Watch Hotstar For Free in The USA [5 Easy Steps]

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Hotstar is a popular streaming service that offers a variety of Indian and international shows, from movies to live cricket matches. After its merger with the Walt Disney Company, it is also gaining popularity in the international market.

With multiple local players adding more variety to online streaming services, Hotstar has emerged as a popular content destination for Indians living in the USA. Hotstar US discontinued its service in the USA as a part of the Disney Bundle deal. You might wonder how to watch Hotstar for free.

Hotstar Hub is now available on Hulu and Hotstar Special on SlingTV. You can watch Hotstar shows on Hulu and to watch Indian sports like IPL 2024, ICC T20 World Cup, and other sports either subscribe to Disney Bundle or SlingTV.

Hotstar for free on Hulu subscription

To watch Hotstar channels, movies, and TV shows, you have to subscribe to HULU or SlingTV. Subscribing to both streaming services could cost you extra money. Best option for users is to go with the SlingTV 3-day Free Subscription or with the Disney Bundle package, which contains Hulu, ESPN Plus, and Disney+ at $14.99/mo.

How To Watch Hotstar for free in the USA?

Are you Desi living in the USA and want to watch Disney+ Hotstar in the USA? Then we got you covered with the best Disney+ Hotstar deals on the market.

Hotstar AvailableSubscription CostSubscription Link
Hotstar Special With SlingTV$5Subscription Link
Hotstar With Disney Bundle$14.99Subscription Link

To watch Hotstar content and shows in the USA, you have to subscribe to the HULU or Disney Bundle package and watch Indian sports like IPL 2024 and ICC Men’s T20 WC. If you’re already a HULU subscriber, then go to the managed account page and upgrade your Hulu subscription to Disney Bundle.

How to Subscribe Disney Bundle package to watch Hotstar in the USA?

  • Open the link to Subscribe to Disney Bundle.
  • Create your account and register it with your email and name.
  • Choose your plan monthly or yearly
  • You will get login details in the mail to access ESPN+ and Disney+.
  • Make payment. That’s it, and you can enjoy Disney+ Hotstar in the USA.
Watch Hotstar for free

How to watch Hotstar With SlingTV in the USA?

While Hotstar itself is no longer available as a standalone service in the USA, its content is now accessible through specific packages on Sling TV:

Here’s how to watch Hotstar content on Sling TV:

  1. Subscribe to Sling TV: Choose a base Sling TV package like Sling Orange or Sling Blue.
  2. Add the “Desi Binge Plus” package: This package includes Star India channels and a selection of Hotstar Specials for $15 per month. You can add this package through your Sling TV account page under “Edit Subscription.”
  3. Enjoy Hotstar content: Once you’ve added the Desi Binge Plus package, you can access Hotstar content through the Sling TV app or website. Look for channels like StarPlus, Vijay TV, Asianet, and Hotstar Specials under the “Desi” category.

How to Watch Disney+ Hotstar Shows in the USA?

Hotstar India pulled out its service after deals with Walt Disney. Hotstar shows and Indian Tv content are still available on Hulu. Subscribe to Hulu or switch your Hulu Subscription to the Disney Bundle to watch Disney+ Hotstar shows in the USA.

Hotstar Content on HULU

If you only want to watch Hotstar original shows, Indian TV shows, Web Series, and Movies, subscribe to HULU. Hulu contains all Hotstar content, like live Indian TV shows, movies, web series, and many more US original shows at a low price. Watch Hotstar for free in the usa with Hulu subscription.

Watch Hotstar hub on HULU

Watch live IPL 2024 in the USA on ESPN Plus and many other sports. ESPN+ is the home for daily sports talk with Greeny, Canty & Golic Jr., Jorge Ramos, and more. Stream the popular daily programs LIVE or watch replays anytime, anywhere.

Disney Bundle 

Disney Bundle is a premium package that includes HULU, ESPN Plus, and Disney Plus. All these streaming services are under one roof with one subscription. The Disney Bundle package costs $13.99/mo & $79.99/yr.

With the Disney Bundle package, you will get access to watch Hotstar shows live in the USA on HULU. IPL 2022 and ICC T20 world cup will be live on ESPN+ that you can also access with Hulu.

Disney Bundle Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar Channel in The USA

All Hotstar channels are available in the USA on HULU. As a part of the Disney Bundle deal, all Hotstar shows and channels moved to HULU. Access all Indian tv channels and shows to subscribe to the Disney Bundle package.

Indians Channels available on HULU

Hulu offers all shows that are available on Disney+ Hotstar in India. 

  • Stream Special Ops
  • Aarya
  • The Empire
  • The Legend of HanumanEclipse
  • 1962: The War in the Hills

Watch live sports including the best of world cricket on ESPN+Hulu Indian moviesDisney+ Hotstar shows in the HULU

  • Anupama
  • Ek Aastha aisi bhi
  • Ek Veer Ki Ardaas – Veera (Hindi)
  • Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai (Hindi)
  • Inthi Nimma Asha (Kannada)

How to Watch the IPL in the USA on Hotstar?

BCCI announced the date and venue for IPL 2022 starting from March 26 to May 29. Watch IPL live on Hotstar in the USA on ESPN Plus with the Disney Bundle. IPL 2022 will be streamed on ESPN Plus, which is part of the Disney Bundle Package.

ESPN Plus has many sports to watch in free time plus its PPV and Video-on-demand service is really good. you can watch UFC and other premium US sports on ESPN Plus.


IS Hotstar available in the USA?

Hotstar is officially unavailable in the USA because Hotstar merged with Disney. Hotstar content gradually moved to Hulu by the end of December 2022.

Is Hotstar shows available in the USA?

Hotstar shows are now available on Hulu after Hotstar merged with the Disney bundle. Hulu has a special hub for all Hotstar India content in the USA.

Can I watch the IPL live in the USA?

IPL 2024 live streaming is available on ESPN Plus. ESPN Plus has all the broadcasting rights of IPL 2024 starting from March 26.

Can I subscribe to Hotstar in the USA?

Hotstar subscription USA is no longer available. All Hotstar content and Indian movies and shows moved to HULU and ESPN Plus.

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