How to Make Your Kids Money Genius

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Do you want to make your kids money genius? Do you want to educate your kids about money so that they can spend independent lives for themselves? Did you struggle with money and want your kids not to bear the same problems as you faced?

If yes, then stay attached to this article. Here we will be discussing some significant rules which can help your kids to deal with money and avoid struggling with it.

Importance of Money

It is usually said that the importance of money in human life is similar to the importance of food for the body. Like you can’t live even for a few days without food, you can’t survive for long without money. To get any necessity of life or to enjoy any pleasure, money is the most important thing.

When we are young, we have a passion for doing great things. But the biggest problem a person faces is that he lacks money, which becomes a hurdle in achieving his goals. Moreover, almost everyone struggles with money, but the absence of this usually teaches lifetime lessons.

However, A person who has struggled with money can educate his children in the best possible manner. Utilizing all his experience, he can teach them so that they do not struggle in achieving their goals.

Let’s discuss how can you make you kids money genius so that they can not only achieve their goals but also enjoy every facility of life.

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Make them Realize the Importance of Money to make them Money Genius

When your kids are very small, they don’t yet have an understanding of what money is or how is it essential for them. Your job is to educate them. Make them aware of how monthly budgets are managed.

Once your child reaches the pre-school age, you should now give your child the first taste of money. So, you should teach him how to save money and make him realize that you are already spending a lot of money on his education. So, any further expenses should be minimized.

How to Educate them

The best way to educate your kids is by setting a practical example Infront of them. You can do it by taking three coins, and let them know one is for spending, one for saving, and one for giving away to a charity. 

Involve them in Grocery and Other Budgeting

As your kids start getting elder, it’s time now to start involving them in your grocery budgeting and shopping. In this way, they will realize how much fun it is to budget and save money, and you’ll help them understand the importance and value of money.

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Teach them to Invest Money

Pre-teens are old enough to learn about investing money, and they’ll love to do so. At this age, you should encourage them to invest their savings in the company of their choice. Be involved to keep a proper check of how these stocks fare over a set period.

Furthermore, your kids would be thrilled when their stocks are up, and they will learn about what can affect market value when they go down.

Make the Investment Interesting

To make the investment more interesting, the entire family can dive into an investment game. In this game, you can set a rule that whoever picked the stocks that have “earned” the most money at the end of a set period, will win the game and achieve some family prize–like a special dinner or a movie night.

This game will make them more involved in the investment plans, and they will develop a better sense of investing money.

Help Your Kids Finding ways to Earn Extra Money

Always encourage your young teens to find new ways to earn extra money for themselves. Usually, children want to keep up with their friends in terms of clothing, electronics, and other such items. When your child asks you for a new gadget “like the one his friend owns,” ask him to earn and pay for it.

Furthermore, encourage your kids to do odd jobs for extra money, or sell some of his old belongings on eBay, or he could find a part-time job. No matter what he chooses, you’ll either be encouraging his entrepreneurial spirit, her frugality, and resourcefulness, or his work ethic.

Most importantly, he will end up earning some extra money for himself using which he will be able to fulfill his desires of purchasing luxury items

Encourage Your Kids to Learn a New Skill

As your kids reach the college, as a parent, you should encourage them to learn new skills apart from their regular degrees. These skills can serve as the best output for them to earn some extra money.

As a student, he can choose any skill of his choice from plenty of options available e.g., graphics designing, article writing, blogging, website development, and many others. Later on, he can sell his services either by finding a part-time job or by working as a freelancer.

Usually, when children join the college, they are ready to take the responsibility of managing their expenses.  So, you should encourage your teens to continue dividing their money into spend/save/give categories and help them in figuring out how to do that through their accounts rather than a coin bank.

Another critical lesson that teens need to learn is determining which charities are worth their hard-earned money. Help your child to conduct proper research of charities to learn what the charities do and what percentage of donations go towards the real cause.

This exercise will help your children develop a good sense of spending money, and in the future, they will be making wise decisions to manage their earned money.

Make Plans with Your Kids to Run a Small Business

As soon as your child graduates from the college, he is now open to the market. He will now be looking for a full-time job to make his living.

At this point, you have an opportunity where you can sit with your child and discuss with him about his plans. If he is interested in taking a small startup with you, (maybe sometime later) you should not only encourage him but also serve as his active partner.

Although it will take some time and hardworking, once if you can develop a small business with your son you both can make a massive amount of money for yourself which can not be earned from a regular job.

How to make your kids money genius

Spend Time with Your Kids to make them Money Genius

Despite all the instructions and education, you provide them to make money successfully, as a parent, you should spend time with your kids. You should sit with them to discuss what their plans are and what are their future goals.

You should make them realize that you are not materialistic; instead, it’s for their benefit to earn money. And you are using your experience to make their life better and help them enjoy every luxury of life.


Finally, the concluding point is that as a parent, you should use your experience to help your kids earn money for themselves. Sit with them and teach them all the right skills they should adopt to become a good money-maker.

Also, guide them to spend and save money wisely. In this way, they will become money genius and will be able to enjoy all the necessities of life!

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