Amazon Prime vs Hotstar vs Netflix- Which is the best?

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The moment you are bored with your mundane lifestyle you can plunge over the decision to watch a movie or a recently launched web series. The options were limited years ago but today there is a multitude of options Hotstar vs amazon prime, vs Netflix to stream online movies and shows at a bare minimum cost.

With the revolution of the internet no doubt we have access to everything nearly possible just within a click. But this has also resulted in plenty of options that it is difficult to decide which is the best. For instance – If we look at the online streaming platforms today we have a list of options namely Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Jio TV, Sling TV, etc. Each one of these platforms has access to the latest movies and tv shows but slightly different in terms of prices and features. Thus the war of best continues.

Netflix is a cosmos of web series and movies that once you enter it is difficult for you to go back any soon. On the other hand, Hostar which recently launched Disney + in India has all sorts and genres of movies and shows at cheaper plans. Amazon Prime, on the other hand, is also a popular streaming platform that claims to provide access to its services at monthly charges of just $12.99 per month.

The introduction of all these has led to a paradigm shift from TV to online streaming and has poised a serious threat to all major OTT platforms and big media houses. But when there are a lot of platforms competing to provide the best service it is difficult to choose the best one. So in this blog, we will compare different streaming platforms based on parameters such as features, cost, content, quality, etc. 

Netflix vs Hotstar vs Amazon Prime vs Sling TV: Plans 

amazon prime vs hotstar

So the first parameter for us to compare all these platforms is price or plans. It is the cost that is the major benchmark while signing up for any of these platforms.

Hotstar has two types of subscription plans. The subscription for a monthly plan of Hotstar is $19.99  per month and $49.99 annually. However, Hotstar has stopped access to monthly plans which means you have to now subscribe to the annual plan to watch Hotstar in the USA.

Amazon Prime, on the other hand, offers subscription plans for $119 per year or $12.99 per month. The first 30 days of the annual subscription are free, and you can cancel anytime 

Netflix which has a major contribution to the latest content offers its membership fee for $8.99 a month for the standard definition. If you own an HD tv and looking for High definition experience of a show, you have to pay a little extra than the standard definition users, $12,99. And for someone with a 4k screen, Netflix offers you an Ultra HD package for $15.99.

Whereas Sling TV has three subscription plans Sling Orange for $30 per month,  Sling Blue $30 per month, Sling Orange + Sling Blue for $45 per month.

Netflix vs Hotstar vs Amazon Prime Video: Streaming quality 

The other major factor to differentiate between these plans is their streaming quality and screen share. Obviously, you won’t compromise on quality for the amount paid. 

The Standard subscription of Netflix is priced at $8 per month which gives you access to an unlimited amount of DVDs, or $10 per month if you are looking to access Blu-rays, with limitation of one disc at a time.Whereas, if you are looking to have an exciting night in front of the TV you can upgrade to Premium, which costs $12 per month for DVDs or $15 per month to access Blu-rays as well, with the option to use two discs at a time.

Amazon prime whereas supports  4K Ultra HD content with HDR at no extra cost.Moreover, you can share accounts with friends and family, so everyone can get in on the deals.

Netflix vs Hotstar vs Amazon Prime vs Sling TV: Content 

All these platforms have wide content but quantity and quality is the thing that differentiates these platforms. What genre you want to watch slightly dictates the platform  or combination of platform that is best for you. 

Netflix gives a tough competition here as it offers the most popular movies and shows outside of HBO. But also provide access to a large number of acclaimed international films.

Similarly on Amazon Prime video, you can watch any TV show or a movie made available to stream on the platform.In addition to Amazon originals you can access to movies from various genres and languages. It also stream original shows such as Hanna, Homecoming, The Widow, and more. Both the streaming platforms  i.e., Amazon Prime video and Netflix are similar in many ways but differ from each other in terms of access. For instance, if you have subscribed to Amazon Prime (Amazon Music and premium delivery services) then, you can access Amazon’s streaming service as a standard.

Sling other major platform has quiet popular content but  not as robust as its competitors such as Netflix and Hotstar.

Though Sling Orange and Sling Blue’s provides you additional features, but both feature networks that the other doesn’t. Orange gives you access to ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, Disney Channel and Freeform (basically, Disney-owned networks) while Blue let you wach more unique networks, such as USA, Bravo, Fox News, FX, E!, National Geographic and Syfy

The content of Hotstar holds India-centric approach consisting of all Inidan shows and Movies. You can stream to all the major channels such as Star Plus, Star Jalsha, and Asianet; Indian movies either produced by Fox Star (Jolly LLB) or those it has international licenses for (Singham Returns); and its own originals, such as On Air with AIB, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Take 2, and Hotstar CinePlay.

Not only this if you are a cricket fan you can watch IPL on Hotstar . Along with this Hotstar supports other sports such as cricket, kabaddi, badminton and hockey etc. It claims to offer over 60,000 hours of TV, and more than 2,000 Indian movies, along with live sports.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video vs Sling TV : Interface and Use

Netflix has extraordinary interface, and it’s moderately simple to discover what you need since it recommendes movies and shows through a customized “top picks” classification on the home screen and offers a smooth plan. All things considered, throughout the years the organization has changed its features, dropping 5-star ratings for an approval framework, and all the while, it appears to figure out how to push its content over all others. The interface is same regardless of  gadget or brand, including HDTVs, gaming consoles, Rokus, and Blu-ray players, so you won’t need to figure out how to utilize another interface

Amazon has a progressively differentinterface, yet like its competitors, it is continually improving. One point in support of its is that you can watch Prime Video straightforwardly on the Amazon site page and its different applications, and it likewise works extraordinary with Amazon’s Fire TV . For example, on Fire TV gadgets and the Echo Show, Alexa can surface your ideal film or show by reacting to your voice. These interfaces will in general differ from one gadget then onto the next, and to be honest, some aren’t as instinctive as others.

Sling TV’s application has a UI that is more similar to Netflix than the traditional digital TV l (however it has one of those as well). The interface highlights thumbnail pictures of shows and access to on-request content – it centers around individual channels and classifications in a simple to use manner.The principle My TV page lets you pick your preferred channels and shows, just as keep watching on-request content where you left it.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video vs Sling TV: Offline download

Both the streaming platforms Netflix and Amazon Prime Video give you the choice to download and watch content offline on your smartphone app, Hotstar only allows this for its regional content. You cannot downloaded and watch premium content offline.

Netflix vs Hotstar vs Amazon prime vs Sling TV : Devices

Netflix allows to create up to five user profiles. With the basic plan lets you stream to one device at a time. On the other hand with standard plan you can stream two devices at a time and if you have a premium plan you can stream 4 devices at a time. 

 With Amazon Prime Video you can stream content on up to 3 devices at a time  so long as you’re watching three different titles. But you can’t watch the same title on more than two devices at the same time.

Hotstar allows you to watch any content in a maximum of two devices at a time 

With Sling you can view up to 3 screens at one time. Any extras added to an service will be included with three streams. 


As stated above all the platforms offers you different features and content it highly depends on the content you are looking to watch. If you are much into watching original movies and shows and international movies I will highly recommend you to opt for Netflix but if you are looking for mix content at a competitive price Amazon and Sling are the options that you probably consider. If you are looking to watch regional tv shows and web series consider choosing Hotstar.

But what if you are looking to watch IPL or piqued up to watch a special show getting streamed on any one of this platform making a biased decision might be challenging at times hence it’s better to have choices and plunge to watch any of these. The decision to choose the platform might also depend on your ability to spend. At times you can’t have access to all the options you have to make the hard choices. 

Let us know in the comment which of these platforms is majorly streamed by you and why ?

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