T20 World Cup: How To Watch India Vs Bangladesh live in USA

India Vs. Bangladesh ICC T20 World Cup is an exciting event for all cricket fans. Both teams are getting ready to show off their action-packed performances. So how can you watch this incredible cricket event live?

Sports fans in USA will love to watch this thrilling event of the T20 World Cup matches with the most popular streaming service ESPN+, and you can also subscribe to the biggest streaming package Disney Bundle.

This article will discuss How To Watch India Vs Bangladesh live? And how can you take advantage of Mega Discount (43% OFF) on Disney Bundle? Let’s Get Started!

Watch India vs Bangladesh

India Vs Bangladesh History:

India Vs. Bangladesh has played 11 games against each other in T20. They have all been thrilling as no one could predict who would be the winner until the end of the game.

Although both teams have a history of great game plays and winnings, Bangladesh has been upping their game by improving their team. 

Recently they have been below India on paper, but it will be interesting to see what this new team brings to the table.

How to Watch India Vs Bangladesh?

All the Sports content in the USA can be watched with the biggest streaming giant ESPN+, so If you’re a sports fan living in the USA, then you need to subscribe to ESPN+ for $9.99 per Month.

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Disney Bundle

Best Way to Watch India Vs Bangladesh (Disney Bundle)

Watch India Vs. Bangladesh live on Disney Bundle! You can watch everything from action movies to fantasy sports games on one of the largest streaming services in the USA.

With just one subscription, you can stream all your favorite movies and TV shows on any device, including your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Disney Bundle Subscription Cost:

If you are a cricket fan, you will be pleased to know that the Disney Bundle is one of the most affordable streaming packages on the market today. A monthly subscription costs $13.99, and an annual subscription costs $79.99.

But right now, if you’re a Cricket fan, Disney Bundle is offering a 43% discount. Want to take advantage? Read our related article and claim your 43% off on Disney Bundle:

T20 WC on Disney Bundle

Watch India Vs Bangladesh with ESPN+:

Do you want to watch India Vs. Bangladesh online live? 

One of the best ways to do it is through ESPN+. ESPN+ is a well-liked streaming service in the US that provides live sports streaming content with a variety of language options, 4K streaming quality, and a wonderful user experience.

On ESPN+, you can watch sports from the MLB, NHL, and MLS, in addition to cricket. There are other sports on ESPN in addition to PGA golf, UFC, college football, international soccer, and tennis.

ESPN+ Subscription Cost:

ESPN+ is a paid streaming service that costs $9.99 per Month. If you want access to ESPN+ for the whole streaming season, an annual subscription costs $99.99.

You know, this is a bit costly, so we recommend that you sign up for Disney Bundle. Still, you can benefit from the 7-Day Free Trail if you just wish to subscribe to ESPN+.

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T20 WC on ESPN Plus

Watch India Vs Bangladesh With Sling TV:

You can watch live sports, news, popular TV shows, and movies on Sling TV. Sling TV offers a wide range of channels, including ESPN, the NFL Network, Fox Sports 1, Disney Channel, CNN, and the Food Network, depending on your subscription.

Sling TV is one of the fantastic options for those who want to watch India Vs. Bangladesh live. On Sling TV, you can watch your preferred teams in live action at a reasonable fee.

You don’t have to worry about missing the game because you can’t access it from your smartphone because it is accessible on numerous platforms. Read our Sling TV Review to know more!

Sling TV Subscription Cost:

Watch your favorite cricket matches on Sling TV! It offers a combined subscription with Willow TV and provides you access to all the popular sports live, highlights from around the world, and much more. 

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Conclusion: Why Choose Disney Bundle?

Overall, We have seen lots of ways to watch India Vs. Bangladesh live, but if you subscribe to ESPN+ alone, then it will cost you $9.99 per Month. On the other hand, if you subscribe to Sling TV, it will cost you $7 for a Month with a single Willow cricket Package.

But just for $13.99, you can get access to all streaming benefits, favorite sports channels, live-action movies, and popular Disney+ original shows in one place! Isn’t it awesome? 

So what are you waiting for? Go and watch your favorite match now!

When is India Vs. Bangladesh ICC World Cup 2022 match?

India Vs. Bangladesh, ICC World Cup 2022 match is on 2 Nov 2022 (Wednesday).

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