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Start your Noggin subscription free for 2-months, After your trial ends, you’ll be charged $7.99 per month until you cancel. Noggin offers a library of eBooks, learning games, interactive episodes, activities, and shorts created by curriculum specialists. You can watch 1,000+ full episodes of preschool favorites like PAW Patrol, Peppa Pig, and Blue’s Clues & You ad-free! On fun learning adventures, kids can explore math, science, literacy, music, manners, and more!

You can keep your kids entertained while stuck at home by subscribing to Nick Jr. Just click on the button below for a FREE 2-month subscription. Noggin! Nick Jr. Noggin is an interactive learning app for preschoolers that offers games, complete episodes, books, and activities. To learn more about Noggin Subscription Discount and Offer, keep reading.

Noggin Subscription Cost

About Noggin

Nickelodeon and Sesame Workshop launched Noggin on February 2, 1999. The brand was first established as a cable television channel and interactive website centered around the concepts of imagination, creativity, and education. Since its launch, the brand has grown to include a mobile streaming app and several defunct programming blocks.

In order for kids to grow big hearts, strong minds, and healthy bodies, Noggin uses the latest research in learning and child development. Children who engage with our content develop skills they need for school and life: the math, literacy, and thinking skills essential for academic success, in addition to the social-emotional skills and healthy habits that support their development inside and out. 

Noggin primarily targeted pre-teens and teenagers when it launched as a TV network. It produced several original shows during its first three years:

  • The live-action educational series A Walk in Your Shoes
  • The short-form puppet series Oobi
  • The game show

As well as the variety series Phred on Your Head Show. Programs were divided into three distinct blocks: one for pre-teens and teens, an early morning block for younger children, and a nighttime block for “adult retro” programming.

Noggin Subscription

Noggin is the only subscription service where your child is introduced to learning through Nick Jr. characters they know and love! Noggin is easy to sign up for.

  1. Click here to start your free trial of Noggin (Start Your 2 Months of Noggin)
  2. Click here to create a FREE account
  3. You will receive a confirmation email (to verify your account)
  4. Noggin is available for iOS, Android, Amazon, and Roku devices from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon App Store.
  5. To sign in, open the Noggin app and tap Sign In.
  6. Sign in using your Noggin account email and password.

If you have a Noggin subscription and account, you can sign in on any supported device. No additional subscription is necessary.

Noggin TV Shows

Noggin TV ShowsDetails
PAW PatrolChase, Skye, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble, and Marshall are some of the pups in PAW Patrol. They are led by a boy named Ryder. In addition to protecting Adventure Bay, the PAW Patrol teaches kids how to solve problems through teamwork.
Blaze and the Monster MachinesBlaze and the Monster Machines features Blaze, the world’s most amazing monster truck, and his driver, AJ. Preschoolers help Blaze on his adventures in Axle City, solving problems based on a STEM curriculum (science, technology, engineering, math).
Bubble GuppiesTake a musical journey with the Bubble Guppies! Through this funny variety show, preschoolers learn science, math, and reading while exploring themes such as dinosaurs, recycling, rock ‘n roll, colors, and cowboys.
Shimmer & ShineShimmer and Shine, twin genies-in-training, grant wishes for Leah, their best friend. Wishes don’t always go as planned, leaving them with a magical mess to clean up! But by working together, they are able to fix things!
Blues Clues & You!Kids love Blue’s Clues & You! Through interactive videos, they teach literacy, math, science, and the arts. By helping Josh and Blue get ready for school, they collect the tools they need.
Team UmizoomiTeam Umizoomi comes to the rescue! Help Milli, Geo, Bot, and UmiCar solve everyday problems in Umi City. To help the team, preschoolers will have to use their “Mighty Math Powers” to recognize shapes, count, sort, measure, and pattern.
Peppa PigPeppa Pig lives with her mother, father, and brother, George. She enjoys jumping in mud puddles and snorting loudly. Every episode includes fun, everyday activities that encourage kids’ social and emotional development.
Dora the ExplorerJoin Dora, Boots, Backpack, Map, and Swiper on preschool adventures around the world and in your backyard. As they help Dora on her adventures, preschoolers can sing, dance, learn math, reading, Spanish words, and more.
Noggin KnowsWhen your child joins Emmanuel and the Noggin preschool class, they will learn about dinosaurs, planets, space, and the ocean along with their favorite Noggin characters.
Mutt & StuffCalvin and the incredible dogs of Mutt & Stuff, the coolest dog school on the planet! The Barks Brothers, Giggle and Wiggle, Zippy, and Grandma will amaze the kids with their tricks, dance parties, and costumes. You’ll even get to pet a puppy!
Digby DragonIn spite of Digby’s kind heart, his thirst for adventure often leads him into strange situations. Digby’s bravery and determination make him a hero and the perfect preschool companion.
BackyardigansUniqua, Pablo, Tyrone, Tasha, and Austin use their imaginations to transform their backyard into a fantastical 3-D landscape where they embark together on amazing adventures.

Why should I choose Noggin?

Noggin is the only service where your child can learn alongside the Nick Jr. characters they are familiar with and love. There are math missions with the PAW Patrol, letter activities with the Bubble Guppies, and Spanish lessons with Dora-and you can trust the expert-driven content to help them succeed.

Noggin draws upon the latest research in learning and child development to help kids grow healthy bodies, strong minds, and big hearts. We provide children with the foundational math, literacy, and thinking skills that are crucial for academic success, as well as the social-emotional skills and healthy habits that support their development inside and outside the classroom. Students will learn how to find the correct answer, of course, but also gain the confidence to stand up for what is right for themselves and for others.

Noggin Subscription

FAQ on Noggin Subscription

How much does Noggin cost?

Starting with a 60 Days free trial, you’ll have 1,000+ ad-free preschool episodes, a library of learning videos, weekly new content, and live customer support 7 days a week with your $7.99/month subscription.

Where can I access Noggin?

Currently, Noggin is available for iOS, Android, Kindle, Roku, Android, Fire, and Apple TV.

For what age Noggin is recommended?

Noggin is designed for children ages 2 to 6+. The content they create is crafted by educational experts to meet kids wherever they are on their learning journey.

Does Noggin offer a yearly subscription?

Noggin by Nick Jr. is a streaming app for parents to give their little ones free access to 1,000 ad-free episodes of preschool favorites such as PAW Patrol, Bubble Guppies, and Peppa Pig.

How long is a Noggin free trial?

Get a free 60-day trial of Noggin. After that, just $7.99/month*

Looking for a better streaming service?

Maybe Noggin didn’t have the channels you wanted, or maybe the price put you off. Regardless, we’ve covered the best live TV streaming services in the past. You might as well try them all since they all offer free trials and discounts.

Streaming ServicesOffersPromo Code Auto Applied
Disney Bundle25% DiscountLink to Subscribe
ESPN Plus6.99/moLink to Subscribe
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