sales and lightning deals offering deep discounts on various products. Keep an eye out for the “Flash Sale” section in the app or special banners on the website to catch these deals.

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