How to watch Hotstar in USA (2023)

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Since the Hotstar app is discontinued in the USA so now the big question is How to watch Hotstar in USA? No problem, in this article we will guide you step by step on Hotstar content streaming in USA plus deals and discounts. You can now watch the IPL 2032, ICC World Cup, your favorite Indian entertainment, & more with The Disney Bundle (Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+).

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Why is Hotstar discontinued in the US?

Hotstar is part of The Walt Disney Company. We are simply taking a selection of your favorite Indian entertainment & sports to a new home with The Disney Bundle. Our aim is to offer subscribers the best streaming experience possible so that everyone in the family can seamlessly stream their favorite entertainment & sports – be it Indian or International.

Hotstar content is available with The Disney Bundle

Before the Hotstar app is discontinued in the US, there will be some changes to where content can be found. Cricket will only be available on ESPN+, and your favorite Indian entertainment will be moved to Hulu over time. Please see the full list below.

Click here for a full list of Hotstar Specials that will eventually be available with The Disney Bundle.

Click here for a full list of Tournaments that will eventually be available with The Disney Bundle.

Click here for a full list of Movies that will eventually be available with The Disney Bundle.

Click here for a full list of TV Shows that will eventually be available with The Disney Bundle.

Steps How to watch Hotstar in USA

The Disney Bundle includes subscriptions to Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu for a discounted price. You save $8/month compared to the retail price of each service when purchasing Bundle. Available Hotstar on Disney bundle for $13.99/month (Note: Just you have to create a separate account for Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu inside the Disney bundle with no extra cost, and inside the Hulu, you can watch Hotstar Content)

  1. Sign up for The Disney Bundle: Click “Disney Bundle” to create your Disney+ account as part of the sign up process. That username and password will also be used to login to ESPN+. Then, look out for an email to activate Hulu.
  2. Access your Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu accounts: Download each app and start streaming. Download the Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN apps on your favorite devices and enjoy.
  3. Download Hulu and stream Hotstar content: Disney Bundle subscribers can stream Hotstar content on Hulu. Log in to Hulu app and stream across your favorite smart TVs, phones, tablets, laptops, and gaming consoles.
  4. Check Icon Existing subscriber? No problem: If you have existing subscriptions or promotions, just sign up and we’ll adjust the amount charged to account for those subscriptions accordingly. Learn more.
Steps to watch hotstar in USA

FAQ on How to watch Hotstar in USA

I want to purchase a Hotstar subscription but I don’t see an option

We are no longer accepting new subscriptions as Hotstar will soon be discontinued in the US. Starting September 01, 2021, you can enjoy a selection of your favorite Indian entertainment & sports with The Disney Bundle. Please visit Disney Bundle official Site to sign up for The Disney Bundle. 

If you are an existing Disney Bundle subscriber, please check the Hotstar Hub within the Hubs section in your Hulu app from September 01, 2021, onwards to discover Indian shows. You can also find LIVE cricket on ESPN+, by streaming it in the ESPN app or via ESPN+ on Hulu.

Can I redeem my offer code at a later time when my existing D+/Hulu/ESPN+ subscription expires?

Your Disney Bundle offer code will expire on the last date of the same month as your Hotstar subscription would have expired.

How do I redeem a promo Code given by hotstar for Disney Bundle?

If you are in Canada, please  follow these steps

– Go to

– Sign in / Create your account

– Click on the hyperlink “Have a promo code”

– Enter the promo code, click on APPLY 

– Check for confirmation “Applied”

– Verify the change in an amount at the top of the screen as per the discount applicable on the code.

– You will be charged the remaining balance amount post discount

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