Why Temu is so cheap? Temu Offer up to 90% Discount

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Temu is a recently launched online shopping platform whose popularity is increasing rapidly due to its low-cost products, which leads customers to wonder, “Why Temu is so cheap?

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Temu, LLC, is organised by its parent company, PDD Holdings Inc., which is based in China. Temu is successful in establishing a meshwork of millions of suppliers from all over the globe, which makes Temu capable of delivering products to consumers directly from warehouses or factories, which relieves you from retail rates by giving you products at wholesale rates or at a cheap price list.

Read below to get a complete view of “What makes Temu so cheap?”

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What is Temu?

Temu is your one-stop shop for all your listings. You can purchase any product from this mega online store on a low budget. You can choose from different categories, from electronics to wedding accessories, home décor to baby clothes, small appliances to cars, and many of the latest technological gadgets.

You will get many discounted deals, free shipping, spin wheel rewards, and many more offerings from Temu. Currently, Temu is giving a 90% off deal on almost all products in order to celebrate Memorial Day.

Temu is an e-commerce online shopping portal that allows customers to access the millions of products they love. Temu came to the marketplace in September 2022 in the United States through the efforts of PDD Holdings (the parent organisation), which is a Chinese-based platform and also the founder of the well-known Pinduoduo.

Why Temu is so cheap?

Temu confounds the customers with its amazingly cheap products, but why does Temu offer such low-priced products?

Temu makes products affordable for everyone by being a direct bridge between consumers and suppliers. Temu’s job is to just deliver the products to your doorstep.

Temu is owned by PDD Holdings, which also runs the successful e-commerce Pinduoduo platform, which will accumulate revenue of about $18 million in 2022. Due to Pinduoduo’s high ranking, it has generated a huge chain of merchants (suppliers). PDD Holdings uses the same meshwork of suppliers on the Temu platform.

Temu stacks up these unlimited products on its website and becomes a straight line between the buyer and supplier. This designed business model of Temu cuts off the retail markup and delivers the customer a less expensive product.

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To conclude it differently, Temu connects buyers directly to merchants or suppliers to avoid the markup of any middleman between them; that’s how everything on Temu is so cheap.

Does Temu have good quality products?

Temu has a vast collection of well-known brands. For example, Adidas, Urban Decay, Naked, Tote Bags, Secret’s Pink brand, Aiweien, Qizf, and many more top brands. They offer quality products to their customers, and most of the buyers were satisfied with what they got, as shown in their reviews.

But according to the BBB review, Temu stands at 2.35 and has a C+ rating. The reason is that BBB receives many complaints from consumers that their shipments take too long or that they didn’t get the product or a refund.

On social media platforms, Temu gets a lot of hype, especially on TikTok, where the audience is obsessed with its products and quality.

Pro Tip: Whenever you are amazed by any of the Temu products and want to purchase them, firstly, take a deep look at its reviews and check the ratings of the brand. If it has a positive response, purchase it and add a review later when you get this quality product to satisfy the audience more.

Temu legit or fake:

Temu is a legitimate online shopping space that gives you unlimited ways to acquire your desired products. This e-commerce platform has positive and negative views as well.

Most of the customers received the item and shared their good experience with Temu, but many of them didn’t receive their product or got a low quality product with a long delay in shipping.

Don’t get upset with Temu, to get on the list of satisfied customers, choose the international Chinese brands or on-demand ranked retailers and get the product exactly as ordered. In short, Temu is not fake or a scam you can order and receive your desired items.


Temu aims to deliver quality goods to consumers that are affordable for them. Join the Temu app now and get an exclusive 90% discount immediately with free shipping as well.

Temu is the home for these deals, with rewards and spin wins that make products more convenient for you.


Where are Temu products sourced?

Most Temu products come from China, where lower production costs result from factors like reduced labor expenses and easily accessible materials. By sourcing directly from Chinese manufacturers, Temu eliminates middlemen and can reduce overall product costs.

Does Temu sacrifice quality for price?

Temu’s pricing strategy raises quality concerns. Some users report positive experiences, while others encounter issues such as poor materials or inconsistent descriptions. It’s important to read reviews and choose reputable sellers.

Is Temu a legitimate company?

Temu is a subsidiary of Pinduoduo, a major e-commerce player in China. While Temu is relatively new in the US market, its parent company has a proven track record. However, Temu is still establishing itself, and user experiences can vary.

What’s the catch with Temu’s low prices?

Some speculate that Temu is using a “loss leader” strategy by selling products at a loss to attract customers and gain market share, with the aim of recovering the losses through increased sales volume or additional services.

Are there hidden costs associated with Temu?

While Temu often offers free shipping above a certain order value, some purchases might incur shipping fees. Be sure to factor in potential shipping costs and any applicable taxes before finalizing your order.

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