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Looking to cut down the cord and make your TV experience better. Whether you are looking to stream Netflix or Hulu or add channels such as ESPN or HBO or simply wanted to stream live TV on Sling you have got all sorted with Amazon fire stick.

Whatever your streaming needs maybe Amazon fire stick makes sure it covers them all. It does not only give you access to steam the content available on Prime Video Library but also supports a few other apps including Netflix, HBO, Disney+, Hulu, and much more. We will discuss these channels later in the blog. Amazon Fire TV has an option of voice over command and comes with an easy to use remote.

What is Amazon Fire Stick?

Amazon fire was first launched in 2014 and then supported few channels. It brought a revolution in the tech industry by introducing an option to stream video on a TV with the help of your internet connection. Amazon fire stick is available in 3 models which give you access to about 15000 apps and games. It also helps you stream Live sports and TV programs with PS Vue and Direct TVnow. In case you are not aware Direct TVnow is a streaming service that is available on Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast, Roku, Apple tv, etc. It does not require a satellite or long term contracts to stream online but helps you watch live tv on all the streaming devices covered above.

Amazon fires stick has a HDMI connector on one end and Micro USB socket on another end. So when you plug it directly on your TV you get the same cinematic experience. You just need an internet connection to stream the latest videos, music, games, etc. directly from your TV. Amazon fire stick keeps updating its content from popular apps and channels. In case you are bored with repeated content and looking for something fresh make sure you check for Amazon Firestick.

Categories of Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon fire stick is available in 3 models – Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick 4K, and Fire TV Cube are also known as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation of Amazon fire stick.

  • The first and second generation of Firestick supports HDMI Support on the TV whereas the third-generation model comes with a separate HDMI Cable.
  • The option of 1080p HD resolution and Dolby Audio is available in all the three models but additional features of Dolby atoms audio and 4k ultra HD and HDR videos are available in the last two models of firestick.
  • Alexa enabled support is available on all the three models but the feature to control certain functions from TV or any device is available in the last two models.
  • Fire TV cube the 3rd generation of Firestick has microphone support to control your TV which is missing in the first 2 models.

Benefits of Fire Stick

1.Unlimited Entertainment

Amazon Firestick gives you access to unlimited content. You can watch anything you want to watch from the latest movies, web series, TV shows on your TV just with help on internet connection. The content on Firestick is not just limited to Amazon prime library but gives you access to all the major streaming platforms like Netflix, Roku, Hulu, Chromecast, and much more.

2.Entertainment on TV

It is quite daunting to share your screen with your family members if you tend to watch something on a mobile screen. Amazon Firestick provides you with a solution. Now you can watch your favorite movie or show on TV along with your family. A cinematic experience with your loved ones.

3. Get access to much more

Popular OTT platforms such as Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Netflix have different genres and categories of content. At times your favourite movie or web series is released on a different platform other than what you have subscribed to. Amazon firestick provides a solution to your problem. It allows you to access content from any of these platforms. Adding an app
Firestick is quite easy. You can access any Fires Stick Channels.

4.Audio content

Looking to groove on beats. Turn on Amazon music. Yes, you read it right. You can stream a plethora of audio content on Fires stick. It gives you access to all the major platforms like Spotify,iHeart Radio, Sirius XM, and much more. Not just this if you want to tune in to podcasts while performing household chores you can easily get access to that.

5.Live recording

Fire TV recast a feature of fire stick helps you record any live sports, local news, late night shows from any TV channel that is available in HD. It means you can record the content from channels like NBC, ABC, FOX, PBS, and The CW.

6.Play Games

Play hundreds of games available on Firestick including popular games such as Mojang, EA, and Disney. You can search for apps to download games and play them on your HDTV.

There are a lot of benefits offered by Amazon Firestick. It gives you access to much more content you can find on your regular TV or on any online platform. The best thing about it is the voice over command and feature of Alexa that gives you more than home theatre experience at a reasonable cost.

Amazon Fire TV vs Amazon Firestick

There is a lot of misunderstanding among people about Amazon Fire TV and Firestick. Many of us are not aware that these two are different streaming devices and not that Amazon fire TV supports Firestick. So let us look at the differences between both the devices.

  1. Fire TV is bigger in size as compared to Firestick. Firestick will hardly take any space as it will be fixed on the HDMI port whereas Fire TV is similar to set up box and requires some space.
  2. Fire TV has more memory as compared to Firestick.
  3. The cost of Fire TV is more of its memory when compared with Firestick. You can save up to $30 just by choosing the option of FireStick
  4. Unlike Fire TV, Firestick has a slow processor and does not support 4K Ultra HD resolution.
  5. Fire TV gives you access to HDMI connector and USB port whereas Amazon Firestick gives provides you HDMI port, Ethernet port, optical audio port, and much more.
  6. Performance is an important factor Fire TV supports Quad Core Arm 1.5 GHz processor while Firestick features Quad Core 1.7 GHz processor.

If we compare both Fire TV vs FireStick definitely Fire Tv has a better edge in terms of features and space. But Amazon has now discontinued the production of Fire TV in the market hence FireStick is the future. We might see better features in Amazon Firestick in the coming days to give a stiff competition to its competitors.

What is the cost of Amazon Firestick?

There is no monthly cost, unlike any other streaming platform. You have to pay for the device once you are ready to stream. But when Firestick provides you a platform to stream content on your TV you still have to pay for subscriptions. Firestick just lets you stream your favorite movie or show but you have to pay to subscribe for Netflix as per their subscription cost.

The cost of this Alexa Device is approximate $ 39.99 in the market. Apart from the one time cost of the device you have to pay the subscription charges of other platforms.

Best Fire stick Channels

With the help of Firestick, you have access to hundreds of TV channels and content. But the options to choose the best out of collection can be a daunting task. So let us have a glance over the best channels available on Amazon Firestick.


You can add a YouTube channel to your Firestick by using the Downloader application. As of late Amazon added the YouTube channel to the Fire Stick Channels list. You can include the YouTube channel for FireStick from Amazon Store.

Pluto TV

In case you are searching for something which allows you to watch the two motion pictures and TV shows, at that point, Pluto TV is a better alternative. Its library will give you free access to 1000+ films and scenes of well-known TV shows. Other than that, you can see free content all day, every day from over 70+ TV channels in HD quality.

Pluto TV likewise offers a VOD (Video On Demand) service for its customers at no cost. Whenever you stream content using a free application, you can’t get rid of ads and Pluto TV isn’t a special case on that. Nonetheless, interestingly, the quantity of ads is somewhat less when compared to other free applications.


Most of us would have used NetFlix on our iOS, Android, or Smart TVs. It additionally has a committed application for the Fire TV or Firestick. You have to pay a monthly subscription cost to watch films or TV shows on NetFlix.

The best alternative for NetFlix is to go for a top-notch plan by offering access to your relatives or friends. As the platform allows you to access it on four devices simultaneously, you won’t face any restrictions on sharing the content.


Like NetFlix, Hulu additionally offers paid membership services to stream motion pictures, TV shows yet additionally 50+ On-Demand and Live TV channels. It has a restrictive application for Fire TV with help for Alexa so you can even utilize your Amazon Echo to quickly watch your preferred scenes on Firestick.

Hulu is a decent alternative for somebody who might want to stream all the types of famous shows which were broadcasted on TV channels like FOX, ABC and more. Like NetFlix, Hulu it permits making various account dependent on the purpose of the viewers.

Crackle TV

Crackle TV is a popular streaming platform that allows customers to watch many blockbuster motion pictures and TV shows. Their library has a decent assortment of motion pictures in different genres like comedy, action, crime thriller, drama, and more. Crackle TV is claimed by the Sony Pictures Entertainment company

As the application has an inbuilt feature of Alexa, you can stream your preferred content with the assistance of voice, rather than taking the pain to type the name of the film or TV show. The main downside of this application is the ads. A lot of customers feel that the time spent ads is excessively more.

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Pandora Music for TV

This application for Firestick gives you the best music listening experience on the big screen. You can get to all your main tunes, artists, and genres on your TV using Pandora Music for TV. It even permits you to read artist profiles and rate tunes for customized recommendations. You can likewise make new stations straightforwardly from your device. There is likewise an amazing search highlight on the music streaming platform for Firestick. It helps to search for music to coordinate your state of mind or movement straightforward.


Spotify is one of the most broadly used Fire TV applications for music. You can without much of a stretch install the application on your Fire Stick to get your music on the TV screen. It allows you to read your favored artists, collections, tunes, and playlists easily. The application is easy to use and control using your Fire TV remote. You can likewise use Spotify Connect on your mobile phone to control playback.

Sling TV

This is undoubtedly outstanding amongst other fire stick channels. Sling TV gives you access to more than 100 live streaming channels. You likewise get 10,000+ long points of on-request content with the application. It permits you to watch live TV from various well known free and premium link systems. This includes ABC News Live, CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, Lifetime, and much more. Sling TV is a membership-based service. It is accessible just in the USA. You should utilize a VPN to access in different nations.


This is a standout amongst other Firestick applications to watch live and on-request TV content. You can get live games, breaking news, shows, and more using the application. AT&T TV application has an easy to use interface. It makes it exceptionally easy to look for your preferred content. Their channel services include A&E, CNN, Food Network, HGTV, Lifetime, TBS, and more. The membership-based platform gives you access to HBO for a year too.


In case you are an incredible basketball fan, at that point, you can simply purchase the NBA League membership and add the NBA for Fire TV channel on your Firestick. That is it. Immediately, you can watch all the rounds of the NBA season live from the solace of your couch.


ESPN has been providing live coverage to a variety of sports like soccer, basketball, football, tennis, cricket, golf for over four decades.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I watch Apple TV on the Amazon Firestick?

To watch Apple TV on Amazon Firestick make sure you have the latest software on Fire TV.
If your software is not updated follow these steps to update it.
1.Go to settings > My Fire TV > About > Check for updates.
2. If it does not have the latest software it will display the option. Update or Install Software. Click it.
3. It will start installing automatically and once completed your device will restart. Now you have the latest software.

To install the Apple TV on Fire Stick/Fire TV follow these steps –
1.Launch Firestick/Fire TV
2.With the help of remote click the search option and type “Apple TV”
3. You will see the option. Click it.
4. Once you open it you will see a ‘Get button’. Get it.
5. Once the installation is complete you can see the button titled open to launch the app.

2.What are the best Live apps for Fire Stick TV?

You can watch hundreds of live TV channels on Fire Stick TV. Here is a rundown of best Live apps for Fire Stick TV.
Redbox TV
Sling TV
Pluto TV

3.How to use Alexa Voice Remote on Fire Stick/Fire TV?

First, you need to pair you Alexa Remote with the Fire TV Stick. Here is how you can do that Using your Fire stick remote, Go to Settings->Controllers & Bluetooth Devices.
Select Amazon Fire TV Remotes.
Choose the option Add New Remote.
Press the Home button for at least 10 seconds.
Once you get paired you can easily navigate fire stick channels with the help of Alexa remote.

4.What are the best alternatives to Amazon Fire Stick?

Roku Ultra: Roku Ultra is the best among other streaming devices and an option in comparison to the Fire Stick. It supports 4K content and in this way, you can access unlimited content with ease.
Apple TV: The best option of Amazon Fire Stick is the Apple TV and you will have the option to stream any advanced content in 4K. With very amazing highlights, you can access content to watch it on your gadget.
Chromecast Ultra: Chromecast Ultra is the best gadget to stream any video content from different channels. It likewise supports 4K videos and you can decide to stream any content.

5.Is there any monthly fee for fire stick?

No there is no monthly fee for fire stick. All you pay is for a one-time purchase of Amazon Fire stick device. After this, you don’t have to pay to access the device. In order to access content from different platforms, you have to pay the subscription charges.
Though there is a lot of Fire Stick Channels that you can access for free if you are looking to access Netflix or Prime you have to pay for subscription charges.

6.How to install Hotstar on Fire stick?

Start the Firestick and visit the “Home screen”
Go to the search icon on the screen
In the search bar type “Hotstar”
Select the Hotstar from the list of apps displayed.
Choose the option Get to download the app
Once the app gets downloaded open the app
Log in the app with your credentials and stream your favorite movies.

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