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qThe square cash app is providing a $15 referral reward for both users. When a square cash app customer refers to a new customer who links the debit card and transfers money for the first time, they both get rewarded. 

 You can now sign up with help of a referral code in the square cash app referral link to avail $5 reward when you use the application for the first time to send $5 only. 

Earn money with square cash app $15 referral bonus program

 Targeted $5-$15 referral bonuses: 

Many people out there are receiving hiked bonuses that provide $10 or $15, which is displayed on the application or the referral link landing page. However, people who use codes like “$10/$15” while signing up are still receiving a bonus of $5 as per the standard square cash app. 

 There seem to be multiple inconsistencies in how much amount will people receive in the referral program. A huge difference in the referral link page and app has been noticed by people. For example, if you see the $10 referral reward in your app, but the landing page will show $5 only. Since it is not much clear what the exact referral bonus users will receive, we are still updating this article based on $5. If you refer someone or use someone else’s code, you will certainly get a $5 bonus, and the possibility to receive a $10 and $15 referral reward is also there—if you are lucky enough. 

 Square cash app allows you to receive money from and send money to anyone with a listed email address or phone number through the linked debit card from the bank. 

If you are a new square cash app user, you can earn a bonus of $5 when you register by entering a referral link received from a listed user, link a debit card and send $5. 

 The best thing about this referral program is that once you become a registered user of the square cash app, you can further refer to the generated code to other people and earn a $5 bonus. When they register through your given link, connect the app to a debit card and send $5, you will instantly receive your bonus. 

 Note: Connecting your debit card to the square cash app is essential in order to receive a reward. 

 Where to enter the code of square cash reward? 

1. After you download the square cash application, open it and click on the top left corner centred setting icon. 

2. At the bottom of the setting block, click on the “enter reward code” option. 

3. Enter the referral code you receive to apply for a $5 reward. 

4. Once you enter the code, you will get 14 days to transfer $5, either as multiple payments or lump sum. 

5. Once you send the square cash of $5, you will instantly receive a $5bonus. 

 How to receive the square cash program $5 sign-up rewards? 

New code and referral code is available: You just need to download the application for android or iOS and sign up with the received referral code to receive a $5 bonus after you follow the condition of connecting the app to a debit card and transfer money. The minimum transfer amount should be $5. You can find people around who would be interested to send referral code to you and you both will receive the $5reward. 

Details of square cash app referral program 

You should have the square cash app in your android or iOS to access the square cash app referral program. After you open the square cash app, you need to invite your friends through the given link “invite friends”, where you can enter the email id or phone number of your friend. 

 When you refer a friend download the square cash app, link it with a debit card, and send at least $5. After completing the procedure, you will both earn a bonus of $5. You both need to follow the procedure of linking a debit card and sending money to receive a bonus. 

As far as we know, you can refer to as many as people you want to, there is no such limit to the amount of $5 referral rewards that you can receive. Referrals should be sent by phone since you can’t refer people from the online account. 

 Cash App Visa debit card (free of cost for users) 

The cash application provides all users with a free debit card that you can use to pay bills anywhere Visa is accepted through the cash balance. You can use the cash visa debit card to withdraw money or make purchases at any cash register or ATM. 

 As soon as you register for the free debit card in the application, you will get access to the account number, and your physical card will arrive within 7 days in the mail. You can even create your customized card including your signature on it. The card will be all back, so you are ultimately getting a slick looking card along with fancy rewards. 

Once you receive your debit card, you can participate in the cash boosts programs to save money at participating dealers. 

Instant discounts with cash card- Cash Boosts 

Cash boosts programs let you pick a category or place and receive instant offers/discounts whenever you use the Visa debit card. You can add cash boosts to the cash app debit card directly and receive special savings whenever you use the debit card at a participating restaurant or store.

 Presently available cash boosts 

1. Subway – $1 Off

2. Shake Shack – 15% Off

3. Panera Bread – 10% Off

4. Whole Foods – 5% Off

5. Chik-fil-a – 10% Off

6. Chipotle – 15% Off

7. Coffee Shops (Big chains and local spots included)- $1 Off 

 More cash boost will be included in the future, so check your square cash app to know more. 

 Buy Bitcoin in Cash app 

Great news for all investors, you can now sell and buy bitcoin through the square cash app with the help of the app’s cash. Save now and invest later to earn more. You just need to have cash saved in your Cash app balance, and then you can buy bitcoin through that cash directly. 

 You can sell the purchased bitcoin and have funds moved back to the square cash app balance when you want, or you can simply send the bitcoin to another wallet from the app directly. 

Square cash application doesn’t involve a fixed amount in dollar or additional percentage onto the bitcoin’s sale when you purchase bitcoin through the cash app, as the rate they buy or sell from you is estimated from the cited market price, comprehensive of a spread or margin. 

 Get the free square cash app to make one person to another person money transfers without giving any charge or fee, and get the app’s debit card to get extra savings from the cash boosts program at participating restaurants and stores whenever you pay a bill or spend cash on anything through the app. 

So, this is all about the square cash app $5 referral program through which you can earn, and save a lot in a month. In this app, both parties (the sender and receiver) will receive rewards after following the mandatory steps which we have mentioned above. Hopefully, this article will help you and your friends to earn and save. 

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