Shipping from India to USA (Cheapest details 2023)

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Shipping goods from one country to another country is one of the biggest challenges. Get the cheapest shipping from India to USA by reading this post. you can face while planning to move internationally. Choose fast and reliable services if you want to ship goods from India to the USA. Several factors are responsible for the shipment process: selecting courier services, choosing the shipping company, postage, and handling charges. 

Remember that a good courier company will consistently deliver your shipment on time.

Shipping from India to USA

The benefit of choosing an excellent courier company:

  1. Speed- The courier company nowadays offers fast courier services also. The customers can choose to go for a standard or high-speed delivery depending on their requirements.
  2. Customization– Tailored services are also available to fit your shipping according to your requirements. Personalized delivery options also let you securely ship goods to your relatives in another country.
  3. Costs and deadlines– Shipping experts can help you guide with this. Your courier company can reduce the extra costs. They also offer timely delivery and do not miss deadlines to ensure your goods arrive on time.

India and the US are the two most potent manufacturing powerhouses in the world. Your freight can be shipped by air and ocean both. It’s a long haul of dispatch and delivery between these two nations. As both the countries have large consumer markets, import and export business between them is also worth it.

You have two options while shipping commercial goods from India to the USA – ocean or air. Both have their pros and cons.

Ocean freight from India to the USA:

  1. Less than the container, also known as LCL- less than container load is used when the shipment is less than 15 cubic meters in volume. LCL delays shipments. Before releasing in the United States, your shipment must pass customs and be de-consolidated. In consolidation, your shipment won’t be processed until the container is filled with other cargo.
  2. Full Container Load, also popularly known as the FCL: Full container load is ideal if you have at least 6 to 12 pallets for shipment to the USA. It is generally a faster but costlier process. A particular container is exclusively rented for your shipment. You must pay for the container as it is your freight now.

Air Freight from India to the USA:

The fastest way to import from India to the USA is by flying your freight by a cargo-only or passenger aircraft. Though it is usually an expensive option to go for, its services make it worth it.

Exploring the reasons to choose air freight shipping? Well, Airfreight is worth it if:

  1. Fast delivery: Air freight is the quickest mode of cargo delivery and is preferred in need of speed. It asks for almost half the time compared to the other shipping methods.
  2. Risk: For risky items that might get destroyed with time, it can be preferred for air freight. The less time is taken for the shipment, the lesser the risk. For example, food items may have the chance of expiring soon.
  3. Delicate cargo: Cargo items that are delicate and prone to damage are preferred for air shipment.
  4. Expensive items: Air freight is more reliable and less likely to damage or misplaced goods. This is highly preferred for expensive cargo.
  5. Small consignments: It is a cost-effective shipping mode for small consignments.

Shipping from India to USA: Approximate cost of cargo

The following factors will be taken into account for your freight shipment:

  1. Nature- nature of cargo as in the item is listed under food items, electronics, chemicals, or other essential shipment costs.
  2. Origin and destination- Origin and destination port also determine the cost of your freight.
  3. Type of service- The delivery service requested, such as door-to-door or port-to-port, is another crucial factor for cost price.
  4. Mode of transport- Ocean freight and air freight further decide the cost. FCL and LCL in ocean freight also make a huge impact.
  5. Other factors such as size, volume, and weight of the cargo are also considered.

Freight weighing less than 100 kg doesn’t make much difference between air and ocean freight. For more than 100 kg, ocean freight is the best option, although air is quite fast.

35 kg or fewer consignments must seek international courier services as freight forwarders do not handle such small shipments.

Commercial Invoice:

While shipping goods from India to the USA, a commercial invoice is added and the other shipping documents.

  1. The invoice must be in English- The commercial invoice must be attached with all the shipments. You can also search for various invoice templates on the net for references. This invoice needs to be connected in English only. English is preferred as it is a globally accepted language.
  2. Description of your shipment goods- The commercial invoice must contain a complete and accurate description of the interests of your shipment. Make sure you don’t write generic descriptions.
  3. Country of origin of goods- It is essential to list the country of origin of your shipment of goods on your commercial invoice. That means you need to mention the manufacturing country of the goods and not from where the shipment will take place.
  4. EIN (Employer Identification Number) – The importer’s EIN on the commercial invoice is provided by the shipper, custom agent, or recipient. The employer identification number is to speed up the importation process.
  5. HS code – Don’t forget to include the shipment’s HS code on your commercial invoice. Also, make sure you enter the complete details of the receivers. This step claims to be vital as it can promise to save much time.

FDA (Food and drug administration) requirements:

Food and drug administration control the import of a wide range of goods (FDA). While shipping goods from India to the USA, you need to get the FDA goods screened.

Role of Food and drug administration- 

Food and drug administration approves Food, drugs, biological substances, cosmetics, medical devices, and devices that emit radiation, such as electronic devices.

How to get the approval of the FDA? 

FDA processes the shipment of goods electronically before the beginning of the import process. The foremost step is to submit FDA-related product details via the CBS system, i.e., the US customs and border protection system. The HS code of each product determines other importation requirements needed.

A broker is an expert in the shipment process as they know all the customs regulations and can handle things much better. A US customs agent/broker can handle all shipment-related matters on your behalf, and thus, they can take the approval of the same from your side. They help you with the safety and timely delivery of the shipment goods.

Shipment goods:

There are lists of products that need to be encrypted with more details before shipment. It would be best if you had an additional permit or certificate along with your commercial invoice. You can also create a separate worksheet to attach with your shipping documents.

Items that need special attention include the following:

  1. Eyeglasses and sunglasses- You must be first registered with the FDA if you are trying to ship eyeglasses or sunglasses. A drop ball certificate is required inclusively with your shipping documents. This drop ball certificate is to confirm that lenses are impact resistant.
  2. Vehicles and vehicle equipment- A HS7 form is required with your shipping documents to import a motor vehicle or any related equipment into the USA. Additional documentation may also be needed depending on the vehicle and part. You can visit EPA (Environmental protection agency) in the United States for more information regarding the shipment of such goods.
  3. Clothing and textiles- Clothing and textiles with a value of more than $5 and which are not manufactured in the US need to be labeled with the name and an address of the manufacturer, material content percentage up to 100%, woven or knitted detail, fabric measurements, and garment gender. Unsolicited gifts and personal shipments are excluded from this.
  4. Watches- Watches worth more than $800 need to be provided with additional information. This information is a composition of strap and case, type of movement, power source, number of jewels, country of origin of the campaign, the value of each part, etc. Without this information, your watch may not be shipped to the USA.
  5. Circuit boards- For accurate duty rates, details of printed circuit boards or integrated circuits need to be provided. The size and type of bearing, the form and composition of PCB, the type and bit length of the integrated circuit, and the DRAM statement are required for DRAM shipments. All these details are also needed for shipping goods from India to the USA.
  6. Alcohol and tobacco- There are stringent restrictions on the shipment of alcohol and tobacco.
  7. Footwear- A shipment that exceeds $800 for footwear needs to be provided with an Interim footwear invoice. Personal shipments and half-pair samples are excluded from this list.
  8. Art and antiques- In the case of an original piece of art, along with your shipping documents, include a signed statement. For antiques, items above 100 years old must have an antique account.
  9. Electronics- Although electronic items are usually not required to detail additional documentation, items that can cause harm need to be incorporated with a statement. The list of harmful devices includes radio, transmitters, ultrasonic equipment, etc. Also, attach the Federal communications commission with it.
  10. Chemicals- You need to confirm shipment complies with TSCA, i.e., the toxic substances control act, if you are shipping chemicals or mixtures or any other item that contains a chemical substance. Confirm the TSCA form with the shipment to mark that these chemicals are not subject to guidelines or comply with all the rules.
  11. Food, beverages, and medicines- Owners, operators, and agents must register the shipping facility with the FDA.


Undoubtedly, in today’s time, when the world is going through the Covid-19 disease, shipping on time can be a tricky thing to perform. Shipping goods from India to the USA can be hectic if an individual is not well aware of the rules. But, with little patience and following the correct directions, the delivery of the goods becomes a guarantee.


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