Cheapest Courier Service from India to USA

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It is said that there are about 3 million Indians who are residing in the US. Some of them are involved in businesses, and others are doing some job. The objective of all of them is to earn a respectable livelihood for themselves and their families.

All these people have to interact with their home countries one way or the other. Often they come across a situation where they have to send a package from the US to India.

These shipments can either be commercial courier parcels, some gifts, or any such material. While doing so, the Indians usually find it challenging to choose a company that is most reliable and provides the cheapest courier service.

Which Service to Use to Send Parcels to India?

It’s quite challenging to find the most suitable service to send shipments from the US to India. You might have come across this issue many times. However, there is no need to worry anymore.

In this article, we will enlist some of the best and cheapest courier services that you can use to send shipments from the USA to India. A detailed description will be provided for each service based on their prices, suitability, timing, and reliability.

So, if you are interested in shipping with ease in the future, then stay tuned to us. We will make your shipment process much more comfortable.

Let’s get started.

Modes of Shipping

You know that there are several modes of shipping available. Two ways are most common, which are:

  • Shipping by Air
  • Shipping by Sea

Now which method to choose majorly depends on two things i.e., timing and cost. The decision entirely depends on you. Are you looking to transfer the parcel on an urgent basis, or you are interested in saving money by delaying the time?

The simple rule is that if you are not in a hurry, then go for shipment by Sea. The reason is that shipment by Sea is the most cost-effective method to send your parcels back to India.

The only drawback of shipment by Sea is that your parcel will take about 7-10 weeks to reach India. But you will end up saving a significant amount of money.

Contrarily, if you want to ship on an urgent basis, then you will have to choose Shipping by Air. You will have to bear a considerable amount of cost if you use shipment by air, but the advantage is that your parcel will be delivered in a duration of a few days to weeks.

So, consider these factors and do save your cost if you are not in a hurry. However, don’t forget that the receiver has to be present at the local customs office to receive the items in both cases.

How to Prepare the Parcels for Shipment to India

The preparation of the parcel is the most crucial part of the shipment process. Remember, this parcel has to travel across the borders and not from one city to another.

So, before handing it over to any shipping company, you must pay heed in preparing and packing the sample carefully.

Following are some essential points that you must consider before handling your parcel to the shipment company.

  • Pack the utensils carefully in double-ply boxes. It’s better to get it done from a Home Depot. Do not use fancy boxes; instead, go for standard and durables boxes
  • Do not pack brittle things. You can take those with you because airlines allow a certain amount of hand carry
  • After packing, get an estimated weight of your box
  • Mention all the details on the sample box including the credentials of both i.e., the receiver and the sender
  • Once packed, take a photo of your package and keep it as a record with you. You may require it if any mishap takes place

Is there a Need for Buying Insurance for Shipping Items to India?

You may get confused that should I get my parcel insured or not? Well, it’s not that difficult to decide.

The decision entirely depends on the item that you are shipping. If the thing is expensive and is valuable to you, then there is no harm in getting your product insured.

But if the product is not that valuable, then there is no need to spend an additional amount on getting your parcel insured.

However, if you are interested in getting your parcel insured, then do read the insurance rules and regulations carefully before making a final decision. 

Factors to Consider while sending a Parcel through the Cheapest Courier Service

To make your decision process more accessible, we have enlisted a few factors that you must consider while selecting a company through which you will send your shipment. The factors are:

  • Pricing
  • Reputation
  • Delivering Time
  • Reliability
  • Customer Satisfaction

Cheapest Courier Service from India to the USA

After getting familiarized with all the rules and regulations that you need to keep in mind while shipping a parcel from the USA to India, we now discuss some of the best and cheapest available services to send our package safely.

1. Courier Force

Courier Force is India’s favorite delivery service. The company claims to be the cheapest courier service when compared to others. Moreover, their shipment process is quite reliable and transparent.

Courier Force allows you to send parcels either from India to the USA or vice-versa. They make sure to complete the shipment process as fast as possible.

Starting from a single parcel, you can safely deliver hundreds of them through Courier Force.

The company charges the amount based on door to door delivery from the USA to India. The process is quite simple i.e., courier force will collect the parcel from your residence in the USA and deliver it safely to your destination address anywhere in India.

It usually takes somewhere between 2 to 4 working days to deliver your parcel to India from the USA   

The starting price may be slightly higher if you are using Courier Force, but it reduces significantly as your parcel increases in weight. For example, for a sample of 1kg Courier Force may charge 2390 INR but for a sample of 10kg the amount is about 8120 INR

So, if you are interested in shipping to India, Courier Force should be your first choice.

2. Garuda Vega

Garuda Vega is providing fast, secure, and economical courier services to the Indian community in the US. They deliver parcels from the USA to India within five working days at an affordable price.

The process is quite simple. You have to fill an online form available on Garuda Vega’s website and email it at their mentioned email address. On checking the details, Garuda Vega will send you a quote covering the price for the shipment.

Once satisfied, you can generate the payment either online or at their USA office in Atlanta, GA. The cost is about $90 for 10lbs parcel.

On receiving the payment, the company will send you an invoice sheet, which you will have to label on the parcel.

Finally, you can either deliver the parcel at any Garuda Vega office or avail shipment pickup service, which is free of cost.

So, for reliable and fast shipment to India, you can consider Garuda Vega as another good option.

3. FedEx

FedEx is the name of an Internationally recognized brand. It’s the name of pure trust and reliability.

FedEx specializes in dealing with particular goods such as hazardous or dangerous products. FedEx allows you to track your shipment at any stage.

FedEx is relatively expensive, and the costs start from 1000 Rs for a parcel of 50g.

fastest courier service from usa to india

4. DHL

DHL is the most recognized name in the field of shipping. The brand is among the most recognized brands in the world.

DHL is known for using the most advanced software, providing superior customer support, and delivering the sample well on time. These features make them the best shipment service in operation.

They make sure that the parcels are delivered to the designated destination in a minimum possible time in a most cost-effective manner.

DHL provides a secure tracking system, takes care of customs, and also provides express delivery when required.

The shipping rates from India to the USA through DHL start at Rs. 120 Rs for a parcel of 50 g and can go up to Rs. 320 Rs per 50 g depending delivery time variations.

5. Parcel Monkey

Parcel Monkey is another cheapest courier service to send shipments to India from the US.

Their unique online shipping calculator makes it possible for you to calculate and compare the fares easily. So, you don’t have to spend time in finding the best prices from other providers.

To send your sample through parcel monkey, pack it carefully, weigh it, and enter the dimensions on their online shipping calculator. Enter all other relevant data, and you will get a price quote from Parcel Monkey.

The amount charged for a shipment varies. It depends on the size of the parcel and the time at which you want to get your sample delivered. However, Parcel Monkey claims that they make sure to charge the lowest amount when compared to other providers.

6. USPS Connection with Parcel Monkey

Survey Monkey has a special connection associated with the United States Postal Service (USPS). What happens is that if you choose to send your packages through USPS, you can still take the benefit from discounted USPS shipping rates to India. To avail that discount, you have to book your parcel online with Parcel Monkey.      

The process is quite simple, where you have to book online using their shipping calculator, print the shipping label, and attach it with your package. Finally, drop the package at any USPS store.

You’ll enjoy the same excellent USPS service at a discounted price.

7. Fastway Express

Fastway Express is among the top delivery companies in the world. Fastway express claims to be the most reliable shipment service. It makes sure to deliver the parcels most safely and securely.

Fastway express provides expert delivery services making sure that the process is completed effectively, securely, efficiently, and affordably.        

They allow transferring all legal items, including; food, electronics, relevant documents, or anything else. Fastway provides door to door delivery services. Their delivery system ensures that the item gets delivered safely and promptly.

Fastway Express allows you to track your parcel at any stage of the delivery. They also offer free parcel packaging services.

The documentation process is quite simple and hassle-free.  You have to complete and submit an online documentation form. After that, Fastway will send you a quote that will include the pricing depending on your sample weight and packaging.

If the quote is following your requirements, you can schedule a pickup of the parcel. They offer payment collection options either at the time of scheduling or at the time of delivery.

So, if you are looking to relocate any parcel from India to the USA, consider doing it by Fastway Express.

8. Ship Rocket

Ship rocket is another leading name in the eCommerce Shipping Industry. Ship rocket partners with three major companies which are DHL, FedEx, and Aramex. So, it is quite evident that neither the quality nor the pricing will be compromised.

Ship Rocket allows you to track your parcels through a white-label. They make sure that packages are delivered to the desired destination well on time.

The pricing at Ship Rocket starts at Rs 110 per 50 g.


Having read all the services available to send a parcel from the USA to India, it will now be much easier for you to decide which service provider should I go for.

Before making the final decision, give a careful insight into all the services available and choose the cheapest courier service, that provides reliable services and best suits your requirements.

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I want to ship my product to USA but the problem is the super high rate of shipping is there any company out there who can ship from India to USA in a cheap rate

if you are interested in shipping to India, Courier Force should be your first choice.
The starting price may be slightly higher if you are using Courier Force, but it reduces significantly as your parcel increases in weight. For example, for a sample of 1kg Courier Force may charge 2390 INR but for a sample of 10kg the amount is about 8120 INR.

What is the cheapest way to send a parcel to USA?

With Parcel Monkey, you can buy Parcelforce Global Priority at a discounted rate if you’re looking for cheap postage to the US.

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